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Wow, That's Really Racist!

I’ll try to keep this one short and sour. It looks like the New York Times went and hired themselves a good ole’ fashioned racist. Well, I guess you cannot call Sarah Jeong a racist because she ain’t a pale Neanderthal. Nope, Sarah is an Asian woman who writes about tech, which essentially means that she is off-limits. This despite her history of spewing anti-white invective on Twitter.

Here are some samples : “Dumbass white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants” was published on November 28, 2014.

“1) white men are bullshit 2) no one cares about women 3) you can threaten anyone on the internet except cops” was scribbled and sent on December 31, 2014.

“[I]t must be so boring to be white” was one of Jeong’s great gems and was bequeathed to the world on April 1, 2014. I do not think that Sarah forgot to write “April Fools.”

Well, I can answer one of Sarah’s tweets directly. No, Sarah. Being white is awesome, not boring. I am quite content not only with being a white boy, but being a working-class white boy, a Papist, and a son of the soil. I can work with my hands, I know how to handle physical labor and pain, I know and can take pride in the fact that my family served both the American and Confederate armies with distinction. I believe in responsibility. I have honor. I have and will have nothing to be ashamed of. After all, your tiny feet are standing in the soil that the Bowyer clan (first in Virginia in 1620) practically built and defended.

What can you take pride in? I’d say that you are not very proud about living in America, so you must be a fan of your Korean heritage, no? Ok then! You must be proud that Korea never practiced disgustingly white things like slavery or racism.

Side note: why are Asian SJWs in America almost always Korean?1

Look, in the grand scheme of things, Sarah Jeong is not important. She's an anal fissure located on the undercarriage of a larger beast. She is some third-rate tech hack who, like most women, is painfully unfunny. What is galling about her is that: a) The New York Times knew all about her tweets and almost certainly hired her BECAUSE OF THEM, and b) the usual twerps of the left, center and right are circling the wagons trying to defend this cretin’s freedom of speech.

Kevin D. Williamson, himself a victim of America’s Red Guards, actually came to Jeong’s defense, writing “It is up to the institutions to hold the line against mass hysteria and the mob mentality of social media.” Boy, them are some real good principles you got there, Kev. Way to defend an institution that hates and despises the only class of people in this country who actually give a damn about your so-called “conservative principles.”

It is almost hilarious to watch bugmen and institution rats trying to make civility arguments now that some leftie is being chastised for mean tweets. Even Jeong’s new employer was forced to respond, and they actually back their vermin for a change. As for herself, Jeong claims that she was only joking, and in fact, she’s the real victim because she was satirizing the hate mail she got from white Twitter users.

Yes, Jeong is playing the victim after building her entire sub-tier brand around her gross racism. Powerful joke. You should write for Michelle Wolf, then play in traffic, preferably somewhere people drive big trucks.

Don’t fall for this. Jeong and the NYT really do hate all of you, and despite what the chattering classes say, she should get absolutely no quarter. This is not about double standards anymore; this is classic von Clausewitz. Ben Shapiro, Williamson, and co. don’t want to win the war, and in fact, do not understand that they have proverbial rifles in their hands at all times. We cannot afford to forget what the great Sam Hyde once taught us. If you need a helpful reminder, chew on this morsel.

There are many humorous shades to this story (trust me, they are there), but the most hilarious maybe the fact that the NYT knows it has to retcon its own history.

Not too long ago, the “Grey Lady” hired tech writer Quinn Norton. They then promptly fired her for offensive tweets. Now that same newspaper is backing someone under fire for offensive tweets. The only difference being that one failed tech reporter offended sodomites and POC's, while the other soon-to-fail tech writer offended the people who the New York Times would like to see expire. The only way that the editors can spin this is by saying that their newspaper is a mouthpiece for the Left, therefore they reserve the right to enforce the political line at their offices.

Roseanne got fired in one day for making a knee-slapping joke. James Gunn made jokes about raping children and he’s become a martyr. Quinn Norton got canned for having unsavory friends. Sarah Jeong gets to keep her job because she’s Asian, a woman, and hates the right people. President Donald Trump is called a “vulgarian” for speaking in the blue-collar argot. Dan Harmon, one of the brains behind the super-popular Rick and Morty has Gunn’s disease and he is still gainfully employed.

Do you get it yet? Is it obvious enough for you?

  1. [ED]: One Twitterer suggests it has to do with their historically having been losers in East Asian conflicts, thereby developing a chronic victim mentality of a piece with aggrieved minority groups in the U.S.

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