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Giving the Greens the Blues

Nobody was surprised. In fact, one of my favorite authors even made a Twitter poll about the matter before the final whistle blew.

Philadelphia’s fans went into riot mode when their Eagles defeated the New England Patriots last night. The final score of the Super Bowl was 41 to 33. The citizens of Philadelphia responded by producing far more impressive numbers: over ten thousand sports ball enthusiasts took to the streets and caused possibly over a million dollars in damages. Despite the fact that the city had called out riot police in preparation (which were going to happen, win or lose), Philly P.D.’s scanners let everyone listening that more was needed. Overall, SWAT, Pennsylvania State Police troopers, police Marine units, the National Guard, and even the Department of Homeland Security were called out in order to deal with a happy crowd.

Pictured above: a young sports enthusiast gorges himself on horseshit in a fit of Dionysian glee

Twitter users on the Dissident Right called out the Philly fans for making a big stink about a stupid game. After all, no red-blooded Americans crash the mayor’s house when a foreign terrorist blows up women and children, nor do “regular Joe” types go on a violent tear after some “youth” gangs rape and murder the innocent. Nope—men in Philadelphia only care this much when professional athletes, who do not care about them at all nor have any real connection to their communities, win a completely meaningless victory.

Not to be outdone, the left has pounced on the Philly riot with two reactions: 1) the weeping of weak eyes, and 2) seeing race everywhere. The former mostly confined themselves to complaining that the riots make the city look bad. The latter of course noted that the Philadelphia police took a softer line against the rioters because so many were white.

Here’s a crazy idea: lock as many people up as possible. No riots should ever be tolerated. Frankly, political protests should be discouraged as much as possible, too. What Philly really needs is not more “color-blind” policing (which is always code for cracking more whiteheads, despite the fact that whites are killed by police at a higher ratio than their black counterparts), but the resurrection of the great Frank Rizzo.

In case you do not know, Mayor Rizzo is the type of American politician that the left considers a relic from the bad, old days. However, Rizzo is exactly the type of politician that will become more and more common as America’s decaying multi-racial tapestry continues to unravel into open tribal warfare.

Born in Philadelphia to Italian Catholic parents, Rizzo got his first job in the 1940s as a beat cop. Twenty years later, and probably with many “third degree” sessions under his belt, Rizzo became the city’s police commissioner in 1967. Rizzo’s tenure saw the Philadelphia Police Department become a standing army, with Rizzo himself bragging that “Now we’re equipped to fight wars. We could invade Cuba and win.” Another wonderful quote from Rizzo concerned his approach to dealing with anti-war and black power protestors: “I’m going to make Attila the Hun look like a faggot.”

No figure is more controversial than Frank Rizzo in Philadelphia today. Black Lives Matter protestors have repeatedly vandalized images and statues of Rizzo because the police commissioner-cum-mayor was a RACISSSS. Rizzo certainly made direct appeals to Philly’s white population, and without question, his police officers engaged in brutality.

But, Philly could use a little brutality. Since Rizzo’s exit, Philly has become the home of the “flash mob”, violent sports fans, and a municipal body that is so corrupt that it borders on the comical . Philly was no less corrupt under Rizzo’s watch, but Philly was certainly better behaved. Murder rates in Philadelphia have only increased in the more diverse, post-Rizzo metropolis.

Lest you think that this is just another paean for authoritarianism from moi, keep this in mind: liberty without order means nothing. Gustav von Kahr, the quasi-dictator of Weimar Bavaria, created what he termed a “cell of order” in the large German state. Unlike in the communist-heavy states along the Rhine or the degenerate fleshpot of Berlin, Kahr’s Bavaria was an ordered society where all political actors recognized the authority of Kahr and his cabal. It was Kahr’s pistols and rifles that put down the Beer Hall Putsch, and despite the fact that the National Socialists began in Bavaria (Munich to be exact), the Nazis never did that great in Bavaria thanks to the strength of traditional Catholic and monarchical parties. Also, the “cell of order” held in Bavaria when it failed everywhere else.

Philly needs its own “cell of order.” So too does Chicago, Baltimore, Milwaukee, and St. Louis. And if you think that the recent riots in Philadelphia are merely an embarrassing distraction, keep in mind that the Nika Riots nearly brought down the Eastern Roman Empire. In A.D. 532, the blues and greens, the rival fan factions of Constantinople’s Hippodrome, went to war with each other over chariot races. As many as 30,000 died in five days, and almost half of the entire city was left as a smoldering ruin. The riots drained the city’s treasury and hampered Constantinople’s tough war in Persia.

The only redeeming thing about the riots is the fact that Emperor Justinian used the aftermath to build the Hagia Sophia, one of the greatest shrines in all of Christendom. Justinian, the great proliferator of “Caesaropapism,” also became the greatest conqueror in the history of Christian Rome, aka Byzantium.

America’s do-nothing leaders should think more like Justinian. Do not placate the rabble—conquer them.

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