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Peaceful Islam Exists (Just Somewhere Else)

Modern man worships science more than he worships God. This, however, does not stop the modern man from believing in magic, albeit a magic devoid of anything greater than blind hope. Take for instance the obedience to democracy. For the neoconservative, democracy is the great pill that every nation most swallow, even if such a prescription comes from a doctor bearing an M-16. For the social democrat, democracy is the great leveler of all hierarchies and “systems,” especially if those systems are headed by and primarily staffed by white, Christian males.

Of course, democratic magic is as ephemeral as ectoplasm and is more ludicrous. As the great Mad Monarchist asks, if democracy is so magical, then when does the magic ever kick in? “Most liberal republics, however, clearly do not have much of a record of success. The republicans of France, for example, can hardly claim to have delivered maximum human happiness and contentment for their people.” The same goes for the United States since about 1932 or maybe 1865.

As big of a whopper as democracy = human happiness is, there may be an even more monstrous lie currently swimming out there in the void. This lie claims that Islam is “the religion of peace.” In order for this lie to work, the word “Islam” must be made to mean "peace." The problem is is that “Islam” does not mean “peace,” but rather “submission” as in submission to Allah’s will. This in itself is not inherently bad, for Christians should also submit to the will and the laws of God. No, the big problem with the equation of Islam = peace is the people who spread the lie. They are either zealots for a false religion or secularists seeking dhimmitude.

According to Islamic writings from the medieval world, a dhimmi is a legally protected minority (Jews and Christians fit nicely into that category). As “people of the book,” they are nominally the ancestors of all Muslims, and as a result should be treated with respect. However, in a Muslim-majority society, dhimmi populations are barred from building new churches and synagogues, barred from making any repairs to the exterior of their private domiciles, and get to enjoy the privilege of paying a special tax called the jiyza.

Less you think that this is some kind of inflammatory rhetoric, keep this in mind: these were the nicer restrictions that the dhimmi enjoyed during the so-called Islamic “golden age”. Others were simply beaten, jailed, castrated, or forced to become slaves. The Zoroastrians of Persia, whom the Muslims considered pagans, had their temples and their culture put to the flame by hordes of barbaric Arab horsemen.

Oh, and as for all of that convivencia stuff you have heard about in regards to Islamic Spain, it’s all bunk. Yes, Spanish Muslims, Christians, and Jews did manage to live together for centuries, but Iberia was hardly emblematic of tolerance. In 1066, as many as 4,000 Jews may have been killed in the city of Granada because of one incendiary poem written by Abu Ishaq of Elvira. The country’s highest-ranking Jew, Joseph ibn Naghrela, was crucified by a wailing mob.

If this is how Muslims treated their friends (after all, the Jews of Spain sold-out the Visigothic kings of Spain and the Jews of Jerusalem massacred Byzantine Christians with more furry than their Sassanid overlords) it is safe to say that the recalcitrant Christians had it worse. Christian beauties from Ukraine to Spain got the joy of serving kings and sultans as concubines, while their menfolk were abducted, brought to religious schools for conversion, then forced to serve in the army. The fact that the Cordoban and Ottoman leaders were whiter than there forefathers only shows the ingenuity of the local Christians and the cool, hard fact that the Arab, Berber, and Turkic invaders knew that they conquered a more advanced civilization.

Recounting all of this history underscores how foolish inter-religious harmony is, even in today’s mostly secular world. Take for instance the nation of Indonesia. Jakarta has long been highlighted as one of the epicenters of “tolerant” Islam. Vice President Mike Pence, who really should know better, even publicly praised Indonesia for its happy-smiley brand of Islam. The truth is that Indonesia is currently in the process of going full Wahhabi. As evidence, back in April of last year, 15,000 protesters took to the streets of Jakarta in order to demand that the city’s Governor, a Christian by the name of Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, be removed from office for allegedly insulting the Koran. These protests morphed into a serious challenge to Purnama, thus instigating a political crisis. Elsewhere, the entire province of Aceh has adopted Sharia law. Almost immediately, ten Christian churches were destroyed because their building permits were deemed to be either missing or improper.

Indonesia’s return to the primitive has also struck at the nation’s Christian minority. On Sunday, Catholics attending mass in the city of Yogyakarta were assaulted by a machete-wielding assailant. The priest of St. Lidwina Church, Father Karl Edmund, was struck in the back of the head by a 22-year-old college student. The motive for this crime was obvious—after striking the priest and several parishioners, the attacker decapitated several statues of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary.

He could defend himself by saying he was merely cosplaying as one of the jihadists who briefly occupied the Filipino city of Marawi.

Do not expect Jakarta to do anything serious about this episode. Jakarta, like a lot of Muslim-majority nations around the world, receives millions in aid from Saudi Arabia. Riyadh, which can best be compared to a cancer or an abscess on the universe’s body, uses this “aid” to help construct mega mosques dedicated to Wahhabist Islam. Where these mosques bloom so too does jihadism. Qatar, another demonic state, is currently trying to outbuild and outspend the Saudis in Sweden.

So keep searching for “peaceful” Islam; it does not exist. Muslims around the world have no reason to secularize or to downplay their religion. Multiculturalism asks nothing of them because Godless societies do not believe in anything greater than Mammon, Eros, and the delicate flavor of lotuses. If the joys of state secularism and globohomo capitalism cannot keep “peaceful, tolerant” Indonesia from going full jihad, then what hope is there for anywhere else?

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