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Episode 78 - Jay Dyer – Laurel Canyon and the CIA Counter-Culture

EDITOR'S NOTE: the name of the RSS feed has been updated to more accurately reflect the nature of the feed. It is: and won't be changed again. Download RSS Subscribe: iTunes Android — Brought to you by — Adam Smith, Hank Oslo, Alex Nicholson, Hans Lander and Nick Mason The United States is a pop cultural superpower. One can debate if this is for good or for worse – but what is almost indisputable is the amount of resources government institutions ranging fro

Episode 77: Ivory Tower - White Slavery

EDITOR: If you hadn't yet heard, the boys from Myth of the 20th Century are migrating their majestic podcast here to Thermidor. If you subscribed to them in your various podcast apps during their time at Social Matter, you will need to update your subscription at the links provided below. If you somehow hadn't heard of their podcast until now, you are in for a treat as their penetrating historical, political analysis is unmatched in the podcast world. Enjoy. Download RSS Subscribe: iTunes Andro

Episode 29: Incel Apocalypse

P.T. Carlo sits down with Nathan Duffy to discuss the plight of the longsuffering incel and the recent controversy and hysteria that have been generated by the term. Note: We had some technical issues right before we concluded the show which caused it to end a bit abruptly, but not before we covered most of what we wanted to.

Episode 28: Spengler In Bloom Part 2

P.T. Carlo sits back down with Walter Devereaux to finish their discussion of Oswald Spengler's life and ideas.

Episode 27: Spengler In Bloom

P.T. Carlo sits down with Walter Devereux to discuss the life and times of the very misunderstood Oswald Spengler

Episode 26: Viva Italia w/ Alessandra Bocchi

P.T. Carlo sits down with Italian journalist Alessandra Bocchi to discuss the results and unpack the fallout of the 2018 Italian election.

Episode 25: An Absurd Man

P.T. Carlo sits down with Ben Sixsmith to discuss Albert Camus, John N. Gray, Peter Hitchens and the general state of English politics among other things.

Episode 24: 2017-A Year In Review

P.T. Carlo sits down with co-editor Nathan Duffy and others to recap the greatest hits of a weird year: Trump's first year, The Harvey Weinstein Scandal and fallout, Boomer Terrorism in Vegas and a lot more.