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Ireland Fallen

It is a true sign of our sick times that abortion, the legalized slaughter of the innocent, is touted as a sign of “progress.” Well, in that case, Ireland just got a whole lot more progressive.

On Friday, brouge-accented blue hairs voted to legalize mur…I mean, abortion in Ireland. The scheissmag The Guardian celebrated the ruling as the result of decades of pro-death agitation. Journalist Emma Graham-Harrison especially sung the praises of one Anne Marie Keary, an abortion activist who was once threatened with jail time for publishing the names, phone numbers, and addresses of British abortionists in a student welfare guide.

This same journalist also penned an article saying how the abortion vote is a big win for Leo Varadkar, the ethnically Indian Prime Minister who just so happens to be a sodomite. Besides supporting same-sex marriage and legalized abortion, Mr. Varadkar is also a big fan of importing diveristy to Ireland. Even worse, Mr. Varadkar went to the United States and said that illegal Irish immigrants in the U.S. “love” their adopted country. This is more “immigration as an act of love” pap for the dumb-downed masses. It is not unfair to say that PM Varadkar can be compared to the Whore of Babylon or at least one of the riders of the apocalypse.

Sadly, the once proud and brave Catholic Church of Ireland responded to this news by saying that they are “exhilarated” by the challenge. Not “horrified” or “disgusted”; “exhilarated.” This, my friends, is what a beaten lion looks like during his last days in the pride.

The situation in Ireland highlights many things. First and foremost, some things are not debatable or up for a vote. Life is a gift from God, not an expression of democracy. Christendom did not create the great cathedrals of the West and build the greatest civilization just so that barren wombs and careless bacchae could decide to support genocide.

Now, I can already foresee the response from our Irish readers. Yes, not too long ago, hundreds of skeletons were unearthed at Bon Secours Sisters in County Galway. Yes, this Catholic home once housed unwed mothers, and yes it appears that these corpses were the last remains of unwanted, bastard children. Without question such a find is horrific.

However, in 2014 alone, the United States saw 652,639 legal abortions. These are just the known and recorded abortions, mind you. If anything, legalizing abortion just makes murder easier. It might prevent Bon Secours from happening again, but it replaces this small-scale murder with something much worse.

This is the great unmentionable in the world today—the very same progress that brought us cars, televisions, advanced medicine, computers, and airplanes is the very same progress that brought us gas chambers, machine guns, and abortion to order. Humans have not advanced. Rather, we have merely gotten better at killing and killing in the most antiseptic way possible.

The pro-death crowd likes to chant “Hands off my body” and other such nonsense. The truth is that, thanks to the modern, central state, none of us actually fully own our bodies. The fallacy of individualism says that if we poison our blood with junk food, then it harms nobody else. Similarly, some libertarians will tell you that being a drug addict is a victim-less crime. This is all nonsense, because when you get sick or when you want to murder your child, you do so on the backs of taxpayers, most of whom never got to vote about whether or not they wanted to fund your unhealthy lifestyle. Also, thanks to the political machinations of Democrats, who have happily become the party of death, taxes, and anti-white vitriol, even the mildest anti-abortion protests are watched by the guns of the state in the form of municipal police departments. We are still told to worry about anti-abortion violence by the same people who think that worshipping Mammon and Moloch are signs of an open mind.

The recent tragedy in Ireland teaches us that civilizations that are not explicitly Christian will soon become secular. Furthermore, democracy is the gateway drug to state secularism, and without some means of repression, secularism today will almost always defeat Christianity.

Voting gives everyday people a taste of being God, and it gives power to oligarchic humans who believe that they are God. This is hellish. Even worse, democracy in a hyper-individualized nation gives too many the false belief that religion and morals are a private matter. Your decision to butcher your baby is not a private matter; it impacts more than just your life, you selfish modern. Not only is the life of your unborn child irrevocably severed, but the widespread availabilty of abortion legitimizes this sin in the eyes of the less morally strong. Legal abortion is the sickest expression of our age of ME FIRST.

The citizens of Ireland just made the choice to join the progressive world. Soon enough, Eire, which fought song long for its independence and the sacredness of the Roman church, will become just another secular state enjoying its rainbow-colored slouch towards Gomorrah. May God have mercy on their souls.

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