Facts related to architects and architecture

Facts related to architects and architecture

What is architecture is one of the most popular questions that have the most biased answers. It is sometimes regarded as a philosophical topic to which everybody has their own answers. Everybody defines architecture differently. However it is necessary to have a compelling answer to this question for the number of students who want to get admission in an architecture school. In the most general way, one can define architecture as the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings or the complex design of any building structure.

Everywhere that we look around, we see architecture thriving. Every house, every schools, every hospital, every restaurant, every building in general speaks so profoundly of architecture. Architecture firms in Abu Dhabi are providing their services for a very long time now. They lead the construction industry, and so do the engineering consultants Abu Dhabi.

Architecture is a very broad field. There are many different types of architecture as well as different types of architects. Architects vary from their field of expertise in the construction and designing business. They specialize in one particular branch and carry on with it as their profession. In this article we will be discussing the many different types of architects.

Types of architects

The different types of architects are listed below as follows.

Residential architects

Many of the residential buildings look alike i.e. houses, but there are some people who want a personal touch to their house and that is where a residential architect steps in. Residential architects specialize in designing homes for people having different taste according to their likings. They design the plans, layouts and elevations of the house.

Commercial architects

Buildings are of different types, serving different purposes. One such building is a commercial building that usually hosts offices. A commercial architecture makes sure to make the place perfectly functional according to its requirements.

Landscape architect

If we step out of the world of buildings, we find landscape architects working in their domain. Their job is concerned with the designing of outdoor spaces like gardens, parks, neighborhoods, societies, campuses and other public places. Their job is to make these places functional with the environment.

Industrial architect

When it comes to designing and building huge industries, you take the help of an industrial architect. They understand the requirements that an industry has and design the place accordingly.