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Tara McCarthy: Trad Thot of the Deep State?

The dissident right has grown, strip-mined the edges of the population for eclectic wackos, concerned fathers and NEETs. As the array of ‘red pilling’ content purveyors waxes and differentiates, the space of potential converts widens, becoming less marginal and more invested in The System. Against this backdrop of increasing propagandistic specialization, a new content-organism has arisen: the Trad Thot.

Yes, the Trad Thot has always been with us, but she has evolved, adapted to the growing market for antiestablishment content from a makeup-bedecked face. It’s not enough to have a twitter account posting 17th-century Roman-Catholic iconography and appeals to motherhood and chastity, no, the teeming masses of men, deprived of wives by the cruel tide of history need more, they need HD youtube content.

In essence, any pretty or semi-pretty young woman who invests a bit of time into learning racial nationalist talking points can become a minor youtube or twitter star. Lauren Southern has skillfully done this since her ouster from the more mainstream conservative media world, as have a few others, if less successfully. Typically, the Trad Thot will grow bored or creeped out by the online right and move along after a few months, we should ask ourselves why some might stick it out.

The increasing size and influence of the online right has not gone unnoticed by the Deep State, and it stands to reason that said Deep State would invest a few hundred thousand dollars to farm assets within the dissident right, and perhaps undertake projects to steer the online right's path, if only as a research project. In the effort, it’s quite likely the Deep State would make use of Trad Thots.
I’ve noticed a pattern of late, wherein the pejorative “Communist” is used by those of the left to smear modern, aspiring-Christian, Russia. This seems to be a coordinated effort and two recent tweets by Affirmative Action Americans suggest to me that the Deep State, the Blue Empire, have been circling messages around to the effect of: “hey everyone, we’re going to try and trigger Americans’ Pavlovian response to ‘Communist’ so they’ll hate Trump and Russia, so try to work ‘Communist’ into your attacks on Trump/Russia”


I regret I cannot give more examples; pay attention and you’ll see it. “Communist” is really an effective meme, because while modern Russia is certainly no Soviet Union, Russians are justifiably proud of the many accomplishments of their Soviet past, and the world-historical sacrifices of their immediate ancestors in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

It was with this suspicion that “Communism” was an experimental weaponized meme, a re-do following the spectacular fumble with the “Fake News” meme, that my Stalin-like sense of treason keyed in on a prominent Trad Thot: Tara McCarthy. McCarthy is a high-Euro-admixture, Celto-Indo-Ashekenaz composite residing in London. She sports a top-shelf southern English accent and entered the reactosphere during the “Pizzagate” controversy of late 2016 when she called herself “Reality Calls." McCarthy made videos presenting the primary evidence in the Pizzagate case, acting appropriately disturbed by the allegations. In 2017 McCarthy burst on to the scene as a full-on Alt Right shitlady. McCarthy hosts an impressive mix of guests, ranging from longstanding white advocates like Jared Taylor, to the buxom Richard Spencer as well as more moderate e-celebs and even mainstream figures like Jordan Peterson.

McCarthy is a thoughtful interviewer. Always well-prepared, and skilled at managing interview pace. When she’s not interviewing, McCarthy does gril (sic) chats with her sometimes co-host Brittney Pettiebone or answers mailbag questions, always slathered in makeup and sporting a new outfit.
At first, I was glad to see McCarthy enter the scene. A student of propaganda, I could see the merits of McCarthy as a meme-propagation tool. If we wish to push thought-crime and erode conditioning in higher-ability, younger western men; then an attainably pretty girl, young, but not too young, with a pleasing accent and a polished, moderated take on basic far-right internet rhetoric, would be an effective means of reaching guys who sensed something was wrong with The System but also had something to lose.

To my suspicions: The woman is a prolific tweeter of boilerplate, fair enough. Yet there’s something strange about McCarthy’s tweets. They lack passion and seem to be posted with high priority, at one point making up an estimated 5% of my twitter feed. It was when she began working “Communist” into her tweets that my Stalin Sense began to tingle. It wasn’t the left, nor Cultural Marxists or nonwhites, but “Communists”. Strange. Forced. She’s since deleted these tweets.

McCarthy has also used Twitter to attack our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, though in a far more effective and moderate way than the typical neckbearded atheist or amphetamine-psychotic neo-pagan. In a tweet she deleted following a maelstrom of e-shivs from myself and other Internet Crusaders, McCarthy announced that we shouldn’t take this Christianity thing too seriously, it wasn’t the “be all end all," and that Europe, after all, was rooted in Hellenic Paganism. Strange hill to try and take, especially for a Trad Thot, who are archetypically focused on attention rather than risking the ire of their illiberal audiences.

Experience has shown that the best way to undermine the church isn’t with bulldozers and firing squads, but with watered down, milquetoast bastardizations of The True Faith. With a liberal Judeo-Christ. Rather than deprive people of the church, what you want to do is have the POZed camel sneak his neoliberal nose under the tent. Gradually introduce more and more liberal innovations until the church is such a wretched cesspool that society abandons it. This is how Mainline Protestantism was destroyed and how the Catholic church has been sapped of its vitality.

Combined with the Twitter tweet promotion, her recommendation that people move to rural areas and train with weapons, and these skillful opening moves against Christianity and Russia, I concluded that there’s a reasonable probability that McCarthy is part of some project by British security services to push the Anglo-Sphere reaction in a direction that’s likely to be even more jarring and unpopular among large numbers of people. Much better that the reactionaries rave about long-irrelevant Communists and become anti-Christian (and thus incompatible for cooperation with modern Russia) than if they grounded themselves in Apostolic Christianity and seek ties with the great force for order in the world today: Putin’s Russia. I put the probability at 25%.

Most likely, McCarthy is what she appears: a Trad Thot, one of the best. An upper-middle class girl with few skills and no babies, fishing for feels and attention on the underserved market for positive female facsimile that the dissident right presents. If I’m wrong, big deal, there’s no fault in being safe. McCarthy can assuage my concerns by dropping the at-best goonish and at-worst Satanic “ok” hand symbol, begin a catechumenate in the Orthodox Church, and swear loyalty to Holy Russia and Vladimir Putin. This is all I require.

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