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Thermidor Hatemail Vol.1

So recently I received my first legitimate piece of hatemail in Thermidor's inbox. Not a twitter attack, or a rant in the combox (we've already had plenty of those.) No, this person took the time to write me a 500-word email about how dumb I am. This is great! This is a major milestone in the life of our little site, we're gonna make it after all! I thoroughly enjoyed reading my new friend Alan Zivodar's thoughtful "critique" of my work. The fact that English obviously isn't his first language only adds to the richness of the prose in my opinion. I've decided to publish his entire letter below with my very brief comments in bold.

So without further ado I give you:

"Gee-Whiz P.T. Carlo"

I have no idea how I even bumped into your so-called- journal and writings. There is so much of this on the internet these days.

I'm not going to write at length like a pseudo-intellectual. Hopefully it's clear enough for anyone to understand.
All those pseudo-intellectuals, and their writing at length, damn them.

It is just obvious from the posts you write that you support Trump and the Alt-Right. Which is kind of funny. I mean, if you say so

This whole Reddit, Cham 4, trolling and normies seem to be so incredibly infantile. Nothing is going to come out of this. A bunch of bored suburban kids taking too much medications for their ADD or whatever mental problems they have. It's a joke. Even the hardcore right-wing of this movement seems like a cartoon and they love cartoons. There is nothing Dionysian about it. It's the rotting level of society in the U.S. Evola wrote about. I am not a fan of Evola but at least they had something to say. This alt-right movement is not only recycled crap, it is done in the most superficial level.

You quote Dugin here and there as well. Well P.T. If there are any overtures to the right on the West from him it is strategic. He has said over and over again that he despises Atlantacist culture. Eurasian-ism is also anti-Capitalist, something you and your pseudo-intellectual friends seem to forget by standing up for Trump, who is the epitome of Capitalism and the Plutocracy. I strategically support trump, while also being influenced by Dugin! Trump is an evil capitalist, Dugin isn't! How do I explain that one? Check-Mate! I look like such a dummy!

The Eastern Europeans, the Slavic lands do not have to follow fools from the West like you or Richard Spencer, another preppy rich kid from Anglo-Capitalist roots. 1: This is literally true, they don't take orders from me or Richard Spencer (who I am, in his mind somehow associated with) and you know what? that's okay with me! 2: I am not an Anglo (thank god) 3: I am also not a preppy rich kid

As for the erotic fantasies you guys have over Oswald Spengler and the Faustian Spirit-----his whole book was ripped off from Danilevsky-- a famous Pan-Slavist author who wrote of the whole notion of the "circular" way before that hack writer Spengler used his ideas for his book. Again, if you say so. I mean you could also say he ripped off the historical cycles thing from any number of other writers who advocated for it. But cycles alone aren't really what set Spengler apart. You're obviously a profound imbecile who has never read him.

If you want to look further from the stupid Alt-Right to a moment when interesting movements were taking place look at American Front and Third Position with links to The National Anarchists of Troy Southgate. These are original movements that are not some cartoon, internet warrior image that the Alt-Right has. Truly, anti-capitalist movements. Trump is not a populist but appeals to guys like you--- and sorry based on your photo-- you look like you are a "floorperson" at a casino. Or watched the movie, The Secret of My Success with Michael J. Fox too many times. 1: The National Anarchists of Troy Southgate you say? Man, sounds like a movement that is really going to go far, I'll be sure to check those movers and shakers out man. 2: My avatar is not actually a picture of me, you idiot.

And then you have the subtle point of putting down G.K. Chesterton-- who the Third Position movement in Italy and later in the U.K. adapted as an inspiration. Being more of a threat than trolling or doxing or whatever fantasy you technologically obsessed idiots have. You don't even address the problem of Technology at all. A conformist through and through. Yes, I, P.T. Carlo am obsessed with technology. I await the singularity with much fear and trembling.

You have ZERO connection to the working-class in general or even less to the Underclass-- who will fight for real. Just a man feeling mighty behind a computer screen about his recycled and plain lame ideas. You talk about Twitter fame, how fucking pathetic. Go back to your Casino shift. Kissing ass to the money spenders. 1: This is factually incorrect 2: I do feel mighty behind my computer screen, I believe feeling mighty is a good thing. 3: You should stand in awe of my 990 Twitter followers and my 3:1 following to follower ratio you pleb!

P.T. for Pan- Turanism
P.T. for Prolonged Tantrum
P.T. for Plain-Part Time.

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