I For One Welcome Our Han Overlords

The Red Chinese are going to take over the world. Vladimir Putin, mystified, said as much to the American film maker Oliver Stone. In Stone’s 2017 documentary interview series, Putin noted that, when one looks ahead 20 or 30 years, it’s obvious world stability requires a strong US-Russia relationship. The Russian leader has long been exasperated at the West’s insistence that Russia be a foe. Always diplomatic, Vladimir Vladimirovich left unsaid the obvious reason for strong US-Russia ties: China.

China’s population is something like 1.3 billion, maybe as high as 1.5 billion. The nation is about 90% Han Chinese, with various other East Asian minorities, Tibetans and a smattering of Uighurs to fill out the remaining 10%. The Han themselves are hardly monolithic but they are an ethnic group of deep patriotism, and when provoked, menacing chauvinism. The Han are also a talented people—you can look up the HBD numbers—with a record of achievement stretching back into the bronze age. A good way to conceptualize the antiquity of the Chinese race is to imagine that Hellenic civilization survived in a populous and geographically dispersed form into the present day. That’s how old and rooted they are.

In the 20th century, the American conception of China was of outlandish poverty and backwardness, African-grade economics. This began to Change in the early 2000s when China’s incredible economic growth following leader Deng Xiaoping’s 1980s economic liberalizations started to seriously compound. Analysts began to realize that if the Celestial Kingdom could merely repeat the economic performance Taiwan and South Korea had already posted, it’s economic clout would dwarf the US a few times over; if it could match Japan, well…你会说中文吗?The care and respect which the Trump administration has paid to China, going so far as to say: “you could call him [president Xi ]the king of China”, shows we’re already at the start of the Chinese era.


Let’s put some numbers to it. GDP isn’t everything, but it’s not a bad place to start. The useful statistical fiction of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) GDP tells us, roughly, the ‘size’ of an economy. PPP tries to remove local price level effects, which is more relevant than market exchange rate GDP for this case. It is true that a haircut in high-cost Switzerland isn’t really the same service as a haircut in low-cost China, just as a bottle of water at the foot of a mountain isn’t the same good as the same bottle of water sold conveniently at a mountaintop resort, but there’s also a sense in which an anti-ship missile is an anti-ship missile, regardless of the local price level where it was produced. If China’s 1.3 billion people can match Mexico in per capita PPP GDP (which they’ve nearly done already), their economy would be 1.3x the current US economy, matching South Korea would yield 2.7x, while matching Japan in crude output per person would mean about 3X.

China is roughly comparable to the US in PPP GDP today, though it’s production of refined industrial commodities is far greater, as are its auto and consumer electronics markets. Eager to gain access to the vast ranks of Chinese consumers, US companies from IBM, to General Motors and General Electric have handed over the technical and business process inheritance of the United States. Technologies the Chinese haven’t been able to barter for, they’ve simply stolen or picked up from returning overseas Chinese. The only thing holding back Chinese industry at this point is an ingrained culture of corner cutting, and a tendency to miss the technical forest for the trees, though the fine wares of previous Chinese empires suggest top-rate workmanship is within their grasp.

The American economy will, of course, continue to grow, just as the economies of South Africa and Brazil eke out small yearly increases. However, America’s internal contradictions will grow too, probably faster than the central government’s ability to throw money at the various friction points. Some will object that China spends more spying on its own citizen than on the People’s Liberation Army. This may or may not be true, don’t trust any numbers China publishes. Yet, unlike the messy oligarchy that squabbles over America’s myriad military and intelligence units, China has a coherent central state with a stable succession process. Unlike America where the CIA funds ISIS, while the army funds the Syrian Kurds and the White House plays footsie with Assad, The Chinese government is capable of focusing on coherent long-term goals. The Chinese state is corrupt, sure, but it more or less maintains focus on soft power globally and weapons procurement for use in China’s near abroad.

The massive GDP that awaits the already well-funded Chinese state ensures there will be ample resources to bribe elites in the west into keeping the doors open to Chinese immigration. The vast population of China makes it easy for them to demographically swamp Australia and Canada and even parts of Europe if they wish. Doing so is an obvious move, and is already well underway. Chinese colonization of Australia and Canada are well known, but overseas Chinese already number in the hundreds of thousands (usually illegal) in Italy, Austria, France and the UK. Slowing Chinese migration, particularly in Australia where the process is advanced would be trivial on paper, though it would require the hurting of feelings, and is thus unfathomable.


China is set for a top-heavy population pyramid and already has a badly skewed sex ratio, with something like 15% more males in the 1980s and 1990s birth cohorts. Some commentators, such as the generally insightful Mark Steyn, claim this dooms China to exploding pension liabilities and roving bands of horny young men causing trouble. The demographic problems are certainly weighty, but hardly insurmountable. When the time comes, China can simply stuff its surplus elders into cheaply run, probably nightmarish retirement homes, if nothing else. This should be no problem for a country famous for suicide nets. As for the surplus men, the reader should merely ponder the ways low-status men (especially Asians) have already found to numb unsated sexual desire.

Chinese demographics put next to the US, are enviable. On top of the well-documented shift in racial-ethnic composition, and the intentional stoking of racial hatred in the rising non-white groups by the globohomoist establishment, the US white population is in the process of destroying itself. Middle-class birth rates in this group of “core” Americans as Steve Sailer puts it, are at historical lows. The white working class is more than halfway to becoming an underclass, freakishly sick from industrial food, dying at high rates from opioids, and increasingly breeding itself into the African American population. Without immediate and almost unfathomably bold moves now, America of the future will be a patchwork of unhappy groups, sociological fires will blaze and the government will struggle to contain them. This is already the case of course, but the scale of the chaos is held back by lingering inertia from the American golden age.

It's beyond the scope of this short piece to detail the horrendous state of the US military. Suffice to say that corruption and POZ have seeped into all aspects of the armed forces. Overengineered weapons systems are expensive, ineffective and often beyond the abilities of the low-human-capital rank and file to properly maintain and use. Morale is low and leadership is more focused on political correctness than meeting the objectives of the Anglo-Zionist Empire. It’s hard to imagine these problems doing anything but worsening. The Chinese state’s resource base is swelling, while the US capability is waning, these processes are already at an advanced state.


On a slightly altered timeline, a reinvigorated and confident West could accommodate the rise of China and integrate the Celestial Kingdom into a multipolar, great power system. Instead, western Europe chose to Islamize, while America chose the path of Idiocracy. Both great blocks of the West rejected God and barring some major change in course, seem set to reap the fruits of that choice. Central-East Europe and Russia will have to go it alone, the last torchbearers of the old European order, in a Chinese world.