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The Weekly Wrap Up 01/20/2017

Another week has brought us another fresh crop of OC here at Thermidor. Let's take a look at what we published, and a few other goings on as well.

The Content

  • On Sunday we let loose with an absolute stunner from Doug Smythe entitled "The Liberty of the Slaves". If you haven't read it already you really should as soon as possible. "The Committee" over at Social Matter awarded it a "Best of the Week Silver Circle Award" (even though it probably should have been a full BOTW, as "The Committee" itself later admitted) More importantly, however, I have decided to make this piece my Editor's Choice Pick Of The Week. As its contents are certified 100% fresh. It's exceptional, don't waste your life by trying to do anything else if you haven't read it yet.

  • Monday saw yours truly write a little reflection on the patron saint of Progressive Ideology, Barack Obama entitled "Nowhere Man", which concerned, in particular, his identity (or rather his lack thereof).

  • On Tuesday Nathan Duffy penned a great piece on the nature of cultural bubbles entitled "Life In The Bubble", which is extremely good and if it weren't for Doug's outrageous showing would definitely have been the Editor's choice.

  • On Wednesday I wrote a piece which analyzed some of the inadequacies of David Hines', now viral, Tweetstorm entitled Days of Rage.

  • On Thursday Nathan Duffy and I continued upon the social unrest theme in the Thermidor Mag Podcast Episode 3: Days Of Rage.

Points of interest

So obviously a few other important things happened this week as well which I can't dwell too long on here, but I will briefly mention a few of them:

  • Over at Social Matter Tom Barghest has an absolutely fantastic piece entitled "Mr. Gnobody: Exit Through Illegibility" I bring this up for two reasons (besides the obvious quality): 1) Barghest is easily one of the best people writing in the dissident right (or anywhere for that matter), and 2) Barghest doesn't write all that frequently, so when he does decide to grace us with OC it's best to cease the opportunity.

  • On Monday Richard Spencer launched his new project which, FYI, has republished my Wednesday piece Is The Modern Left Really Prepared For "The Days Of Rage?", an act of kindness for which I am certainly thankful. It will be interesting to see where Spencer's new project takes him and the Alt-Right as a whole in the age of Trump.

  • Speaking of Donald Trump, he's getting inaugurated today, isn't he? That's kind of a big deal. I realize it may sound trite but I simply have to point out how incredible this is. El Trumpo has managed to single-handedly hobble the Great Satan of Neoliberalism on a global scale and reinvigorate the American Right. So let's honor the man today, and remember that without him we'd be watching the coronation of Hillary Rodham Clinton, who would have been perhaps the most loathsome lizard person to every win the Presidency.

So Hail Trump!

Thanks fam,

-The Editor

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