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The Weak and the Boring

It is too easy to say that our enemies are both weak and boring. Such talk is the mother’s milk of the vast right-wing blogosphere. However, before dipping into my usually trenchant (and correct) critique of this week’s latest news, I want to share with you some recent reflections on the Left.

It used to be that bathroom walls and the other flat surfaces, especially those in schools, were the repository for guttersnipe scribbling. Sometimes vile, sometimes funny, but always entertaining, this very American graffiti tradition, I hate to tell you, is pretty much dead. Most unknown pens have gone online, which means only the insipid and the banal are left to desecrate our shared spaces.

Take for instance a study alcove I recently plopped myself into during a lunch break. The alcove ostensibly belonged to a big-name American university in the Northeast, but, judging by the looks of this particular structure, the Left, specifically the feminine Left, had fully colonized it. For the most part, pen ink and pencil graphite had been used to scratch trite, Tumblr-like inspirational quotes all over the cubicle. Apparently, studying for a final is soul crushing and the source of all fear. The clearly female students decided to weaken this fear by writing somebody’s else stupid words down. I don’t think nor do I hope any of this helped.

The other big set of graffiti belonged to pathetic, obnoxious liberal screeching about President Donald Trump. One long-ish piece said that the author was daily afraid and terrified about America’s “new normal.” This was written two days after the 2016 election, mind you. Others felt compelled to write “F##k Racism,” “Love Trumps Hate,” and other rubbish. The only funny thing was seeing so many of these elite-sponsored tokens of rebellion next to one confession of a sexual affair with the hashtag #SorryNotSorry and one of the dumbest things ever committed to history: “Stephen Colbert is the GOAT.”

So, at least in America, this is the quality of our opposition. The younger ones guzzle SSRIs, watch way too much porn, and think that celebrities are fit for worshiping. Their thoughts are not original. When they read or watch, there is no exegesis. Then, when they get older, they get jobs in HR departments, maintain food blogs, and drive sensible cars with bumper stickers that read: “Make America Afraid Again.” Maybe good, ol’ Ernst Junger had a point when he said that bourgeois modernism makes and adores its cowards.

With these facts now committed to memory, let us briefly examine two recent news items that seem to point towards widespread weakness. First, here in the United States, Republicans and their supporters have rightfully gone ape over the conclusive evidence that the marmot-faced Peter Strzok was a political agent masquerading as an FBI investigator. According to the IG report compiled by former Department of Justice General Inspector Michael Horowitz, Strzok, Comey, and co. broke with procedural norms during their investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. Even more damning, forensic investigators have uncovered that Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page talked openly about undermining Donald Trump’s presidency. “Trump’s not ever going to become president, right? Right!?” texted a worried Page. “No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it,” Strzok texted in reply in August 2016. Is the Russian investigation the “insurance policy” that Strzok bragged about to Page? Looks like it.

Of course, the reptuable media has gone overboard in order to explain that this scandal really is not a scandal at all. You see, Strzok’s words were taken out-of-context. There is no “smoking gun”. All of this is GOP sound and thunder that signifies nothing.

To more rational minds, the FBI, which has always been a political organization, put their muscle behind the campaign of Hillary Clinton. Clinton’s promise of maintaining and expanding the managerial state, alongside with her commitment to globohomo “diversity,” meant that she was always going to be the favored one among the Washington smart set. The fact that she is undeniably corrupt, inept, and linked with the racialist Obama machine are viewed as positives by the Potomac overlords.

Across the Atlantic, the French have their dander up because of an upcoming rap concert. Now, rap is itself worthy of protest. It is degenerate filth that has brutalized generations into thinking that the activities of the criminal class are somehow cool. Even worse: unlike, say, heavy metal, which is too white and openly acknowledges its origins in the morass of post-World War II pop culture, rap has credibility in the Cathedral. The high and low coalition loves their hip-hop and love to proliferate its messages of sexual assault, grotesque consumerism, and Third World-ism.

One rapper, the Algerian Medine (which is French for “Medina”), plans on playing the Bataclan. This is telling for Medine likes to think of himself as a “Islamic hooligan” who writes odes to jihad and the September 11th attacks. Ironically (or maybe not?), Medine once penned an article in Time saying that he is just as French as the next guy, despite the fact that he consciously denies his French upbringing in favor of his Islamic and Algerian roots.

Well, Medine wants to play the Bataclan. Yes, the same Bataclan were livestock rapists who worship a false god murdered several concert goers. The gunmen not only shot and killed their mostly white French victims, but they disemboweled and castrated some, while they sexually assaulted others.

Why then should Medine play the Bataclan? To hell with his freedom, and to hell with the people who listen to his garbage. A truly healthy French society would bring back the spirit of February 1934, or, better yet, the spirit of 1830 and do away with Macron’s government. A Paris more concerned with telling the Italians how to handle their business while their suburban ghettos belch out jihadists is not fit to live. Like Strzok and other bureaucratic dweebs, Macron and his set only care about fighting when they can fight the Right. The alliance between the Left and Islamists is based on liberal cowardice and ingrained white guilt.

These are the enemies that we face. The boring graffiti artist may seem harmless, but their votes and opinions bolster the same state that welcomes into our nations millions of Muslim decapitation machines. Never forget this.

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