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The End Of Trump And The Victory Of The Cathedral

Yesterday, in response to the Gas Attack on Syrian Civilians which was immediately attributed to Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad (in spite of there being no meaningful evidence to verify this assertion) President Trump decided to attack, and destroy, Syrian airfields with cruise missiles. The attack was sudden, catching almost all observers completely off guard and marking a profound and violent break with all of his stated policies which had been articulated up until this point.

The drama began to unfold on Tuesday when Steve Bannon was unceremoniously expelled from the National Security Council's principals committee. While he later provided some lame talking points in an attempt to downplay the significance of what happened, it was obvious that a massive power play was underway. For not only was Bannon excluded from the council but several new voices were added to it. Including the well-known Neoconservative mediocrity and imbecile Nikki Haley.

There have been unconfirmed reports, which are nonetheless believable given the context of their disclosure, that Bannon's removal from the Council's committee was not a pre-planned and cordial event but rather a sudden coup against his influence. One which he threatened to resign over and one over which he may still be fired for.

With Bannon sidelined the Neoconservatives led by Nikki Haley, Jared Kushner, General Mattis, and General McMasters immediately initiated a psychological blitzkrieg on Trump in order to get him to attack the Syrian Government without waiting for any third party investigation into the actual events which supposedly precipitated this course of action. The truth, of course, is that the stated reason for attacking, Assad's supposed use of chemical weapons, was little more than a convenient pretense to advance towards a goal (regime change in Syria) which had already been predetermined by the Deep State apparatus.

While some naive Pro-Trump commentators have been busy at work trying to spin these developments as a positive, a manifestation of "4-dimensional chess" or a part of some cryptic grand plan which we don't yet have the perspective to appreciate, this is merely a transparent example of the denial phase of grief. The hard truth is that there is no grand plan, no games of 4-dimensional chess, rather Trump is now reacting to events based on the advice of a cabal of Neoconservative advisers who are dedicated to the principle of Liberal unipolar domination at any cost.

Death of a Dream

The dream of Trumpism is now dead, and perhaps it was never really alive in the first place. Being instead merely a phantasm, a mirage conjured by desperate men looking for a way out of the spiritual concentration camp which is modern America.

In retrospect, it was rather naive to believe that one man, even a President, could challenge the power of the Deep State or what is known in Neoreactionary parlance as "The Cathedral." This apparatus is not merely represented by departments of the federal government only but also by the Academic and Media establishments, all of which are openly ideologically dedicated to the spread and imposition of Neoliberalism.

Though this apparatus was caught off guard by the sudden and unexpected rise of Trump, who was able to channel his charisma and fame to take advantage of a unique confluence of external events in order to claim the Presidency, this will no longer be the case. The Cathedral's immune system has now been fully triggered, and its deep state arm has now managed, in the span of a few months, to accomplish what its media arm couldn't accomplish in over a year, namely the complete co-option of the Trump movement. This co-option is also a de facto annihilation of Trumpism as any kind of coherent political force, as Trump the man without "Trumpism" the ideology (or rather the disposition) has now become, as Alexandr Dugin recently put it:

Hillary disguised as a man, a kind of transvestite. Everything that Trump fought against over the course of the election campaign and which he promised to change - he put his signature underneath all of this today. Therefore, it was not he who took the decision. He simply showed that he is henceforth in no state to decide anything. Under the pressure of media and the Swamp’s politicians, he surrendered his small and devoted followers, those who represented not CFR, not the neocons, and not the Deep State, but “good old America.” This “good old America,” which elected Donald Trump as its president, has once again been left out in the cold, without Trump. What Trump did, by allowing himself to be “convinced” of Assad’s (in other words, Russia’s) involvement in the chemical attack means capitulation.

Tellingly enough, just yesterday he easily let go of Stephen Bannon, perhaps the only real conservative without the prefix neo- in his circle. He wanted to drain the Swamp. This is commendable, but this is risky business. The Swamp drained Trump. What is happening now in Syria is strictly what the globalists, the Swamp, have been striving for.

The Trump factor has vanished before our very eyes. He vacillated a little, and now he is a pawn in the game of more serious forces. He showed that he is no longer Trump. Maybe Trump will try to “become Trump again,” but this is unlikely.

In Soviet America, Swamp drains you!

What lessons can we draw from this tragedy? Besides the obvious: that the Deep State's internal defenses are significantly more formidable than previously thought, and are capable of neutralizing virtually any threat, even one which comes from the highest levels of government.

Now there will be particular voices on the Right who will use this disaster (and make no mistake, it is a disaster) to attempt to vindicate their particular strategies. The narrative will be that Trump failed because he had no institutional support in the Deep State and in order to succeed any genuinely Right Wing movement would first have to infiltrate this apparatus in order to make it compliant for a Trump-like "great man of history." There are several profound problems with this line of thinking, however.

Firstly it misunderstands the nature of the Cathedral itself. It is not merely a group of actors who are working together to make the most efficient system possible i.e. it is not comprised of utility maximizing individuals. Rather, it is an ideology which fulfills a religious role in the lives of its adherents (giving their lives an illusion of purpose and meaning, "making the safe world for democracy" etc.) This ideology is also evangelical in nature, and understands itself as a universal reality which will be realized at the "end of history," understood as the time when all nations will be ruled by a Neoliberal managerial state, and all individuals will be fully atomized (atomized in the Neoliberal imagination equates to being "fully liberated") with all traditional ways of life being fully liquidated (as tradition in the Neoliberal Imagination is essentially an act of oppression.)

The Cathedral seeks to reproduce itself not only through evangelism (overseas adventures) but also through education (indoctrinating the next generation.) This is accomplished via the educational and media establishments. As is well know, from a young age American children are indoctrinated into a mythos of American exceptionalism i.e. the idea that the American system of Liberal democracy is superior to all others and that it would be better if the entire world was run on an American model.

This indoctrination kicks into high gear once Americans enter University level education, especially in Ivy League schools, the same schools which serve as talent pipelines for all the Cathedral's tentacles. All passengers on this pipeline which travels from grade school through college and into the professional world of the Cathedral's power centers are continually screened for Ideological purity. Those who are considered to be dissenters or holders of unacceptable opinions are immediately blackballed. This even holds true for seemingly powerful and influential individuals, who are no more immune from this pressure than anyone else. One need only examine the recent career assassinations of Steve Bannon and Michael Flynn to verify this.

Thus, it would seem that the Cathedral's immune systems are almost impregnable, and unlikely to be breached even by individuals, much less the thousands of individuals which would be required to infiltrate its mechanisms in order to pursue something akin to Trump's original vision.

Americans worship success which can be seen throughout American culture. Even religion in its most American form of Evangelicalism is, in its current formulation, little more than a prosperity cult, a Jesus-flavored quest for the American Dream (material success.) So long as Liberals control the means of advancing up the Social Latter of Amerian society (the only sure way to achieve true success) the incentives to submit to its Ideology will simply be too great. And those obstinate contrarians (a true rarity to begin with in a society as inherently conformist as America's) will quickly find themselves banished from any career path that could potentially lead to influence within the Cathedral's vast superstructure.

Thus, there appears to be no realistic way to infiltrate the Cathedral from the bottom up, in order to seize control of its apparatus and create a partial deep state which could support a Trump-like figure in the future.

Nor, as the implosion of Trump (and by extension "Trumpism") has shown, is it possible for a charismatic outsider (whether from the Left or the Right) to "drain the swamp" in any meaningful way.

For in Soviet Weimerica: Swamp drains you!

An Inconvenient Truth

If we accept this thesis (and there are no good reasons not to), then we are left with some truly stark and troubling implications. The most notable among them being the realization that the apparatus of the Cathedral simply cannot be infiltrated, in any meaningful way, from the inside. Its immune system is simply too effective. Furthermore, the incentive structure currently in place rewards Ideological fealty to the Liberal order and punishes opposition, and this will not change in the future. In fact, if current trends persist, its allure and power will only increase.

Thus, those dissidents living within America's late capitalist dystopia (affectionately known as "Bugworld") have two primary options from which to choose from: Surrender or Confrontation.

The former will by far be the most popular as it is easily the most comfortable and can be personalized to the particular situation of each individual who chooses it. Some will retreat into private life, focusing vainly on "self-improvement" and "financial security" while their society slowly decays, their children slowly becoming brainwashed, their souls poisoned, as they gaze longingly into a shimmering screen while popping prescription antidepressants and watching hardcore pornography.

Some will choose hedonism, which is really just a kind of slow suicide. To drown their sorrows in alcohol, marijuana, immersive virtual reality video games, Tinder copulations, artisanal foodie delicacies, and maybe even the occasional line or two of cocaine.

Other more pious souls may dedicate themselves to a kind of "Benedict Option." Attempting to build up small communities of like-minded Christians to wait out the current Kali Yuga and emerge for the dawn of a Civilizational Spring. Though well-meaning, these small communities of upper-middle-class Christians will have difficulty surviving the financial penalties that will be levied on them for practicing "discrimination", no less the Child Services workers called to their homes in order to save their children from the "child abuse" they receive by being taught their parents' problematic views on LBGT equality.

Whatever the course of action that is chosen, the end result will always be the same: surrender and submission to Neoliberal Hegemony. It is a rational enough choice, choosing survival. But as many of those who choose it will surely discover: the price they will all pay for this survival is their lives.

A few will choose the latter path, of direct confrontation with Global Neoliberalism, with the "civilization" of the Bugmen in all its glorious hideousness. These few will seek, not the conversion of the Cathedral, but its complete annihilation. As well as the liquidation of the ideologues who staff its offices, think tanks, and propaganda outlets as a class. And to prosecute this campaign of liquidation by whatever means available.

The few who attempt this genuinely foolhardy act will probably fail, their faces smashed beneath the bugmens' boots, their bodies twisted and torn apart by the gears of the machine. They, like all living beings, they will find themselves dying, their bodies broken by their lives. But the real question isn't "what if they fail?" But rather:

"What if they succeed?"

Were we led all that way for Birth or Death? There was a Birth, certainly
We had evidence and no doubt.
I had seen birth and death,
But had thought they were different; this Birth was
Hard and bitter agony for us, like Death, our death.
We returned to our places, these Kingdoms,
But no longer at ease here, in the old dispensation,
With an alien people clutching their gods.
I should be glad of another death.

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