Common ACCA exam mistakes to avoid

If you are completely prepared for your ACCA Dubai exam and you know it’s time to test your knowledge and skills, then we believe you would want to know the following mistakes which most of the students make. These mistakes can often lead you in a misguided direction and they can also lower your score. Keep on reading to avoid these mistakes:

  • Skipping in reading the question properly

Most of the questions only sound scary and this does not mean that you should hurriedly get past these questions as you may miss an opportunity for a question which you could’ve easily answered and scored well in.

  • Misinterpreting the question

This mistake is linked to the above one as when you hurriedly skip through a question and just read the basic key terms, you can be misguided in a wrong direction by mistaking the question for something which you wish had been asked and answering it the other way.

  • Ignore the other candidates in the hall

It is easy to be intimidated by such situations where a hall full of people seems to be immediately scribing away on their papers while you’re still analyzing the paper. Don’t worry about them, just focus on your own goal and get along with it.

  • Poor time management

This is one of the very key things which you must practice on before you get started with your final exam. Consider mock exams and practice time management in it as it can easily help you with understanding where the time investment is needed and where it can be weaved.

  • Not focusing on verbs used

This is one of the key tips which exams use to confuse students and see their practice in how attentive they are. If you are asked to define a term, simply define it. If you are asked to illustrate something then don’t forget examples and so on.

  • Forgetting the marks a question is for

Marks allocation is one of the best things which can become your guide in understanding how much you have to answer the question. Don’t get carried away with answering a question which is hardly for a few marks. Again, this would fall in time management.

Hope these tips were helpful, click for more info here.