Reasons to visit Quebec City

Majority of the foreigners confuse Quebec and Quebec City. Quebec is the province of Canada and Quebec City is a Canadian city in Quebec. Companies and consultants ask their clients to migrate there because the city has numerous employment opportunities and greenery at several sites. Quebec City is an affordable city to live, unlike other North American cities. Hence, many things can you to visit Canadian consulate in Muscat or the residing place but three main reasons to visit the city are:

Heritage: Quebec City is not only a hub of industries and greenery, but it is also a historical site as well. UNESCO declared it world heritage site in 1985. The city has a rich French history. That’s the reason why it has Château Frontenac, European architecture and cobblestone streets. You can visit the oldest shopping streets in Quebec City whose architecture reminds you of Europe and France. There are Plains of Abraham, Citadel, and fortification that can tell you a lot about the history of the military of the city. Besides, there are old and beautiful churches and basilicas that can give you details about the history of religion in this part of the world.

Culture: Quebec City has a rich French Canadian culture which you can find in their art and paintings. Therefore, tourists visit Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec by hook or by crook there to see the paintings of the artists of the 18th century of the city. Besides, Quebec City has numerous festivals and celebrations which can tell you about their culture. Their Quebec Winter Carnival is the best festival to attend. You can enjoy the snow and cold breezes of winter in the carnival. Christmas can become the most memorable if you spend the 25th of December at the districts and streets of Old Quebec that look like the Christmas markets of Germany. Fortunately, you don’t need to speak French there. There are many English speakers in the city that can help you out in exploring the city.

Food: If you are a foodie and always look for new food to try then Quebec City is made for you to visit. Its cuisines like tourtière and poutine would please your taste-buds because of the sweet taste of maple syrup. The Old Quebec is a hub of breweries where you can get crafted beers and drinks that might lift your moods and give you different tastes. Besides, the fine dining and bistro-styled dining of French cuisines in the city will give a different experience. 

Whether you participate in Canada or Australia immigration program or not, but do visit the place and refresh yourself!