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Kevin Spacey and Homosexual Pedophiles

Another day, another big Hollywood celebrity (and another who is friends with the Clintons), has been accused of sexual misconduct—this time against a minor. Kevin Spacey was accused by actor Anthony Rapp of drunkenly attempting to seduce him when he was 14. As with Weinstein's bizarre statement that he released in the wake of allegations of sexual assault against him—wherein he inanely attempted to misdirect attention from his guilt by vowing to go after conservatives—Spacey's statement also contains what, at first blush, seems like a similar bit of misdirection:

Was it not already common knowledge that Kevin Spacey was a homosexual? Did he just attempt to "come out" in the context of not-denying a charge of sexual misconduct with a minor? As with Weinstein, flexing your liberal bona fides can be a last ditch effort for sympathy from the mob.

A Reuters headline of the story read that "Kevin Spacey declares he lives life as a gay man," while an ABC news one read "Kevin Spacey comes out in an emotional tweet." Those are some spectacularly anodyne descriptions of a tweet that apologized for probable sexual misconduct against a child!

All over the internet, people on Left and Right are criticizing both Spacey's statement and the coverage focusing on him "coming out" while downplaying the content of the accusation and his apology. Rightly so, for the most part, as both are rather preposterous. Everyone already knew Spacey was a homosexual.

However, some of the backlash against Spacey's statement itself, especially from LGBT and pro-LGBT types, has attempted to highlight the complete irrelevance of his being a homosexual. As if the fact of his homosexuality were utterly unrelated to his hebephilic/ephebophilic sexual misconduct. But, while pretending that he was announcing his homosexuality as if it were genuine news was absurd, the fact of his homosexuality is not at all irrelevant, and it makes complete sense for him to mention it in this context.

Ephebophilia (and hebephilia), when directed toward male adolescents, is highly disproportionately a homosexual issue.

Women are, by biological constitution, the less sexually aggressive of the sexes, and though female sexual abuse of minors does occur, it is much less common than that perpetrated by males. By deduction, when the victim is male, ephebophilic sexual abuse is primarily carried out by males attracted to males. Or, as you might call them today, members of the LGBT community. As Kurt Freund, a sexologist researcher including in the realm of pedophilia, puts it, evidence shows that "a close relationship exists between androphilia [i.e. sexual attraction to males] and homosexual hebephilia."

That Spacey would attempt to redirect attention from his deeds is deplorable, sure, but his decision to live as a gay man is materially related to his drunkenly making a pass at a male minor. He knows that if he were not gay, he would not do this. He also knows that ephebophilia (along with general hypersexuality) is rampant in the world of gay men, and that sexual trysts with older men is a common rite of passage for young homosexuals. It's a well-documented fact that the norms of sexual behavior among homosexual males are radically different from either heterosexuals or lesbians, in the direction of hyperactivity and promiscuity, and it's obvious that this hyperactivity bleeds over at the margins of adulthood where the hormones rage.

This is something all the mocking responses of his statement have tended to miss. Most of them insinuate or state plainly that his homosexuality is completely irrelevant, and the tone of the reactions has verged on the hysterical. While some of the hysteria is justified (due to Spacey's attempt to obfuscate and misdirect), at least some of it is because the LGBT lobby knows that raising homosexuality in this context will counter the propaganda they like to push on the matter. Namely that gay men are not sexual deviants, but normal and decent and good in every way. Spacey should be blamed for his cowardice but not for connecting homosexuality with adult sex with male-minors. It is the elephant in the room and not mentioning it would have been negligent.

The tenor and contours of this event and reaction reminds one a lot of the Catholic priest abuse scandal, on a much smaller scale. In both cases, there was justifiable outrage and indignation on behalf of minors who were victims of sexual abuse and misconduct, and at the same time in both cases there was a wild, flailing attempt from the very same people to distract from the fact that the perpetrators of the crimes were homosexuals, and that their orientation was materially relevant.

Meanwhile, there is also a movement to normalize pedophilia (including hebephilia and ephebophilia) as an "orientation," by some on the Left. Though it's still a rather fringe movement in scale, it has been propounded in mainstream outlets, while the DSM-5 recently introduced a distinction between those with "pedophilic sexual orientation" and pedophilic disorder (i.e. acting on your "orientation.") So the movement toward normalization, while not that widespread, has defenders in very high places. Given the troubled path of many child actors in Hollywood, along with its tendency to fancy itself on the cutting-edge of progressivism, there's good reason to suspect that Hollywood is another outpost of such twisted ideology.

Hollywood and the Left will continue to speak out of both sides of their proverbial mouth. As traditional sexual mores and strictures are mercilessly derided and their defenders given no quarter, with all the fallout that has entailed, it becomes more glaringly obvious that they have constructed no plausible alternative. They will continue to sow the wind of degeneracy and subversion while acting bewildered when they reap the whirlwind. They will continue to present an empyrean dreamworld of homosexuality, as seen in Modern Family or Ellen, while the reality of abuse, disease, disorder, and sin is denied and any who point to it exiled. Eventually, the weight of these contradictions will be unsustainable. That time may be here.

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