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Rules for Right-wing Radicals

Charlottesville was an unmitigated shitshow. A woman was killed — whether her death was an accident or the result of an act of political terrorism is of little consequence for the public image of the Alt-Right. The legacy media is still largely in control of the narrative, and they are hardly interested in reporting objectively on so-called white supremacists.

The Charlottesville debacle will inevitably prove to be one of two things:

  1. The event that spelled the end of the Alt-Right as we know it

  2. Another hurdle that Spencer and his colleagues eventually clear, in spite of the ragtag group of low-class neo-Nazis that has attached itself to their movement

Neither of these are outside the realm of possibilities, and we certainly shouldn't underestimate the degree to which the political landscape in the U.S. and around the world has changed since Trump's election.

Regardless of the fate of the Alt-Right specifically, one fact remains: the wider Dissident Right is hopelessly and uniquely bad at PR. Hell, al-Qaeda has done a better job at gaining favour with the populations they operate amongst than nearly all U.S. and European nationalist movements since the Second World War.

So what can we — members of the wider Dissident Right — do differently?

1. Don't be idiots, and don't associate with idiots

This is less about political beliefs and more about strategic smarts.

Don't act like an idiot. Just because shitlib journalists are determined to label you as Nazis, doesn't mean you're under compulsion to prove them correct. Present yourself in a way that makes it possible for the public to sympathize with you. Wear your Trump hat and wave the American flag. If ever in doubt, just ask yourself this simple question: "What would a sane person do?" — and then do that. (Hint: a sane person would not chant "Jews will not replace us" and do the Roman salute on national television.)

While we're on the topic of lunatics and idiots, get rid of the WN 1.0 people. Figures like David Duke have nothing to contribute. They had their chance and they blew it, and now they are forcing the Alt-Right into making the same mistakes they did. Just throw them out.

2. Form real-life communities and forge friendships

The Internet, and particularly social media, can partly be credited with causing the rising popularity of right-wing radicalism. The Internet is a great platform for disseminating ideas and making new connections, but it is not a replacement for real-life community.

There are already a few of these forming, but how many of you can truthfully say you have made a concerted effort to meet fellow rightists in real life on a regular basis, and how many of you are forging deep friendships with people who share your ideas? I can't, and I do far more irl than most people in these circles.

3. Aspire to embody your ideals

Considering how popular the words "degenerate" and "degeneracy" are in far-right circles, it's astounding to me how many of the people I've seen at the aforementioned rallies are either fat, poorly dressed, covered in tattoos, or all of the above.

If you want to battle degeneracy, stop being a degenerate. If you want fellow "whites" to be proud of their race, make sure they can be proud of you first. If you're fat or out of shape, start working out (I'm fairly skinny, so this is something I need to work on). If wearing baggy chinos, sneakers, and an XXL white polo shirt is your idea of "dressing up", you need to grow up.

Chad SWPL vs virgin Nazi

I will leave it up to you, dear reader, to decide which of these images make a more convincing case for "white pride".

4. Actually do something useful for once

The most effective way to gain popular support is to make yourself useful and do some good. Donate your time to worthwhile causes in your local area. Help the elderly with grocery shopping. Handout food and blankets to your town's homeless population. Help poor whites max out their welfare benefits (your country is hopelessly in debt anyway, whites might as well get something out of it). Or maybe start out small, by not trying to shut down the crowd funding campaign set-up for the benefit of the family of the woman who was killed by someone on your side of the aisle. Maybe try to help out the family by starting your own crowdfunding campaign instead, and show the world that Not all Dissident Righters Are Like That.

Not only are you building your own self-esteem by doing estimable things, you are making your community a better place for people to live in, and you are creating goodwill for whatever political cause you support. Moreover, should you ever want to run for a local political office, you've already got grassroots support.


In other words: If you don't want people to think you're mentally ill, don't act like someone who's mentally ill. If you want people to be proud of their race, become someone that inspires pride. If you want people to think you're a good guy, just be a good guy.

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