The Manic Left Ascendant

The Left in America is frazzled and in disarray. Trump's shock election and various aspects of his style, cabinet picks, and policy enactment since taking office have sent them into complete panic mode. Many of the fissures in the permanent government that keen observers have long been noting have revealed themselves as a result. The supra-democratic machinations of the Deep State, which once required some active investigation to really have any understanding of, are on the front page of the paper and being talked about openly by everyone. And, indeed, are being cheered on by liberals and NeverTrump conservatives alike as a last line of defense against Trump's supposedly dangerous authoritarianism. Defenders of Constitutional order agree: when Constitutional checks and balances fail, un-Constitutional ones will have to do.

One large-scale, continuously unfolding story and two new ones this week illustrate just what a basketcase the Left has become.

Earlier in the week it was revealed that Jeff Sessions had meetings with a Russian Ambassador in 2016, as part of his job as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. During his confirmation hearing to Attorney General, he denied that he had contact with the Russians, though the questions he was asked were in the context of whether he met with them as a surrogate for the campaign. In a fit of hysteria, Democrats and media pundits cast this new "revelation" as proof of a "lie", and reason that Sessions should recuse himself in any potential investigation into the campaign (which he did), or even that he should resign from office. They also cast this as another reason a special prosecutor should be appointed to investigate the connections between Russia and the Trump campaign. Just what these maniacs are hoping to find is anyone's guess.

This Putinmania is not driven by policy concerns. As recently as 2012, Obama and the whole Democratic party were mocking the notion of Russia's status as the most significant geopolitical threat to U.S. interests. It's also not driven by any special concern for the integrity of our elections because, had Hillary Clinton won and every other empirical datum remained identical, including supposed "indicators" of Russian interference, the issue would not be pursued. It's driven by raw fear. Fear of the imminent eclipse of the Neoliberal order and their loss of power. Driven by a combination of desperation for an angle to use against Trump ("Friends with Russia! Reagan would turn over in his grave!! Muh democracy!"), and opposition to Russia's own character as leader of the emerging global "far-right" coalition.

An alliance between the Left and (mostly Jewish) neocons has been forged in this anti-Russia hysteria. Read David Frum and Bill Kristol columns or Evan McMullin and Louise Mensch's Twitter feeds. They are indistinguishable from the Left on this point. Of course, these are merely different brands of liberals, so that they would be able to seamlessly collude on foreign affairs is not particularly surprising. Calibrating the precise size and scope of the Welfare State is about the only thing that separates the camps at this point. And here they are united in the belief that Trump and Russia are vanguards of a rising global illiberalism that must be opposed at all costs. Journalistic ethics, measured and prudential analysis, principled opposition, even their precious Constitution: all of that goes out the window when your entire world is at risk.

Pictured above: Louise Mensch, FSB codename: Outpatient Ocelot

And it is at risk! The Right continues to show significant strength abroad, to the point that reptilian Eurocrats are going to vile lengths to assure Marine Le Pen doesn't become president of France. If she did, this would be another large step toward the unraveling of the EU.

With the Left scrambling in areas of foreign affairs, they have been displaying significant histrionics domestically as well.

This week Juan Thompson, a black far-left Muslim and former journalist for The Intercept (before he was fired for fabricating news stories), was arrested for calling in bomb threats to Jewish community centers, which he then highlighted himself on his own Twitter account. This hate hoax serving the dual purpose of attempting to frame an ex-girlfriend and at the same time fueling a narrative of rising antisemitism in the era of Trump. Something Trump himself suggested was at least partly due to such hoaxers and which The Intercept attacked him for. They've since softened the headline and added a note to the piece, in the wake of one of their own reporters being found guilty of precisely what Trump had suggested was happening, and which they ridiculed him for.

As a friend points out, of all the threats against Jewish community centers, 100% of the ones that have been resolved so far have been liberal hoaxes. And it wasn't only The Intercept who had mocked Trump for suggesting this was happening. It was virtually the entire liberal academic-journo-pol establishment, whose acute case of Trump Derangement Syndrome sends them into emotionally reactive frenzies in response to every word he speaks.

As this story perfectly rebuts multiple streams of current Liberal signalling, you can expect it to be instantly memory holed.

Also this week, conservative intellectual Charles Murray was shouted down by another mob of campus crazies. Feeling threatened by someone who, if he was once somewhat edgy, has aged into a rather tepid, mainstream, grandpa conservative. But he once wrote a good book investigating the links between race, IQ, and economic and social outcomes, so of course the witch must be burned. Absurdly designated a "Nazi", "white supremacist", and "white nationalist" by student protesters, Bezos' Blog treated these claims with far more seriousness than they deserve. After forcing the speech to be cancelled, the violent mob swarmed Murray and another professor as they exited the building, injuring her.

This reaction to Charles Murray, who is anti-Trump and not a particularly controversial figure these days, yet gets labeled a "Nazi" all the same, perfectly demonstrates that the Left is unhinged. But it also shows that mainstream conservatives are foolish to think they will be spared the Left's wrath. The "racist" incantation was revealed to have lost its potency, given its overuse and Trump's immunity to it. A new, more intense slur was needed, and the frantic Left is already starting to dull this one. Virtually no one, not even the Richard Spencers of the world, are Nazis. Yet large segments of the Left, including ostensibly respectable commentators, have either explicitly or implicitly condoned "punching Nazis" even as the term is defined down to mean "white conservatives or people who listen to them." Don't bother showing up for your show trial. Defending yourself just proves your guilt.

With this being just the latest in a long string of such events on college campuses, it reveals an extremely emotionally and psychologically fragile state among students. One inculcated by a rising degree of liberal ideological uniformity on campus, and exacerbated by the media and professors assuring students the dawn of the Fourth Reich is indeed upon us. If that's true, aren't violent protests and shrill, reactive outbursts called for and justified?

The one thing tying these disparate stories together is desperation. The Left is a rabid animal backed into a corner. They can feel it and it isn't just their imagination. Lashing out in every direction is what you would expect, and with few legitimate avenues to channel their rage into, they simply have to make shit up. Charles Murray is a Nazi! Antisemitism everywhere! Putin and Trump stole the election from Hillary! Let's pray the growls of this desperate animal are soon transformed into the wails of a dying one.