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Sweden is a Blast

There is no reason to rehash talk about ABBA, Volvo, or sunbathing nude blonds. Sweden isn’t Sweden anymore, and the reason is because of immigration.

This is cold coffee insofar as the right-wing media is concerned. Similarly, most consumers of reactionary or conservative content know that Sweden’s rape statistics are among the highest in the developed world. Yes, it is true that Sweden’s extremely liberal definitions of “rape,” a consequence of decades of feminist, social democratic programming, is a big reason why Sweden has become Europe’s rape capital. But, despite all the “moderate, right-thinking” rebuttals of Sweden’s rape apocalypse, it still remains that Sweden would be a much safer place if Stockholm perused a rational immigration policy instead of virtue signaling to the rest of world its supposed moral superiority.

Besides rape, another rising trend in Viking-land is the specter of the grenade attack. This is not a figure of speech; Swedish criminals are literally attacking each other and the police with military-grade hand explosives.

The most recent attack occurred on Sunday, when a sixty-year-old man suffered injuries stemming from an explosion at the Varby Gard station in Stockholm. Another pedestrian, an unnamed woman aged forty-five, also suffered several wounds.

The elderly man eventually died of his wounds.

As per usual, Swedish police have rushed to tell the press that they do not suspect terrorism as a motive. Keep in mind: they said the same thing following a double decapitation of a Swedish mother and son by an African refugee had been denied asylum. In a move that can only be described as grotesquely ironic, the murderer killed the couple with a weapon manufactured by Ikea, and the murder itself occurred in an Ikea store. It does not get more Swedish than that.

Not to be outdone, The Washington Post rushed to print an article about Swedish fears of “rising” xenophobia and Islamophobia in the wake of the attack. Neoliberalism is a mental disease, my dudes. It really is that simple.

The Varby Gard explosion is a fairly irregular case of an grenade attack. According to the Swedish press, the explosion occurred when the unlucky man picked up the explosive that was left behind on the ground. It seems that the man in question was not the intended target. Then again, mass casualty terrorism rarely has intended targets outside of warm bodies.

Sweden’s other, more numerous grenade attacks tend to be more crime-oriented. In 2015 alone, the Swedish police admitted that they had recorded between 100 and 150 grenade attacks. A large portion of these attacks occurred in the immigrant-heavy suburbs around Stockholm and the foreign-majority city of Malmo. Malmo in 2015 saw thirty such attacks—an increase from twenty-four attacks in 2014.

Stockholm's suburbs and Malmo are notorious as the biggest players in Swedish drug trafficking, arms trafficking, and prostitution. Such activities overlap nicely with Islamist gangs, which usually rely on money-driven gangsters for their guns and drug money.

Despite such shocking numbers, the Swedish police have done very little to crackdown. The international media is not helping matters by pumping out articles that reaffirm the suggestion that crime is somehow unusual in Sweden. Cops on-the-ground are not buying it, and for years motivation in the force has been plummeting. Some Swedish cops have broken the blue wall of silence and have admitted that immigrant gangs are a big reason why Sweden is turning into Northern Europe’s Chicago.

These immigrants are not only the African and Middle Eastern "refugees" who have been pouring into Europe since 2015, but also the Balkans "refugees" who have lived in Sweden since the early 1990s. These immigrants have not assimilated either, but Stockholm has not let that stop them from believing in Swedish exceptionalism.

Attacks on police are not just a Swedish problem either. On New Year’s 2018, a viral video made the rounds showing a “gang of youths” attacking a female officer serving a city south of Paris. Putting aside the idiocy of having female patrol officers, the assault shows what happens when the citizenry do not fear or respect law enforcement officials. Even her male partner got his brains bashed in.

Say what you will about America’s cops, but Sweden and France show us that weak-willed cops may be worse than the occasional psychopath in blue who plays “Simon Says” with tourists or plants a baggie of cocaine on an “urban youth.”

If you’re fine throwing explosives at cops, then you are really not afraid of much. That’s the situation in Sweden in 2018, where ordnance from the Yugoslav Civil War is becoming as common as falling snow.

Closing Sweden’s borders, the solution proffered by right-wing parties like the Swedish Democrats, is a good idea. However, doing that alone is not enough. We all have to admit the ugly truth that urban culture, whether its the urban culture of New York or Rinkeby, is a worldwide pox. “Urban” in this case is not some dog whistle about non-white people; its a larger complaint about the sick, venal pop culture of gangsterism, mafia capitalism, and promiscuous sex that has its origins in the neoliberal capitals of the United States and the United Kingdom.

Sweden has a grenade problem (or rather a people throwing grenades problem), but the world has a larger problem with culture.

There are no easy fixes.

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