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Notes From The Gulag State

Mass incarceration, long a favorite pet issue of a certain type of Liberal activist, has been in the news for decades now. We all know the story: The placid calm of Post-War America was shattered by the tumult of the 1960’s counterculture and the crime wave which followed in its wake. The wave of violence and degeneracy reached its blood and crack soaked pinnacle in the 1980s and 90s before taking a, largely unexplained, nosedive in the early aughts.

Theories abound as to why this nosedive occurred, everything from Legalized Abortion (a plausible but incomplete theory) to the decrease in the prevalence of Lead-based paint (an utterly false theory, but one that does appeal to progressive prejudices) have been cited. Yet when one looks at the data objectively, in the spirit of Occam, one finds that the right answer is indeed the most simple. The nosedive in crime experienced by the U.S. in the late 90’s/early aughts was, by and large, due to the increased incarceration of criminals. Fewer crimes were committed because more criminals were in jail and thus unable to commit crimes, it really was that simple.

It has recently become fashionable, in circles both Liberal and “Conservative,” to call for sentencing reform to reduce the prison population. The United State’s incarceration rate is embarrassingly high after all, with 698 individuals incarcerated per 100,000. This rate is staggering and easily surpasses the rates of contemporary regimes commonly perceived as being “totalitarian.” Not only contemporary regimes but historical ones as well. Rates of incarceration in the United States frequently rival, and sometimes surpass, the rate of incarceration in the Soviet Union under the Stalinist Gulag system. Thus, it is not at all a mischaracterization to claim that the United States is a defacto Gulag State.

Almost as interesting as the incarceration rates themselves, however, has been the Liberal Reaction to them. Watching the Liberal mind at work is sometimes interesting, and always amusing. This is especially the case in regards to the phenomenon of mass incarceration. In place of straightforward, Occamite, explanations the Liberal is forced to don his cryptozoologist gear and go hunting for suitably vague and unfalsifiable theories that satisfy his thirst for exotic, counterintuitive explanations. These explanations are usually wrong, but they make for good think-pieces.

One prominent explanation, in particular, has been forwarded in recent years to explain away the crime wave of the 80s and 90s and the huge spike in incarceration that followed. That the boom in Mass incarceration had been caused, not by an increase in violence, but an increase in recreational drug use. According to this narrative since the 1970’s and the start of the “War on Drugs” the U.S. has been unjustly imprisoning thousands of poor black men for the crime of merely enjoying the occasional reefer. It is the Nation’s oppressive and Puritanical drug laws which have produced our Gulag state, at least this is how the story tends to be told.

And let’s be honest, it’s a great story, it tingles the ideological erogenous zones of both the Left and the Right. The Libertarian sees an overbearing State attempting to limit the harmless personal choices of utility maximizing individuals, acting in their own enlightened self-interest. While the Left sees an obvious example of institutional racism, in which an implicitly Racist government dedicated to white supremacy is able to cryptically impose a new form of Jim Crow upon blacks. Through the selective enforcement of draconian drug laws. Thus, the narrative is able to flatter almost the entire American ideological spectrum. It serves as a Rorschach blot upon which all parties are able to impose their own fantastical theories. The only problem, of course, is that the story is almost entirely false.

In reality, the meteoric increase in incarceration was driven almost exclusively by a gigantic rise in violent crime. Between 1960 and 1990 violent crime in the U.S. surged by 350% according to statistics kept by the FBI. It was this increase in violent crime which increased the prison population in the United States. As Barry Latzar explained in his brilliant February 2016 piece for the Wall Street Journal:

Relatively few prisoners today are locked up for drug offenses. At the end of 2013, the state prison population was about 1.3 million. Fifty-three percent were serving time for violent crimes such as murder, robbery, rape or aggravated assault, according to the BJS. Nineteen percent were in for property crimes such as burglary, car theft or fraud. Another 11% had been convicted of weapons offenses, drunken driving or other public-order violations.

That leaves about 16%, or 208,000 people, incarcerated for drug crimes. Of those, less than a quarter were in for mere possession. The rest were in for trafficking and other crimes. Critics of “mass incarceration” often point to the federal prisons, where half of inmates, or about 96,000 people, are drug offenders. But 99.5% of them are traffickers. The notion that prisons are filled with young pot smokers, harmless victims of aggressive prosecution, is patently false.

It’s true that blacks are incarcerated at a much higher rate than any other ethnic group in the United States, this fact is indisputable. But again one doesn’t need a convoluted Racist conspiracy theory to explain it, just a little Occamite reasoning as Latzer goes on to illustrate:

...any explanation of this disparity must take blacks’ higher rates of offending into account. From 1976 to 1995, blacks were identified by police as the perpetrators in more than half of homicides, according to FBI data compiled by the BJS. During this same period, individuals interviewed for the national crime-victim survey described robbery perpetrators as black more than 60% of the time...
Such serious crimes are still the main driver of African-American incarceration. The latest BJS figures, from the end of 2013, show that 57% of blacks in state prison were convicted of violent crimes. Only 16% were in for drug crimes. Those numbers nearly match the figures for the state prison population overall.

We now have arrived at the genesis of our Gulag nation, Americans (Black Americans in particular) simply commit more violent offenses and thus are imprisoned at a higher rate than they previously did in the past. This is the simple, elegant explanation for America’s “crisis” of Mass Incarceration.

And why has America been so predisposed to this violent chaos? The answer again is an Occamite one. Not poverty, or lead based paint, or Rockefeller drug laws, or even the unbound grasp of the all-pervasive, all-powerful, mostly imaginary phenomenon of “Institutional Racism.” No this incredibly violent society, much of which belongs behind bars or dangling at the end of a rope, was created by the destruction of the Social Technology necessary to maintain a society that could function without incarcerating a high percentage of its population.

This destruction was accomplished through a concentrated campaign of memetic warfare which witnessed the destruction of a functioning Patriarchy in the Black Community. Whose society was already quite fragile and more susceptible to the ideological pathogen of the “Liberation” brought about during the 1960’s. This destruction of the informal Patriarchal culture then made Black society even more susceptible than it already was to new pathogens like the Drugs and which effectively destroyed what was left of Black society (itself already a hyper-fragile construction).

The same story is slowly being played out across White America, albeit in a somewhat different manifestation. The difference between the destruction of Black Social Technology and the destruction of White Social Technology is stylistic like the difference between their respective drugs of choice: Crack and Heroin. The difference of an upper and a downer, Between going out with a bang on the streets from a gunshot, or a whimper in the backseat of your friend’s car from an overdose. The difference between a brief life of gangbanging and the apathetic life of the NEET who receives regular disability payments and pursues Xbox live glory. The paths they take may be different, but their destination is the same.

Of course, this story doesn’t play as well to the tastes of our sentimental Brahmin caste who believe firmly that technocratic band-aids are the solution to almost every problem. Couldn’t we just open some more after school programs? Reduce sentencing? Provide free pre-kindergarten? Retrain functionally illiterate ex-cons as high-tech machine operators? Any technocratic solution really, so long as it doesn’t involve the reestablishment of functioning Patriarchal social technology. Anything other than a solution that would actually be effective.

This, of course, is the rub isn’t it? Patriarchy is the superstructure upon which organic society is built. The only frame that can support the development of the non-state institutions ("Civil Society") which were the bedrock of Pre-Liberal society, and will remain such in any Post-Liberal one as well. Furthermore, this Meta-Patriarchy was undergirded by the Micro-Patriarchy of the Family. Without the support of the Micro-Level Patriarchy, the Meta-Patriarchy will fall faster than a hollowed out Jenga tower. This was the genius of Liberal memetic warfare, which had so undermined the citadels of Patriarchy that by the time the frontal attack came the institutions themselves were little more than crumbling ruins manned by a skeleton crew of defenders.

Until such losses in Social Technology are reversed, our Gulag State will continue to prosper, serving its purpose as a stabilizing force upon what would otherwise be an untenable situation of anarchy and disorder. As well as providing Liberal political machines with easily manipulated voter blocs of Lumpenproles with which to further solidify their hold on power. Until the the Social Technology of Patriarchy is rediscovered, America will continue to be the world’s premiere Gulag State.

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