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Inciting the Incels

You and I both knew it would happen. The Toronto van attack, which took place on Tuesday and killed ten, is already being used to bludgeon the “far-right” into submission. The suburban gangsters at Mic gave the “incels” their day by writing up a full article about how sex-less men are using the manosphere to justify their murder of innocents. Author Jack Smith IV (a thoroughly patrician name, mind you,) wasted no time in defining the incel clan as “those who feel that they’ve been cheated out of their confidence and masculinity by women who have declined to have sex with them.” While this very well may be true, Smith’s goal is to lambast incels for blaming feminism and equality for their own personal failings. You know, toxic masculinity is bad and all, even though it really does not exist and cannot be blamed for much.

Elsewhere, snot rag Vox at least recognized that incel terrorism is not at the same threat level as worldwide jihad. And yet, writer Zack Beauchamp, a living paragon of masculinity, still has to prop up the narrative by warning his (few) readers about how easy radicalization is online. As is always the case with neoliberal lap dogs, “radicalization” means tilting rightward. Never mind Communism and socialism’s literally ungodly body count; threats always come from the right side of things.

At this point, it appears that our left-wing overlords have a right to be smug. Van killer Alek Minassian really does seem to be an incel terrorist. A Facebook post made by the killer indicates that he considered himself a member of the “4chan army” and one of the key leaders of the Incel Rebellion. The goal of this rebellion was to kill “Chads” and “Stacys,” which is online-speak for sexually successful males and alluring and elusive females. The mass media has pointed out that, an online forum dedicated to involuntary celibates, has rushed to deify Minassian just like they deified his personal hero, Isla Vista spree killer Elliot Rodger.

Calling himself the “Supreme Gentleman,” Rodger made several YouTube videos complaining about how his sexual urges had been kept constantly in check by young women on his California college campus. Despite his flashy clothes, nice car, and good manners, girls, apparently, wanted nothing to do with Rodger. Him being a stone cold psychopath probably had something to do with it, I’m guessing.

So far, we know that Minassian fits the incel mold. From August to October 2017, Minassian was a recruit in the Canadian Armed Forces, but he could not hack it and was sent home after thirteen days. Fellow recruit Andrew Summerfield told the CBCthat Minassian was a hard-luck recruit who always seemed to have trouble with menial tasks and taking orders. Minassian also appears to have some kind of mental health condition.

Now, before I take us down the oh-so-dangerous rabbit hole, let me preface by saying that Minassian and Rodger are the epitome of pond scum. Being an incel is one thing, but celebrating the fact is another. Incels are just like the PUA punks—they are so obsessed with their loins that they fail to acknowledge that what consumes them is also what is killing them. By triumphing sex as the be-all, end-all of life, these losers, whether they get lucky or not, are perpetuating a system that they claim to hate. If sexual “liberation” ultimately means that most modern women are nothing but prostitutes, then it also means that most modern men are somewhere between gigolos and ravenous perverts.

Here comes the potentially scary stuff: like Minassian and Rodger, the Unabomber and Timothy McVeigh were vile, damned souls whose graves deserve to be sacked but were nevertheless right. McVeigh blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City because he knew that the post-1932 U.S. government is, at its root, a tyrannical organization. To him, all federal employees were complicit in the illegal murders that occurred at Waco and Ruby Ridge. He also penned letters criticizing the American government for wailing for its own dead while it perpetuated civilian atrocities in places like Iraq and the former Yugoslavia

Ted Kaczynski, alias the Unabomber, has proven to be a sage social commentator since his heyday as a terrorist in the 1990s. The Ivy League-educated Kaczynski knew before most that our liberal regime uses technology to completely destroy everything organic and human in order to maintain its stewardship over the matrix. Kaczynski predicted what we all know to be true now: social media was designed to make us depressed and ruin natural human communication models. Thanks to easily consumable tech, we are more depressed and despondent than ever. Such populations rarely rebel.

Now, as for Minassian and Rodger (who, by the way, seem to have had no problem killing other men), their self-obsessive and suicidal behavior do highlight how terribly destructive our sexual relationships have become. F. Roger Devlin’s Sexual Utopia in Power makes it clear that the sexual revolution of the 1960s has created armies of unhappy harlots and sexually frustrated men.

Men like Minassian and Rodger are no different than their sexually successful peers in that they both acknowledge that a man’s worth is judged by his sexual accomplishments. Not only is this objectively false, but thanks to dating apps like Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, Bumble, and others, everyday women now know that they have a bevy of options. Incel-like men are rarely chosen for a second date, so that means most women, regardless of their attractiveness, are all vying to date the most handsome and most successful “Chad” in their town.

It used to be that people settled and knew their place in the sexual hierarchy. Now, thanks to the online market of flesh, people think far too highly of themselves, and when they fail (which will happen frequently), they swing around the other way towards depression and anger. This imbalance, unless corrected, could ruin whatever fragile society is left in the West.

In sum, the awful mass murder in Toronto is but a blood-soaked exposure of how the very same culture that currently (and correctly) despises men like Minassian creates them daily. Our disruptive technology and our sexually promiscuous culture benefit from the desperation of incels. Add into this strange brew unrealistic expectations of life, rampant depression, and a society dearth of male ritual, then Minassian’s “Incel Rebellion” becomes less of a black online comedy and more of a reality.

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