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The Great British Mistake

The editors of Thermidor are not known to be big fans of the “Eternal Anglo.” It is easy to see their point—Great Britain, as the preeminent liberal superstate of the 19th century, did more to export capitalism, democracy, and other modernist cancers than any other state. In many ways, the United States picked up Britain’s international “burden” in 1945, and thus we have an Americanized, neoliberal world.

However, despite this history, there is much to celebrate about the Anglo--his culture, his nation, and his history.

Britain did conqueror most of the known world, and no matter your opinion on the British Empire, one cannot deny that the British soldier pulled off Herculean feats between the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. If you ever find yourself thinking of Brits as wimpy poofs, then you should read a little about the Battle of Kohima-Imphal or the siege at Rourke’s Drift. For hundreds of years, Anglo-Saxon soldiers, sailors, and adventurers were Orwell’s “rough men” who stood “ready to do violence” on behalf of the British nation and Britannia’s glory.

Families from the British Isles also colonized North America, Australia, and New Zealand—some of the wealthiest, most productive, and important nations in the world. The cultures of Canada, the United States, and Oz are, at root, Anglo-Saxon and Protestant. The lost African nation of Rhodesia, along with Kenya and South Africa, once flourished thanks to British civilization. Now they are, to quote the current American president, “shitholes.” Even the natives are waking up—the former president of Zambia, Michael Sata, once said: “We want the Chinese to leave and the old colonial rulers to return…They exploited our natural resources too, but they took good care of us. They built schools, taught us their language and brought us the British civilisation…at least Western capitalism has a human face; the Chinese are only out to exploit us.”

Sata was a political populist, mind you.

Much closer to home, the first Europeans to Virginia brought with them the culture of Berkeley and western England. This meant an experience with slavery and large estates based around monocrop culture.

The founders of “Christian Sparta” (the Massachusetts Bay Colony) translated the town councils and small private farms of East Anglia to Plymouth, Boston, and beyond. Historian David Hackett Fischer’s book Albion’s Seed leaves no doubt that Early America was indistinguishable from the world of the Kingdom of England.

It was also the “Eternal Anglo” that ruled over the vast nations of Pakistan, India, Burma, Nepal, and Bangladesh with just a few thousand government officials, traders, and military men.

Given this history, it is indeed very painful to see what Great Britain has become. On the civilian side, Britain is the great terrorist appeaser, with geezers in villages parroting London’s vile line about “hardworking Muslims” and the impossibility of defeating terrorism. Britain is also the land where a serious grooming scandal involving Pakistani Muslims raping and pimping out vulnerable native British girls for decades has done little to change the status quo. Grooming is still going on all over northern and middle England, and the British police system has failed to reassess its doctrines even after government-sponsored reports found that “bobbies” did not pursue grooming cases for fear of being called racist.

White girls are still “easy meat.” Few native British boys are speaking up for them. Rather, they’re doing their damnedest to bring stupid Monty Python skits to life. See for instance the punter in London who chastised a fellow drinker for being “Islamophobic” right in the middle of a Muslim terrorist attack.

On the military side of things, the situation may even be worse. A series of videos have been produced by the British Army that show conclusively that Wellington’s “bastard children” have become actual children. In one video, a Muslim recruit finds out that yes, the British Army embraces diversity among its troopers. Never mind the fact that most British Muslims would rather serve ISIS than the queen; come on and join up with the new and improved smiley-faced force.

Another video shows that the British Army fully supports buggery. Even weepy-eyed heterosexuals are wanted in uniform. As for women—the more the merrier, the generals say.

This is a parody of an armed force. The British Army (and the American Army for that matter) cannot be serious. Winning wars has nothing to do with diversity. Diversity is not even a strength; it is actually one of the most obvious weaknesses that there is. By trying to appeal to emotionally fragile men and insecure women, the British Army shows to its enemies that it cares more about feeling good and crafting rainbow-colored PR than q quality. The purpose of a military is to find the best and most motivated men, not to run a jobs training program for quasi-pacifists and mental deficients.

The galling thing is that the British should know better than anyone else about the perils of diversity. The Siege of Cawnpore, “Chinese” Gordon’s decapitation by the Mahdis at Khartoum, and the Siege of Peking in 1900 are all apt expressions of what life in a more “diverse” Britain could be like. When this happens there will be no “Tommy Atkins” coming to save the people of Birmingham or Manchester. They’ll be too busy talking about their feelings rather than saving their own country.

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