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The Weekly Wrap Up 01/27/2017

Another week has shown us the light of some great content here at Thermidor. Let's take a brief look at some of it:

The Content

On Sunday we published "Doomsday Optimism", which criticized the tendency of many on the Anti-Liberal Right to wait for a Catastrophe which they assume will deliver victory to them.

On Monday Nathan Duffy wrote a piece entitled "Makers Of Peace"
on the "False Peace offered by Liberal Ideology. It was characteristically excellent and thus is the Editor's Choice Pick Of The Week!

On Thursday I discussed the further unraveling of the Left in Europe

Friday brought us some "Notes From The Gulag State"

And today Mark Citadel and I had a fantastic conversation about the competing philosophies of Accelerationism and Passivism


Ryan Landry (of Weimerica Weekly fame) did a great write up of Thermidor over at his blog. One for which we are very grateful for.

I also had the pleasure of appearing on Adam Wallace's Plebian Podcast, in which we discussed our friend "Uncle Ted" Kaczynski among other things

Also, Social Matter published an AMAZING piece by Arthur Gordian entitled "A Justification For War In The Political Realm" It's the best thing I've read in quite awhile and is a perfect elucidation of Schmitt's concept of the Friend/Enemy distinction. It is Mandatory reading. Gordian is now on my short list of individuals I consider to be the brightest minds on the Outer Right and possesses truly formidable capabilities.

Read it now.

That about wraps up this week, thanks for reading fam.

-The Editor

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