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Third World Creepin'

Chicago has always been a violent, disgusting place. Jeffrey S. Adler’s First in Violence, Deepest in Dirt makes it all too clear that the Windy City was born in blood and made money out of misery. Like Manchester, Chicago presents a picture of what unfettered capitalism and the attendant misery of both liberal and Marxist materialism can do to a body politick.

Chicago, a city celebrated by poet Carl Sandburg as a big-shouldered metropolis that smelled like a slaughterhouse, has quite the rogue’s gallery. Leopold and Loeb, two wealthy Jewish boys who believed that they were Nietzschaen “Overmen,” murdered fourteen-year-old Bobby Franks just because. They only managed to avoid the death penalty thanks to the brilliant defense of avowed socialist Clarence Darrow.

Who can forget the blood-drinking serial killers of Chicagoland—John Wayne Gacy, the pedophilic sodomite who buried his victims under the floorboards, H.H. Holmes, the man who built a murder castle that consumed the lives of unsuspecting women during the 1893 Columbian Exposition, and the satanic Ripper Crew that removed female breasts as part of some diabolical, psycho-sexual ritual.

Of course, Chicago is now better known for its deadly gangs than its serial killers. This is also nothing new. During the Jazz Age, Italian, Polish, and Irish gangsters killed each other over the bootleg liquor trade. Al Capone, a Brooklyn-born mafia strongman, ultimately became the syphilitic face of the Chicago underworld. Today, the that face is decidedly darker thanks to mostly Hispanic and black gangs running the city.

Since at least the 1980s, these gangs have become nothing less than a low-level insurgency against the municipal government. This is not hyperbole. El Rukns, an Islamist-inspired offshoot of the street gang the Almight Black P. Stone Nation, got caught in 1986 taking Libyan money in exchange for terrorist attacks on federal buildings and commercial airplanes.

Nowadays, Chicago’s gangs are not as well-organized, but they are still interested in cross-border terrorism. MS-13 is not just a brutal and savage street gang; it is an associate of Los Zetas, one of the two major Mexican drug cartels that have turned that nation into a failed state. While such alliances are always shifting, there is no doubt that MS-13 and the Latin Kings, both of which have plenty of foot soldiers on the ground in Chicago, are deeply connected to the ongoing Mexican Drug War—a war that kills more people annually than some of the civil wars in the Middle East and Africa.

The war has come to Chicago. Last year, the city experienced 764 homicides, which represented a full fifty-percent jump up from 2015’s numbers. This year, “Chiraq” has already witnessed over five hundred homicides.

The only city having it worse than Chicago is Baltimore, a black-majority city whose crime rate has surged in 2017. Right now as you read this article, Baltimore’s homicide rate is 57.2 murders per 100,000 residents. That officially ties Baltimore with the entire nation of Venezuela, a decrepit socialist state where people are eating out of garbage cans when they are not being run over by government tanks.

Such numbers represent nothing less than the abject failure of the American state. Similarly, the UN’s proposal to send foreign peacekeepers into Chicago in order to stop the “genocide” of that city’s black community is another damning indictment of the American political system.

Yes, Republicans hacks are right to point out that both Baltimore and Chicago have long been controlled by Democrats. Yes, the Alt Right is right to point out that these cities are controlled by black Democrats. After all, wherever blacks go, they bring a little bit of Africa with them. And yes, everyday conservatives are correct to argue that father-less homes and loose morals are causing the downfall of America’s black community.

However, the civil war in Chicago tells us much more. America is right to be wary of dictatorships, and yet Chicago might do well with a dictatorship. The fact that an international body is seriously considering sending foreign troops to American soil should anger every American citizen, whether Democrat or Republican. For my two cents, a thorough dictatorship of Chicago should not only consider executing all gangbangers, drug dealers, and drug users, but it should also think about enforcing morals on the city. No more divorce, no more abortions, and no more direct government assistance without work requirements.

It might also be a good idea to put all liberal arts majors in gulags too.

None of this will happen. Indeed, it is unlikely that anything will be done to help Chicago besides a few panaceas that will last until the next election cycle. The same sad story will play out in Baltimore and America’s drug-infested heartland. As bad as urban America is, rural America is also killing itself thanks to the widespread abandonment of the values that once kept the country folk together. Marathon sessions of X-Box, binge drinking, too much TV watching, and a blatant disregard for sexual mores are all too common in “Trump Country.”

In order to cure both Chicago and the total American soul, a lot more is needed than strong government programs and commissary dictatorships. A return to God is first and foremost, but given how throughly politicized churches have become, this alone will not be enough. It might be that America’s demography means that saving our nation is a lost cause. That does not mean that the war it is not worth fighting, but as far as Chicago goes, starting over might be the best option.

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