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Let’s Scare the Oligarchs to Death

“With the rebellion of 1934, the Left lost every shred of moral authority to condemn the rebellion of 1936.” --Salvador de Madariaga

“Let us not deceive ourselves, a country can live under a monarchy or a republic, with a parliamentary or a presidential system, under communism or fascism. But it cannot live in anarchy.” —Gil Robles

These two men, representing the left and right, both agreed on the same principle: the Second Spanish Republic was a nightmare that deserved to be redone or gutted absolutely. For Robles, the moderate rightist in charge of CEDA (the Spanish Confederation of Autonomous Right-Wing Groups), the endemic violence of 1934-1936 was evidence that the far-left republic in Madrid had put the country on an unsustainable course. For Madariaga, the Republican faction of the Spanish Civil War, the very faction that he supported, had lost the moral high ground because, following the victory of a right-wing coalition led by CEDA in 1934, communist miners and militiamen rose up in Asturias and Catalonia. The violence they instigated, which had to be quelled by Spanish soldiers from North Africa at the cost over two thousand lives, was done in combat against a democratically-elected government, not a generals putsch. That would come two years later.

What does this history tell us about America in 2018? Quite a lot, actually. As former American diplomat Hugh R. Wilson notes in his slim, but excellent volume, Descent Into Violence—Spain, January-July, 1936, “The history of the [Spanish] Republic is in its essence the history of its inner struggle of the Center to exist; of the two extremes to prevent it from gathering substance and momentum.” Our current epoch is also one of extremes, but, for the most part it is very one-sided. In sum, America’s conservatives have remained somewhat loyal to standard talking points regarding taxation, gun rights, and other “red meat” issues, while a new majority of the left has embraced far-left positions. Such a situation cannot hold, even despite the left’s strong (but thankfully weakening) grip on America’s culture, media, and economy.

Another major point that Wilson makes about the Second Spanish Republic is that it made a “mockery” of public order. America is not yet at the point where priests and nuns are being burned alive by Marxist mobs, but it is undeniable that justice and order are being undermined by politicized agents. Anarcho-tyranny is the rule of the day, with multi-racial thugs destroying cities with the blessing of technocratic elites who are themselves trying to dismantle the Westphalian system.

While a recent spate of street theater involving entitled criminals has thrown the right-wing internet into an uproar, a far more damning story looks poised to rock the foundation of federal law enforcement.

The story concerns a human worm named Peter Strzok. Strzok was once an FBI agent who played a big role in former FBI Director James Comey’s botched investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of an unsecured, private email server. Despite the fact that Clinton’s unprotected emails were found on the laptop of a sexual predator, and despite the fact that some of Clinton’s emails undoubtably put the lives of America’s “spooks” in jeopardy, Comey unilaterally decided that intent mattered and that Mrs. Clinton did not set out to commit a crime. Strzok was one of the lead investigators on this case, and was in the room while Clinton and some of her associates were interviewed.

Strzok just so happened to be unapologetically partial to Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign. We now know this because Strzok got the ax from Robert Mueller over the summer for sending pro-Clinton, anti-Trump texts to his mistress, fellow FBI agent Lisa Page. Whilst committing sin with each other, Strzok and Page openly talked about ways to undermine President-Elect Donald Trump. A series of texts even talked about forming a “secret society” within the government in order to retard President Trump’s agenda.

If the intrigue stopped there, it would still be an explosive story. However, the FBI now admits that it has “lost” about 50,000 of Strzok and Page’s text messages. That means that five months-worth of valuable material has been conveniently flushed down the drain. If you add on to this story the trivial detail that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has direct ties (including at least $700,000) to Clintonista Terry McAuliffe, then you have a pretty convincing case showing that the Obama-era FBI gave up all pretense of being officially neutral.

But wait, there’s more.

According to Paul Sperry, one of the few mainstream journalists worth reading, the centerpiece of the entire charade—the “Trump Dossier” created by smear team Fusion GPS—is likely the work of a double-agent. Indeed, Christopher Steele, the former MI6 agent who compiled the dossier on behalf of Fusion GPS, likely never set foot in Russia. Rather, Steele relied on a Russian turncoat and public relations man who may in fact have close connections to President Vladimir Putin. Just to make things sweeter, Sperry took to Twitter to show that Fusion GPS and Steele had contractual obligations to Perkins Coie, the law firm that represented Clinton’s campaign in 2016. Hillary paid for the dossier, and in turn, the FBI used this dossier to begin their campaign to oust Trump via the Russian collusion story.

The machinations of the media (Fusion GPS is run by former journalists, by the by), the Democrat Party, and the federal government all conspired because they believe that political anarchy is a small price to pay for keeping the Narrative alive.

It is a complicated web, but it tells a simple truth—the law is dead. The FBI and Democrats have abused power in order to protect their reciprocal relationship. They are hoping that America’s brain-dead millions will go along because they hate “orange Hitler” so much. Such a vulgar display of power could either work (thus conditioning Americans to a more openly totalitarian Cathedral) or backfire immensely. Let’s hope for the latter.

The more that traitors to the modern intellectual class (see: Thermidor writers) and everyday Americans wake up to the big lie about America, the better the chances of spiritual, intellectual, and material restoration can begin. If accelerating America’s civic decline means the possibility of founding the Fourth Rome in Washington, D.C., then call be an accelerationist.

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