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Homosexuality as Suburban Invasion in "A Nightmare on Elm Street"

Under the fascist progressive American regime, the rainbow flag has replaced the swastika. Like store-owners with Nazi flags in their shop windows, modern corporations trip over one another to signal the rainbow- "signal the rainbow, stay under the radar," they say. There was something admirable in the state's declaration of homosexual normalization in that it left no room for interpretation. The White House was drenched in the rainbow, all power-players in the American landscape had better get

Brave New World: The Challenges of Overturning Roe v. Wade

With Anthony Kennedy’s retirement, and the feeble and decrepit Ruth Bader Ginsburg presumably not much longer for this world, the Catholic Right is now in a time of great temptation. The first vacancy will most likely be filled by the solid originalist Brett Kavanaugh, and a following appointment could allow the forces of reaction to do some real damage. Rare are the times that the Right even has the opportunity to be tempted, so feckless have they been in standing up to Leftist perversion, yet

Temptations of Right-Wing Socialism

There comes a point in every rightist's intellectual development where they hit upon the elephant in the room concerning political economy: "Wait a minute, capitalism eradicated feudalism... this means capitalism isn't traditional... muh Whigs, 1688, Dutch maritime republicanism, classical liberalism and Cobdenism vs. the Tories... what am I supposed to believe in now?!" Congratulations, Marx already knew this. He devoted an entire section in Capital, vol. 1 to it: part 8, and even gave it a coo

Barbarian Hordes for a Digital Bronze Age

A friend fishing off the coast of New Jersey asked, “Do you know of BAP”. It opened a doorway into our friendship I had not known. Like many on the fringe right or the weird twitter corners that only Rosie Gray or masochistic checkmarks contact, I knew of BAP. I also knew my friend liked to piss outdoors whenever possible and wear no shoes. We once held a contest who would walk shoeless up the boardwalk and into honky-tonk seaside town the longest. My woman said, “Stop it you two there are loogi

The Entitled Boomer and "Vacation" (1983)

"I found out long ago, it's a long way down the holiday road" Believe it or not, Clark W. Griswold was pretty fucking masculine. Sure, "Vacation" (1983) featured a kind of proto-idiot Dad, a trope that would become the standard by 1990- but Clark was a different kind of idiot Dad. Clark was a masculine idiot Dad. "Vacation" relied on repeating the same one joke with Clark, but luckily it was a good one. When Clark would do something stupid, royally screwing things up or putting his family in d

Intermarium For the 21st Century

Discard the notion that old ideas or old societies failed because they themselves were failures. First of all, nothing made by man lasts forever. Second, look at the history of the 20th century and ask yourself this question: are we any better than we were in the 13th century? Yes, technology has gotten better, lives have gotten longer, and societies have gotten wealthier. But those benighted, pre-modern souls worked less hours than we do now, lived closer to God, and had no idea about totalitar

The Decadent Civilization and the Crisis of Confidence

The situation on the border so disturbs the American public because it serves as a discomfiting reminder that civilization involves some measure of violence. Every society must reckon with this bleak truth. Those that are vigorous and ascendant reconcile themselves to the brutal necessities of securing peace, prosperity, and sovereignty. Those that are lethargic and decadent experience a loss of nerve and eventually collapse. It is now evident that a large segment of the American public, quite

A German Mind in the Russian Academe: Ethnos & Society

Alexander Dugin. Ethnos and Society. Arktos, 2018. Sociologists, as a rule, consider themselves free from the demands of historical study in that they may make assertions that have no reference to human experience as though they were empirically verified facts. It is the principal failing of the discipline—and ironic, too, since the founders of sociological study populated their works with direct references to observations of human experience and eschewed groundless theorizing insofar as possibl