Things to expect during a cruise trip in Dubai

Staying all day at a cruise sounds boring, but different cruises in Dubai are all set to give you a thrilling and adventurous ride through Dubai. Here is a list of things which you can do on a cruise to add more fun to your trip. 

Sky course rope

A unique activity provided by cruise ships is the sky course rope challenge where you can challenge your ability of walking on the ropes in air in the middle of an ocean with water everywhere.

Water slides

You are paying a lot of money for traveling on a cruise, you will get to know it is worth the money as cruises have a water park of its own with many exciting water slides for you to get a lifetime experience of taking water slides in the middle of ocean.

Speedy zip lines

Speed is not the only fascinating thing about speedy zip lines, it is adventurous yet scary. With this unique activity you can challenge your courage by getting suspended in air in the middle of ocean with thrilling fast speed.

Flow rider surfing

It is an alternative sport to snowboarding, skateboarding and sand boarding, in which you have to balance yourself on a board in the waves of water.

Ice skating

Who do not like ice skating and dancing their hearts out in winter? You can definitely go ice skating in a cruise ship and pretend it is winter.


Different concerts are also arranged by the cruise to ensure you are fully entertained and your nights are joyful enough.


A good spa is the best place to relax on your vacation and treat your body with essentials. Many cruise ships are flourishing it’s tourists with the facility of a spa to relax their mind as well as their bodies.

Cirque dreams holidaze

Who would not like to see different acts and stunts at a circus, cirque dreams holidaze is a wintered themed holiday circus with men throwing themselves in the air, penguins spinning, snowman balancing on thin ropes with a lot of courage and icemen showings different acts and stunts.


You are served with traditional food of the United Arab Emirates having delicious flavors and appetizing dishes for you. There will be the best coffee machines UAE so that you can enjoy more. The luxuries and lavish lifestyle of a cruise ship will offer you a great chance to experience the lifestyle of the royals.

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