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Lilliput Unbowed

In 2018, it seems that the large that fear the small. Or at least that is what paid operatives of the globohomo order would have us believe. After all, how else could you explain the cries of “fascism!” against men like Viktor Orban, the leader of small Hungary, or even Nigel Farage, the “Little Englander” who helped to shake up the entire British establishment by actually saying what the average British citizen feels.

Well, let this article be a warning: we are about to get inundated with articles denouncing Slovenia’s Janez Jansa. Jansa is the leader of Slovenia’s Slovenian Democratic Party, an organization that the always true New York Times has dubbed as “populist” and led by a “firebrand.” Even more disturbing is their quoting of Mr. Jansa, who had the gall to recently say, “Those who cast their ballots for us have elected a party that will put Slovenia first.” Slovenia First, eh? Sounds familiar...

Another front of international Leviathan, Britain’s The Guardian, has written that Jansa is an ally of the “anti-immigration” Orban, and that the Slovenian Democratic Party has tapped into European anxiety over “large influx of migrants from the Middle East and Africa.” Again, Jansa is labeled as a “right-wing populist” as if that is such a bad thing.

The only reason Slovenia is even in the news this week is because Jansa and his party recently won 25-percent of the vote during the June 3rd parliamentary elections in the country. This is enough to allow the SDS (Slovenska demokratska stranka) to form a coalition government in Ljubljana. For those tastemakers in London, Washington, Berlin, and Paris, the rise of the SDS should neither be surprising or all that threatening to their oligarchy. Slovenia’s GDP in 2016 was just $43.99 billion. This number puts Slovenia behind Croatia and Slovakia, two Central European nations that are rarely considered key US allies or integral members of the European Union's integration project.

Georgraphically speaking, Slovenia is couched between Austria and Italy. This fact may be a bit more threatening, given that both of these neighboring states have succumbed to the plague virus known as right-wing populism. Last year, Austrian voters sent 31-year-old Sebastian Kurz of the Austrian People’s Party to Vienna to be the prime minister. Mr. Kurz is a Roman Catholic with close ties to Orban, Poland’s Mateusz Morawiecki, the Czech Republic’s Milos Zeman, and Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Across the Isonzo, where the bodies of millions of brave Italian, Austro-Hungarian, and German troops lie, Italy’s two rebellious parties—the Five Star Movement and the League—have managed to fend off a move by President Sergio Mattarella to defy Italian voters who sent the populists to Rome in the first place. As could be expected, Mattarella’s decision to annul the Five Star-League government was hailed as a victory against populism by The Guardian. Mattarella’s decision to appease his German and French bankers ended in failure when Giuseppe Conte, a man who appears to have populist sympathies, was named as the 58th prime minister of the Italian Republic.

Do not expect this story to end here, though. German puppetmasters have already threatened Italy with economic collapse in order to teach them how to vote properly. The fact that both the Five Star Movement and the League have proffered such policies as deporting hundreds of thousands of African and Arab migrants, encourage natalism among native Italians, promote local economy over global fiat, and reassert Italy’s Christian identity means that Leviathan will not let Italy go queitly down its own path. Expect subterfuge.

Now, with Slovenia joining the populist camp, a new map of Europe looks like this: right-wing or populist parties are in power in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Bulgaria, and Russia. Strong nationalist groups can also be found in Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Germany, France, and Spain. Aggrieved Brexiteers are still pushing London to respect their 2016 vote, and as Britain becomes an increasingly totalitarian state, the liklihood of a Tory or some kind of populist-nationalist response at the ballot box is inevitable. Finally, in America, “Trumpism” has rendered the neoconservative, cuckservative, and “compassionate” conservative wings irrelevant and impotent. The mid-terms this year will be a battle between the Democrats and Trumpism.

This is not the world the elite expected. The postwar dream of homogenous and tradition-less capitalism, European integration, and unlimited civil rights for debauchery and consumerism is being seriously challenged, and it is not just the antedivulian Eastern Europeans who are doing it either. Italy has the eighth largest economy in the world, while the United States under President Trump is experiencing an unprecedented uptick in economic vitality. Basically, it not just the lilliputians like Austria and Slovenia rocking the globohomo Titanic ; the citizens of the bigger states have also spit out the kool-aid right in the faces of the rootless cosmopolitans.

The globalist Left is still itching for a fight. Similarly, true reactionaries know that victory will not be fully achieved until the masses and their nations revert back to their pre-Westphalian allegiances. However, 2018 so far has been a year to bask in the afterglow. Leviathan is still powerful and will not fall for generations to come, but never forget this: all things created by man can be destroyed. Have faith and follow the Slovenes and the Italians into a new, yet old future.

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