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Surviving Woke Capital

With the month of PRIDE behind us, it is hard to dismiss the corporate sponsorship and promotion that the LGBT community enjoys currently. As Trump’s election has started or congealed new political alliances, the alliance between identity politics and woke advocacy started a generation ago is undeniable now. Make no mistake, by 2025, Woke Capital will be ascendant and in power at every large corporation.

Merely being a passive worker and not announcing negatives will not be enough. There will be required positive affirmations of the current Democrat platform straight from their website at that moment. You must be careful. It will be up to you to survive this. The HR departments in corporations have seen their power erode with the spread of LinkedIn and instantaneous communications like texting and email. Acquiring talent is now not their project. They needed something new and incorporating unconscious bias training and diversity and inclusion programs is how they are saving their positions. While many HR ladies are ideologically aligned with the far left, many have incorporated diversity initiatives to bolster their job security.

Once again, this is a large corporation issue, so employees of small businesses and even mid-sized businesses up to say 500 lives need not worry. Companies must be large enough to be a target of shakedown harassment and bias lawsuits, and must be large enough to apply for large public contract bids. These bids ask for good-think metrics and measures, supposedly using these to evaluate your bid. Corporate executives are not facing down employees asking them questions about social involvement. Stodgy ones are caught flat footed and scrambling. Savvy ones realize the morale crack they have found. All firms try to get employees to like working their beyond pecuniary interests. Identity politics is the easiest, cheapest signaling out there for a myriad of demographic pieces.

Large firms will have a suite of ways to show that they are woke. This is not simply clicking through the diversity training modules pushing the unconscious bias language that is already debunked. There will be diversity and inclusion metrics for your performance reviews. No one will quite know what makes up this factor, but suddenly it becomes a vague measure which the properly installed good-thinkers can play favorites like in elementary school classrooms.

If you cannot operate an independent business or work for a smaller firm, here are some pointers for surviving woke capital.

  1. Mindset - This is a job. Joseph Campbell gave lectures how the businessman will eventually mold his life to his role. The Indian caste system involves the submission of the individual to the role to a degree. A job is just a job. In this economy, we are all mercenaries now. Like putting on work clothes, the political kayfabe required to survive large corporations is a suit or business casual outfit worn to survive.

  2. Social Media – Create an account that likes and follows all the things your corporation supports. Just look at what they say is good and click like. Retweet MSNBC memes.

  3. Tell stories – Do you mock the cishet male who weeps over PRIDE month or the old white woman who says Black Lives Matter and then drives home to her 99% white neighborhood? Some know it’s a lie, but true left believers fall for these statements. You too can have a black college roommate who you helped before he dropped out due to others’ racism. Maybe you dated a Latina years ago whose parents loved that you were Catholic. You can have a gay friend that you went to a PRIDE march once with for support, and while it was not your culture, you felt happy that your friend felt safe and loved. If people ask what happened to him, look down, breathe deep and say he died of AIDS before waving them off like you’re overcome with emotion.

  4. If there is a local march or race for breast cancer or some progressive cause, volunteer to go to it through your company. Don’t go. When you do not attend, say that a family emergency came up, but your $20 walking fee went through, right?

These are just a few of the ways to survive. The real trouble is going to come when corporations go full Soviet and start mining political donor data. This very well could happen at large enough firms. Smaller firms will not have sharp enough or large enough HR departments to even handle that waste of effort. The inescapable problem is that while only 0.3% of all US firms are over 500 employees in size, they account for half of all employment. Consolidation of firms at the top has also made their HR departments and policies much easier to hack and poison with the latest progressive loyalty fad. This is an effective way for progressives to cordon off more of the economic pie for their team members as large firms, especially publicly traded firms, have better pay and benefits packages.

The left’s hard push on identity politics and politicizing all identities will create a problem for those with identities outside the Democrat voter coalition. Some may say their maternal grandmother is Hispanic, but that is a tougher one to pull off. Most will be forced to voice their ally status and perform the humiliating dog and pony show of being woke. This is effective propaganda at humiliating non-believers and creating an environment of fear that at any misstep, one can lose their job. Economic insecurity creates a myriad of secondary consequences in one’s individual psyche.

It is hard to see how this can last or how thorough the Soviet application of it can be though if one spends time in corporate America. Increasingly, the skilled work at many corporations is done by teams of white or Asian men while the paper shuffling is handled by the rest. Try as woke corporations might, some positions do need math, spatial visualization, and abstract thinking skills. Even if they wanted to keep the SJW piranhas at bay and drastically remake their employee demographics, many would resort to outsourcing high skilled white collar work to small firms, exempt from some laws or SJW eyes, made up of those dastardly white and Asian men

All is not lost though. Trump’s election did push the left to insanity. Many out there do not like the man himself but understand the social forces saying enough. There is a large contingent of leave me alone or let’s get this over with eye-rolling individuals. Who knows, you may have some Gen Z coworkers who read 4Chan or W33v all through high school. The schoolmarms may scold you, but they will smile as you sip your coffee with the PRIDE mug that they hand out for free. If hipsters can like PBR, corny Christmas music, and country music ironically, why can’t you raise a fist and wave a PRIDE flag for the same reasons? #StayWoke

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