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Episode 78 - Jay Dyer – Laurel Canyon and the CIA Counter-Culture

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Adam Smith, Hank Oslo, Alex Nicholson, Hans Lander and Nick Mason

The United States is a pop cultural superpower. One can debate if this is for good or for worse – but what is almost indisputable is the amount of resources government institutions ranging from universities to the military and intelligence services place on steering the direction of cultural icons such as musicians and movie stars. Today Jay Dyer, known for his incisive analysis on propaganda embedded in American films and music, joins us for a discussion on the so called counter-cultural revolution in the 1960s music scene centered around Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles. What appears to be an organic, anti-establishment movement led by artists such as Jim Morrison of The Doors is, upon closer examination, co-opted and steered by the very organizations that they publicly condemn. In America, controlled opposition would appear to take many forms.

Very special guest Jay Dyer @Jay_D007
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