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The Cuck is Vanquished (Again)

You should never kick a man when he is down, but Kevin D. Williamson does not meet my definition of a “man.” To hell with him.

Now before commencing the slaughter, it should be stated that Williamson, the former grand poobah of pretension at the irrelevant National Review, takes a very hard line on abortion. Indeed, Williamson’s support for legally executing abortion doctors and the mothers who agree to have their children mutilated is the reason why The Atlantic fired him not too long after hiring him. The left-wing press jumped all over Williamson’s termination, churning our articles expressing their joy that an anti-murder writer just got canned from a magazine with close ties to the former official of an Israeli gulag. There may be no higher expression of “Jewish privilege” then the fact that the pummeler of Palestinians and one of the head cheerleaders for America’s invasion of Iraq 2003 clutched his pearls over Williamson’s stance against infanticide.

And I thought the Israelites hated Moloch…

Prior to getting the boot from his new paymasters, Williamson used his pen to criticize his former employers, especially National Review writer Victor Davis Hanson. Now, Hanson is known to be a bit of a chicken hawk. However, Hanson was one of the few voices at NR who lent support to Donald Trump and his populist-nationalist agenda in 2016. Hanson is also the most eloquent military historian in the modern world, and through American Greatness and his many talks, Hanson has repeatedly shed light on how post-modern elitism in America is actively trying to kill off the working majority because of their attachments to older norms, mores, and folkways. Hanson is in many ways cut from the same mold as Tucker Carlson—an insider who has betrayed his own class by attacking the oppressive neoliberal New Order.

Williamson used one of his first articles in The Atlantic to directly attack Hanson. Why? Because Hanson had suggested that tech giants like Google and Facebook should be regulated, if not nationalized. Williamson placed his ever-widening paunch on his writing desk and smirked: “That from a magazine whose founders once dreamed of overturning the New Deal.” In response, Hanson reminded Williams that worshipping private companies is neither “conservative” nor “libertarian.” Google and Facebook are sacred (cash) cows for the Democrats, and these corporations not only work with and receive money from the central state, but they have a track record of using their considerable power to shape public policy. They are the gods and masters of the new world—a world that uses social media and tech to make us depressed zombies too busy killing ourselves to realize that Silicon Valley is profiting from worldwide misery.

Dear Republicans: most people who run America's major companies are left-wing. Recognize it now before you make another stupid paean to Wall Street.

Hanson is right and Williamson is wrong. Williamson is one of those professional “conservatives” who is a knee-jerk defender of the traitorous capitalist class. That is why Williamson wrote that working class whites “need to die”. After all, any section of the population that is not working to make the technocratic state wealthier is mere refuse—an inefficient part that can be replaced by more industrious people. Williamson is the theory of capitalism taken to its logical end; people only matter insofar as their labor is profitable. None of us have a unique worth, even though God created us and families and communities, not companies, sustain us.

Williamson probably thought that all of his articles demeaning the white working class would earn him applause from the mainstream. Similarly, Williamson probably believed at one point that all of his invective against Trump, even including a very unpopular volume with the uninspiring title of The Case Against Trump, would win him acclaim and even a few hugs at Washington and New York cocktail parties. What else can be said about Williamson: he is a cuck extraordinaire. A good writer sure, but also a fat, balding slug who un-ironically loves Ta-Nehisi Coates, the epitome of a sub-par writer and childish thinker who has earned wealth and status simply because of skin pigmentation.

Kevin D Williamson becomes a "made man"

The always productive right-wing blogosphere has already rushed to remind everyone that cucking in the Williamson mode never pays. No matter how hard you demean rural whites, no matter how vocal your opposition to President Trump is, you are still evil to the Left. Nothing will ever change that, so stop trying.

Another, less explored lesson that must be taken from Williamson’s woes is the fact that American “conservatism” is incapable of navigating the kali yuga. An atheistic state only concerned with making filthy lucre does not fear decentralized authority or even the Constitution. Williamson and his ilk fail to recognize that standing on principle means standing up for individualistic liberalism—the very plague that has brought us to such an abhorrent state of affairs. The uncomfortable truth is that America, a nation and a people first and foremost, not a political philosophy, can now only be saved by discarding all residue of liberalism, individualism, and the “live and let live” philosophy of playboys and pornographers.

So, ultimately, maybe it is Kevin Williamson who is the one that really should just “die off.” It is better to have patriotic peasants in West Virginia or even drug abusers in Seattle than over-paid, morbidly obese shills. Middle America is worth preserving and fighting for even against their wishes; Williamson himself, however, is not worth suffering a hangnail over.

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