If Charlie Gard Lived in America

Dissociated Press-- Social media and conservative talk outlets have exploded with encouragement and support after last night's daring raid on Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in downtown Arkansas. While details are still fuzzy as to who is responsible for this highly illegal kidnapping of the infant Charlie Gard, public reaction points to a clear culprit: the ten-month-old's parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates.

Gard and Yates, whose son was born with mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, have raised around $1.4 million to provide special treatment for their son's condition. Though the treatment has no guarantee of success, it is the parents' belief that they should not give up hope of saving their son's life while treatments still exist untried. However, the hospital has sued the parents to detain the 10-month-old at the hospital until he expires, citing a "right to die with dignity" and including a fawning acknowledgment of the "skill and care given to Charlie by the doctors and nurses at Great Ormond Street." Their decision was upheld by the Supreme Court of Arkansas, as well as the Supreme Court of the United States, in a 4-4 ruling (with Justice Kennedy abstaining). The Vatican's Pontifical Academy for Life affirmed these rulings. Only Pope Francis himself, along with US President Donald Trump, in a rare confluence of opinion, declared the affair an injustice and supported the parents' right to seek care for their baby boy.

But Sunday night, the situation changed. Reports indicate that a heavily-armed six man fire team raided Great Ormond Street Hospital, cutting through the light security defenses in a snatch-and-grab operation that has spirited young Charlie away. A manhunt is currently on to locate Charlie, his parents, the hospital attackers, or any doctor capable of performing a life-saving operation on the infant. The last 12 hours have been a desperate race against the clock to terminate young Charlie and arrest his parents before he can receive medical attention. Rumors have circulated that Gard and Yates may have used some of their considerable donation funds to hire Erik Prince, mysterious head of the shadowy mercenary organization Academi (formerly BlackwaterUSA), whose ex-military professionals then carried out the flawless operation. No identifying evidence yet exists for these claims, although when questioned about possible leads, Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge is reported to have commented "we'll be sure to get right on that."

Whatever the facts of the case, the embarrassment of the justice system and the hospital will be all too apparent if Charlie is allowed to be treated and in fact survives. Doctors and hospital administrators, whose prime directive is to "do no harm", directly sought the death of a helpless infant on the grounds that he might be un-saveable. A grown-up Charlie will likely be a powerful voice against government overreach into the very relationships between parents and children. A country where ordinary citizens and even policemen are not permitted to own guns, and with a general atmosphere of resignation to an Orwellian regime, would certainly have yielded a different result. Despite the necessity of illegal breaking and entering to rescue their child, Charlie's parents (wherever they may be) are likely grateful that their son was not born somewhere like North Korea or the United Kingdom.