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Slouching Towards Fascism?

They’re at it again. This time the target is Italy, the homeland of the dread “F word.” The award for most outrageous headline may go to Quartz, which called the recent elections in Italy the endgame of Steve Bannon’s “‘ultimate dream.’” Why, you may ask? Because, like in 2016, the populists won the day.

Some history is needed first. Like other Mediterranean nations in Europe, Italy has long been considered something of an albatross around the necks of German, British, and Scandinavian taxpayers. While this is a tad bit overblown, it is undeniably true that the Italian economy has been in a downward cycle since the height of La Dolce Vita in the 1960s. Between 2015 and 2016, Italy’s GDP only grew by 315—that’s 315 in raw numbers, as in from 27,048 to 27,363. More pressing than GDP, Italy’s youth unemployment rate was well over thirty-percent last year. Italian women, once known for being among Europe’s most fertile, have failed to give birth at replacement levels for quite some time.

The Democratic Party, or PD, decided that given this harsh economic outlook, the best thing to do would be to mimic Germany’s Christian Democratic Union and the Socialists of France. Beginning in 2015, when waves upon waves of African migrants began winding up in Sicily and the island of Lampedusa, the PD opened up Italy’s gates, thus flooding the country with thousands of unwanted and mostly unskilled migrants. By last count, 600,000 Africans have entered Europe via Italy. A majority of these migrants are from Nigeria. Although Nigeria is currently riddled with crime and Boko Haram's terrorists, it is a complete stretch of the imagination to call thousands of Nigerian migrants “refugees.”

Unfortunately, Rome has proven itself completely incompetent when it comes to matters of immigration control.* Many of these Nigerian and other sub-Saharan African immigrants get their asylum applications denied, and yet most simply stay in the country unmolested while the central government complains about lack of resources.* According to Barbie Latza Nadeau, a Daily Beast journalist who has recently published the book Roadmap to Hell, Italy’s Nigerian migrants often wind up working as sex workers, pimps, and drug dealers in the country’s poorer, less developed south. Nadeau uses the coastal city of Castel Volturno, which now sports an African majority, as an example of how the terrifying nexus of organized crime and unfettered immigration has led to a complete fracturing of Italian society.

Nadeau’s choice of Castel Volturno is also eye-raising because in this Camorra-controlled city, some of the earliest examples of white-vs.-black violence has occurred. On September 18, 2008, members of the Camorra’s Casalesi clan gunned down seven Africans in front of the Ob Ob Exotic Fashion shop. Concerns about the growing power of Nigerian drug gangs caused the Camorra gunmen to carry out the massacre, but, as it turned out, none of the dead Nigerians were known members of the city’s drug culture. When this became known, the Ob Ob Exotic Fashion store became the locus of several demonstrations against Italian “racism.” The store’s front door has become a bullet-riddled shrine to Italian multiculturalism.

The animosity has only gotten worse since 2008. African migrants have been at the center of the nation’s growing street crime epidemic, while the threat of Islamic terrorism has also increased in cities like Milan, Rome, and Turin thanks to post-2015 immigrants. More sensationalist crimes have highlighted Italy’s racial divide as well. In December 2016, Senegalese immigrant Cheik Tidiane Diaw was convicted of strangling American woman Ashley Olsen to death after a drug-fueled orgy. According to investigators, the Florida native, who had lived in Italy for many years, had had her head smashed in prior to being suffocated.

More recently, 29-year-old Nigerian immigrant Innocent Oseghale was arrested for the murder of 18-year-old Pamela Mastropietro. The not-so Innocent is believed to have dismembered the young drug addict after murdering her. Many people, even consumers of true crime stories, forget that in the murder of British student Meredith Kercher, Ivory Coast immigrant Rudy Guede did the deed, not her American roommate Amanda Knox.

In the case of Mastropietro, an Italian native named Luca Traini, 28, decided to get some revenge for his countrymen. A former politician with the League Party, Traini shot six Africans over the course of two hours. This case, along with the growing visibility (and popularity) of radical parties and groups like the League (formerly the North League back when the party supported secession,) New Force, and CasaPound, convinced the international shitlibs that Italy may be slouching towards fascism.

Those are the fears that lay at the bottom of the terrible anguish over the results of the most recent Italian election. The two biggest winners, Luigi Di Maio of the Five Star Movement and Matteo Salvini of the North League, have essentially squeezed Matteo Renzi and the DP out of the picture. While neither won enough votes to form an outright majority, the two populist parties seem on course to form an alliance. Both Di Maio and Salvini represent parties who support Italy’s exit from the European Union. This is awful news for Brussels.

Italian voters showed their commitment to country on March 4th, and do not be surprised if the New Order will punish them for it. One thing is for sure though, unlike in Western Europe, calling Italian voters “fascists” will not work. Not only has that word lost all power, but neo-fascism has been a part of Italian political life since 1945. If the Years of Lead did not sour millions of Italians to fascism, then globalist threats certainly will not.

Never fear, though: Samantha Power has already blamed Russia for the Italian elections. When the “F Word” does not work, blame the Russians. When that fails, double down. That’s the new playbook of the dying center-left.

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