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Weinstein And The Fall of the House of Clinton

Three days after Hillary Clinton’s shocking defeat in the 2016 Presidential election the leftie, trend-setting Vanity Fair headlined with The Fall of the House of Clinton. The sub-title of the article is worth parsing: How a Political Dynasty Lost its Way. That the Clintons are (or were) a political dynasty is no exaggeration. From the article: “With the exception of 2014, when Hillary Clinton was already plotting her second presidential campaign, at least one of the Clintons, Bill or Hillary, has been on a ballot or in public office on every November Election Day since 1974. Twenty-one elections, over 42 years, one of the longest dynastic runs in American politics.” To read this, pause, and repeat that number to yourself – 42 years – is to experience something like the onset of your worst migraine headache. That these two connivers have been a non-stop cavalcade of corruption, scandal and malfeasance on the world stage for what seems like an eternity is not, of course, the sort of judgment you will get coming out of the word processors in the safe spaces at Vanity Fair.

The Clintons, contrary to this Vanity Fair obituary, never “lost their way.” They did what they had to do and got what they wanted, including all the perks and privileges of power. They wanted to be rich; they got fabulously rich selling political influence while pretending to be philanthropists, a perfect cover worshipfully peddled by their many sycophants in the MSM. The Clintons loved the rich and beautiful folks in Hollywood and Hollywood loved them right back in the way of money, adulation and active support. They were right on track for a second occupation of the White House (the first women President, following the second black President, accompanied by the first black President, so to speak), so confident in the outcome of the election in fact that Hillary had bought the house next to her Chappaqua digs to locate her White House staff for her retreats to New York.

But, perhaps Proverbs is most apropos here: “Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” And so it seems, two unlikely, very different sorts of men have brought about what appears to be the destruction of the proud and haughty House of Clinton. The stark irony of this bears serious contemplation: one was a confessed “pussy grabber” who crashed Hillary’s coronation and triggered half of the country into an ongoing “the Fascists are coming” hysteria that shows no signs of abatement; the other, an accused “pussy grabber” (and a whole lot more and a whole lot worse) who was a big donor to her campaign and the sun around which the Hollywood Democrat stars rotated, whose hatred for Trump is unbounded.

First, Donald Trump. Improbable though it was in 2015 when he announced his candidacy, Trump was the beginning of the end for the Clintons. The Clintonistas plus the MSM early in the 2016 primaries were orgasmic at the thought, improbable as it was at the time, of a Republican Trump facing Hillary in the general election. Given HRC’s well known, shall we politely say, “limitations,” who could possibly have been a more magnificent target? Here was the raging bull in America’s china shop of politics, a tailor-made, larger than life caricature of all those horrible things the Democrats had long taught the American voters to believe compose a typical Republican candidate. The only voters both Democrats and establishment Republicans could predict to turn out for this rude, ineloquent braggadocio with the orange comb-over would be a couple of unemployed coal miners fresh off their bar stools, the knuckle-dragging bigots from the sticks who cling to their religion and their guns, and remnants of the Klan. Everyone else was going to be “Ready for Hillary!” However, they failed to realize, if this declaration were reformulated as a question, “Ready for Hillary?” it would resonate more like a promo in a trailer for a horror movie.

The irony throughout this most bizarre election in American history persisted up to the end. As the election season moved toward completion, reality for Hillary and most of the Democrats never seemed to dent their fantasy of a landslide and coronation, never intruded enough to make them realize that Hillary, with all her material advantages and full alignment with the organs of mainstream culture, plus Trump’s numerous blunders, was just not going to be able to seal the deal.

Hillary lost and unlike any other loser in American Presidential election history, after a short hibernation, she emerged and began acting as if she were the winner with a book tour, speeches, interviews and, yes, fundraising. Trump, you see, was the Russian colluding Pretender to the throne: the Presidency really did and does, belong to her. Clearly, Hillary was not planning on going into retirement, and the Democrat establishment, weary of her though they may have been, could not make her.

So, while it was Donald Trump who denied the Clintons a second stay over at the White House, it now appears that the Hollywood Big Enchilada, Harvey Weinstein, will, of all people, be the man responsible for making them, finally, go away and leave us in peace. Weinstein’s precipitous fall from highest ranks of celebrity Democrats is a spectacular a crash and burn that until recently, would have been unimaginable.

Harvey, it seems, was for decades a one-man “war on women” and the shocking dimensions of his rampaging assaults seems to have opened the floodgates, and it now turns out that a lot of guy-superstar Democrats have been in the enlisted soldierly ranks with Harvey. The list from the leftie world of entertainment, journalism, and politics grows daily and most recently we are shocked, shocked, to learn that Senator Al Franken carried out his own little assault operation.

The panic grows. No one is safe. Not the stars. Not the talking heads. Not the Washington fixtures. Not even the Big Dawg himself, William Jefferson Clinton. His retinue of enablers who for decades have smeared the victims of his assaults are now having their “come to Jesus” moment. Thanks to Harvey, the Clinton baggage is too much for Democrats still in the game to carry any longer, and fat boy, Matthew Yglesias from Vox has come forth with a solo that will soon resonate like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir: “Bill Clinton should have resigned: what he did to Monica Lewinski was wrong, and he should have paid the price.

Perhaps Bill will go to hang out with Harvey, Al Franken, Michael Oreskes, Mark Halperin, and Leon Wieseltier. They can swap stories from the good old days. Where then is Hillary to hide? In December 2015 she tweeted: “Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported.” Ah yes, those survivors of sexual assault – assaulted such as getting raped (Juanita Broadderick), or trapped in a room with a certain Arkansas Governor exposed and not so politely insisting on a blowjob (Paula Jones) or groping a grieving woman in your office (Kathleen Wiley) or maybe soon some of those underage girls from Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express” will be complaining about Bill. This can go on a lot more but, maybe those women whom Hillary took such self-serving efforts to smear should be “heard, believed and supported.” Maybe those women were not the “sluts” and “looney tunes” Hillary said they were. Who would you believe?

The Clintons are done. Thank you, Donald. Good work, Harvey. Now, some Democrat still in good odor should channel the ghost of Oliver Cromwell in dismissing the rump Parliament and say to the Clintons:

“It is high time to put an end to your sitting in this place which you have dishonored by your contempt of all virtue and defiled by your practice of every vice. Ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government. Ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Essau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few [sic] pieces of money. Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Go, get you out! Make haste! In the name of God, go!”

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