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Thermidor Hatemail Vol 2: "You Are Despicable"

Editor's note: this is the full, unredacted text of an email I found in my inbox today.

Dear Thermidor Magazine,

I am an American Internet user of Irish descent. I stumbled across your site while doing some research on Twitter relating to the Catalan independence movement, which I support with all my heart and soul. I read your incredibly hateful article on Catalonia. I have to say it - you are Nazis. You are fucking imperialist and Islamophobic Nazis and your worldview is just like that of Adolf Hitler. Normally I am calm and composed on these intellectual matters, but in this case my rage has gotten the better of me. So, I will just say:

Fuck you and fuck the Spanish state. You’re right about one thing — Catalan independentism is a cause championed by liberals and progressives. That’s WHY I support it. Where you see “cucks,” I see saints and heroes, putting themselves on the line to create a modern, cosmopolitan republic. Spain represents evil, racist imperialism. The Catalan Republic would be a beacon to freedom-loving people everywhere. Your support for evil, reactionary Spanish imperialists puts you in the same league as Francisco Franco, who was a close ally of Adolf Hitler. You are horrible. But just you wait…President Puigdemont will be reinstated and Catalonia will be a free republic some day soon. The Spanish state’s repression has gone too far. Even the Catalan people who were on the fence before are waking up, galvanized by the unspeakable brutality inflicted by the “Civil Guard” paramilitary on October 1.

Oh, by the way, as I mentioned, I’m Irish. So here’s what I have to say about your disparaging words about Irish nationalism: FUCK YOU ALL THE WAY TO FUCKING HELL. Irish nationalists are HEROES, the British state is among the most barbaric in world history, and Ireland will expel the racist British colonialists from its shores!! UP THE REPUBLIC!!!! I AM PROUD TO BE IRISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And nothing you fucking Nazis say is going to change my love of proud Irish rebels!

Oh, and I’m listening to “Uncle John’s Band” by the Grateful Dead as I write this. I bet you hate hippies, right? Well, that just sucks for you, seeing as how I’m here supporting Catalan independence while listening to hippie folk music. I’m your worst fucking nightmare!!

And if my persistent use of the word “fuck” offends you, all I can say is: oh, wee wittle special snowflake, it’s you who needs to go home to Mommy now, is that right? Grow up.

All the best,


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