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Charlottesville: One Year On

In July 2018, Northrop Grumman announced that it would investigate an employee for allegedly attending a political rally across the country a year ago. The rally was small with fewer attendees that a minor league baseball game. Like all major corporations, they hate people who hate people and take it seriously that an employee may have attended the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. A year on, this political sin casts a long shadow. Much ink was wasted on what happened in Charlottesville,

The Return of Poetry

The more insightful and intelligent critics on the Right have long known that winning the culture is more important than winning elections. Andrew Breitbart’s oft-cited and pithy phrase “politics is downstream from culture,” contains more than a grain of truth to it. However, for those on the real Right (or Dissident Right or Reactionary Right or Right-Right), a problem often arises: how can the Right create parallel institutions or alternative culture without becoming contaminated by the sickne

Surviving Woke Capital

With the month of PRIDE behind us, it is hard to dismiss the corporate sponsorship and promotion that the LGBT community enjoys currently. As Trump’s election has started or congealed new political alliances, the alliance between identity politics and woke advocacy started a generation ago is undeniable now. Make no mistake, by 2025, Woke Capital will be ascendant and in power at every large corporation. Merely being a passive worker and not announcing negatives will not be enough. There will be

Homosexuality as Suburban Invasion in "A Nightmare on Elm Street"

Under the fascist progressive American regime, the rainbow flag has replaced the swastika. Like store-owners with Nazi flags in their shop windows, modern corporations trip over one another to signal the rainbow- "signal the rainbow, stay under the radar," they say. There was something admirable in the state's declaration of homosexual normalization in that it left no room for interpretation. The White House was drenched in the rainbow, all power-players in the American landscape had better get

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Individualist Conversion or Communal Ecumenism?

In case it’s not obvious to the reactionaries and right-wingers who make up the primary audience of Thermidor, religious conversion has become a major phenomenon, at least in our subculture. You have Catholic monks and theologians writing spirituality blog posts for PUA websites. You have “weird Catholic twitter” and the “Orthosphere.” You have “thot patrols” reminiscent of the 5th-century parabalani. If you’re trying to be illiberal but you’re not Christian, this climate suggests, GTFO. The vas

Woke Racism

Durant Drake (1878-1933) was one of many minor American pragmatists who is remembered only in specialized bibliographies, being obscure to an extent that there is an article about him on the French Wikipedia, but not in that of his native tongue. I don’t know why. In any event, his punditry is as interesting a time capsule as any, in America faces the future (1922). The book’s stated goal is described: “Many books have been written to explain to foreign peoples what we are; such books naturally

Wow, That's Really Racist!

I’ll try to keep this one short and sour. It looks like the New York Times went and hired themselves a good ole’ fashioned racist. Well, I guess you cannot call Sarah Jeong a racist because she ain’t a pale Neanderthal. Nope, Sarah is an Asian woman who writes about tech, which essentially means that she is off-limits. This despite her history of spewing anti-white invective on Twitter. Here are some samples : “Dumbass white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing o

3D Printing and The Bugman

To the bugman, all systems are reduced to their symbolic components. Thus 3D printing, in memetic form, is a perfect fit for his conceptualization of reality. “You push the button on the box to make the thing come out.” The messy work of what actually happens in there, what can actually be produced, and what the resultant object is actually capable of, is beyond him - all entities are reduced to neat boxes in a UML diagram. Missing a component? Printing machine broke, understandable, come b

The Podcast

Episode 82 - NSA - Signal vs. Noise

Download RSS “The ultimate goal of the NSA is total population control.” – William Binney with special guest Ethnarch — References — – Codebreakers, Kahn (1967) – Court Martial, Star Trek (1967) – The Conversation, Coppola (1974) – The Best Enemy Money Can Buy, Sutton (1986) – Enemy of the State, Scott (1998) – Intelligence in War, Keegan (2002) – Shadow Factory (2008) – The Secret Sentry, Aid (2009) – Report: NSA paid RSA to make flawed crypto algorithm the default, Bright (2013) – https://ars

Episode 81 - Quiz Show – Listener Q&A

Download RSS Questions with dubious answers. The trademark of an age of misinformation. After several recent changes in our lineup and coming up on the two year mark, we thought we’d thank all of you who have listened with a show dedicated entirely to your questions about where all this is going. Hopefully our answers do better than what is commonly known as “education” in this country. As an After Dark episode we depart from the typical heavy prep and enjoy a cocktail or fourteen between us. B