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Weekly Wrap-up #1 2017

Upon looking back at Thermidor's first week, I have come to conclude that it has been a smashing success. Special thanks is due to many people, a short list of which includes but is not limited to:

  • Jonathan, who expended many hours putting the principles of Swedish design into practice and making this site both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Thermidor wouldn't be possible without him.

  • Everyone who contributed their work this week: Jonathan, Nathan, Maravone and also Mark Citadel who was good enough to come on the first episode of the Podcast.

  • Everyone at Social Matter, in particular, Hadley Bishop, Ryan Landry, and Nick B. Steves who decided to support Thermidor even though they didn't have to.

That being said, let's take a quick look back on Thermidor's first week in action:

On Saturday yours truly published a review of Disney's cinematic abomination "Rogue One: A Jihad Story"

Also, Mark Citadel and I had a great discussion on some of the symbolism and politics of 2016.

On Sunday Nathan Duffy mused on "Religious Cinema in the Current Year"

Monday saw Maravone Tarmes write a fantastic essay on "Salvaging Meaning In The Art Gallery". I thought all of the pieces we published this week were good, but this one was definitely my personal favorite, making it my Editor's Choice Pick Of The Week!

Tuesday brought us a great piece by Jonathan about the "Hobby Radicalism" of our effete, SWPL "Communists"

Wednesday I wrote a nice little primer on our hero, Rodrigo Duterte entitled "Helicopter Justice"

Thursday night Nathan and I recorded Episode 2 of what will hopefully be Thermidor's never ending podcast saga entitled: Deus Vult! In which we had a fun conversation about the current state of religion, in both America at large and the Dissident Right in particular.

That about wraps up this week; we'll be taking the day off on Saturday but come Sunday we will have a nice lineup of certified Fresh OC, including at least one new face who I'm sure you know from other publications.

And one more thing:

Thermidor Is Looking For Writers

That's right, although I'm pretty happy with the crew we have at the moment I'm definitely interested in expanding the franchise. I'm especially interested in publishing overlooked writers who don't fall into a particular niche in the dissident right, if writing is creative, funny and/or smart, and maybe even a tad bit insane, I'd love to take a look at it.

Send any submissions, pasted into the body of an email, to

Thanks, fam

-The Editor

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