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Science As Mythos In The Age Of Digitality.

In our hyper digital and “connected” age, millennials are increasingly singing the laments of their forgone childhoods in the 90s. Rather, that little voice of the soul inside of them is screaming out, warning them of the moral and spiritual dangers of the modern world that they so wish to repress and ignore. Spiritual materialism prevents them from heeding such warnings, therefore millennials are caught between a future they instinctively know is heading in a wrong direction, but do not have the introspection to articulate why, and a past they romanticize and long for. Nostalgia is the drug of choice for the average western youth, as Mark Citadel has so eloquently pointed out. This is a topic in its own right, but when the forces of the cathedral-reality weaponize this nostalgia, utilize it as a tool of propaganda and infantilization, then the “Netflix generation” stands no chance against such persuasions and attacks, made effective due to the void-like inward character of moderns. Propaganda that runs sufficiently deep to operate on the unconscious level, as nostalgia bleeds into the heart of the youth that have not been afforded licence to create anything genuinely of their own, hence the modern hipster phenomenon. This leads us to a primary example: the perceived scientific legitimacy of Bill Nye in the eyes of millennials.

Recently he has been given a new show on Netflix (the go-to time waster of chic urbanite SWPLs) entitled “Bill Nye saves the world”. With only the first episode we find out good old Bill, the not such a real scientist Nye, the childhood favorite of millennials the world over who sat in their stuffy classrooms as the librarian rolled in the giant tube machine, projecting his signature “BILL BILL BILL” theme song most remember with fondness. That Bill Nye apparently is saving the world from those “evil bigoted” people (especially those nasty Christians!) who dare question the moral and sexual choices of the hyper-sexualized, and who dare go against the modern institutional consensus on topics such as gender and sexuality. With a lurid display of pop-culture glitz and teen appealing lowbrow levity akin to that of the cathedral’s favored late night “comedians”, Nye gives us a song and dance number from Rachel Bloom about vaginas, sexuality being a “spectrum”, and all the typical social justice cultural decadence you would expect from your average sociology undergrad. The song has a sickening, unhinged feeling to it and the visual display intended to seduce his millennial audience once again only horrifies. It is like looking at some of the earliest NobodyTM videos such as “look” that shocks the viewer into feeling the spiritual sickness that has infected the heart of modernity (the video can be found here, but be warned, like the disclaimer on NobodyTM’s video discography section says, “look away every so often”). The unintended consequence of this vivid display of gratuitous postmodern anti-morality is that it comes off like another NobodyTM classic “you”, with the signature E. Michael Jones interview about sexuality as a modern Huxleyan method of control, an irony I am sure would be lost on Nye.

Judging by the like to dislike ratio on the youtube video of Nye's song, I think our famed proselytizer of scientific reductionism has overplayed his hand. Trying to push a leftist agenda under the thin veil of it being approved by the almighty talismanic word “science” is a tad bit too transparent for a climate of youth culture that is starting to grow weary of the total attack on and debasement of all values and traditional norms. Despite this, the episode goes on to have a segment of anthropomorphic ice-cream cones promoting “alternative lifestyles” (cones that eventually go on to have an orgy in the segment) while making fun of the “vanilla” sexuality of christian Mom and Dad, throwing out every possible stereotype and prejudice the left holds about people of the traditionalist variety. From the first line of the segment, he says “we are ALL enlightened and forward thinking but not everyone sees it this way”.

Herein lies the crux of the (post)modern progressive agenda: there is no recourse to any metaphysical reality, so the human becomes the metaphysical; the word “science”, the word that denotes a human activity and endeavor, is transmuted into a higher form of authority that dare not be questioned, lest you be an apocryphal figure of “science denialism.” Science is inherently universalist as it knows no cultural or affectionate attribute and it operates forward regardless of your inner disposition, in a completely “objective” (if there is such a thing) and sterile manner. Therefore, science is the perfect inverted replacement for spirituality in the hearts of the average mass-dividual. The introspection of the soul has been stripped from us at an early age, so Bill Nye and the wonders of science, and the materialist assumptions and ideology that goes with it, were there to fill the void. Now that we are marinating in a world of apathy and uncertainty, with all norms and roots pulled out from under us by the cathedral’s cultural zeitgeist, Bill Nye signals to millennials that vindicating sexual and moral relativism is “science” too. Judging by some of his previous takes on politics, such as his atrocious “Big Think”video that attacks Pro-Life people with inane talking points that Pro-Life thinkers have dealt with long ago, it seems “science” can vindicate any political position Nye happens to hold. Quite a convenient attribute of “science” indeed.

Science has its worth and is certainly a noble and worthy endeavor, but the problem I am referring to here is the ideology of Scientism, its hard-line proselytizers elevating and promoting science with a near religious fervor. The utilitarian thinking of modern individuals leads them to see the material benefits of science (giving them more technologies of convenience) as only a net positive. Even if the externality of tech-obsession is the control networks that sustains the world of Amerikwa. A startling number of us are now living an increasingly digitalized existence cut off from genuine human interaction. What has been dubbed “the internet of things” has given the control society a better and more intimate venue into the lives of citizens than ever before, from the details you share willingly on social media, to what you eat, how long you store food in your fridge, etc. Everywhere you turn, we are living the unconscious dystopia of Foucauldian disciplinary action and panopticism.

But Nye cares little about these moral questions. As he and his science popularizing ilk have shown, questioning any attribute of what Science™ has magnanimously bequeathed to us is for evil, bigoted Neanderthals. Science is framed by these media darlings as the great destroyer of obsolete values and the end point in the search for meaning, since what meaning can be garnered apart from the material? We need look no further than the comments made by Nye’s buddy Neil Tyson, with his now infamous rant on how philosophy “messes your head up” and does not ask the “deep questions.” The hubris of such assertions is astounding but fully consistent with the disenchanted world we live in. A world inhabited by the directionless being led by the spiritually blind, where nostalgia is a weapon of control used to coarsen western youths into the chaotic postmodern ideologies of the day, and the media’s famed court jesters hypnotically dance about selling a groundless pantomime of metaphysical truths. In short, this is the vapid infotainment of Amerikwa, where living an existence of simulacrum is passed off as objective science, and the obliteration of moral judgment is sold as humanist liberation.

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