Take care of your car AC with these tips

There are several ways through which you can take care of your car AC in order to reduce the amount for your car AC repair Dubai. You can do this by keeping a check on your car’s working condition and any kind of change in that will indicate that there is something wrong in your car AC which needs to be examined and repaired. You can also go for the car oil change Dubai once in a year to make sure that your car run smoothly on the roads and do not give you any trouble. Here are a few ways to make sure that you are taking good care of your car: 

Temperature: You need to maintain a good temperature inside the car, neither too high nor too low because it will affect the performance of your car AC. When you are going on long journeys then you need to keep your AC on a moderate level so that it will put fewer loads on the car.

Start: When you want to start your AC then you need to wait for a while in order to give some time to your car engine to stabilize itself otherwise there will be great pressure on that and it will reduce the age of the engine. You have to start your engine and wait for about 10 minutes before you start your AC and same will be the procedure, before you turn off your engine you have to turn off your car AC 10 or at least 5 minutes before. 

Fragrances: You need to check the quality and ingredients of your perfumes or air fresheners which you are going to use in your car. Some of the air fresheners have ingredients which pollute the system of the AC or get condensed in the Ac condenser as a result they will create bad odor and block cool air.

Maintenance: You need to get for the maintenance check for your car AC once in a year even when there is no problem in that. If you see any change in the cooling or voice then you need to go for the maintenance check urgently without waiting for the time at which you have to go for examination. Any delay will create a mess in the different parts of the AC results a huge burden on pocket.