Recovery from Stroke – What to Expect During Stroke Rehabilitation

Recovery from Stroke - What to Expect During Stroke Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is significant for a stroke victim to recover fully from the stroke. The length of rehabilitation depends upon the severity of the stroke, where some patients may recover very quickly while others need months or even years to fully recover. Find out more about stroke rehabilitation Abu Dhabi, here.

The lifestyle of the patient changes completely after stroke. Many easy to dos in the past become impossible now.  Rehabilitation programs help the patients to relearn skills and retrieve their confidence once again.

To regain independence and improve quality of life after a stroke, the patient should immediately begin attending rehabilitation program once his medical condition stabilizes. A delayed admission in the rehab program will take it longer for the patient to recover from the stroke. It is recommended to start the rehab program during the patient’s hospital stay.

 Typical stroke rehab programs mostly include the following therapies:

1. Rescue or strengthen motor skills- the aftereffects of a stroke include weaken motor skills. The rehab program uses exercises to improve muscles strength and coordination.

2. Mobility training- using walking aids to help the patient to relearn how to walk.

3. Communication therapy session- to help recoup lost abilities in speaking, writing and listening.

4. Motion therapy- to loosen tension in muscle and reclaim range of motion.

5. Psychology therapy- to regain confidence and circumvent from depression that might damage the recovery process.

Commencing stroke rehab while the patient is still in the hospital has many benefits.  Almost every hospital has social workers and care team that can take care of the patient through the rehab program. The patient can also choose to use either the inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation units. If he selects the inpatient rehabilitation unit, he will have to stay at the facility for several weeks as part of an intensive rehab program. While for the outpatient unit, the patient will use the facilities located inside of a hospital or clinic spending several hours a day relearning skills before returning home each day.

Stroke rehab after completing the inpatient/outpatient rehabilitation program should continue to have therapy at home to ensure a faster road to full recovery. Therapists may also help a stroke patient to recover faster through prescribing one of the many advanced stroke medication.

Many therapists also offer after stroke pediatric long term care facilities in several hospitals. Click to find out more.