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From Moral Blackmail To Political Conquest

The 2016 horror show of a Presidential campaign is history. And the terrifying specter of a Hillary Clinton, Peronist-style presidency? Miracles sometimes happen, but in 2020 look for the Democrats to anoint a demagogue even slimier than the Lady Brezhnev of Chappaqua (there will be someone), one whose entire campaign will be premised on "white guilt."

This racial Bolshevism all began decades ago, maybe longer, with a “camel’s nose under the tent” subterfuge by the left that over time would leverage white guilt as a means, not to achieve white expiation, but to produce endless rituals of ethnic self-abasement and to culminate in political-cultural surrender. The nation-wide, unobstructed marauding of Black Lives Matter thugs that were openly supported by the black President and the wife of the sexually predatory “first black President,” and the frequent black rioting in the rotting big cities suggest that race relations in America are heading toward a cliff.

Guilt, the most powerful of psychic weapons became the all-purpose cudgel of the left to wield against white European culture, the target of destruction, and as it turns out, highly susceptible to its manipulative potential. It is the perfect “weapon of the weak”. Insidious and relentless, it imperceptibly corrodes the feelings of pride, strength, and confidence of its targets and displaces that confidence with ethnic guilt.

People resort to extreme measures to relieve themselves of guilt, not excluding suicide. Is it too early to conclude that the decades-long, majority white capitulation to the white-guilt catechism that has culminated in the mass indoctrination of our children and young people in the original sin of Eurocentric “white privilege”, the respectability and professionalization of race hustling, the micro-aggressions and sensitivity coercion of the diversity industry, and the flooding of the country with third-world immigrants readily equipped with scripted grievances is suicidal?

Behold the practice of guilt-leveraging through moral blackmail. “This is what the members of your big, powerful tribe did to members of our helpless, lowly tribe. Because of you, we suffer. You owe us!” And, what do we, the “big powerful tribesmen” (BPT), owe the “helpless lowly tribesmen” (HLT)? That question is a setup, a trap because only the HLT (such as a lowly, helpless President of the United States and his Attorney Generals) get to say what it is.

Thus, while the BPT may delude themselves and think this proposed transaction with its leaden moral premise resembles in its formal structure a conventional mortgage or debt that gets retired some day on mutually agreed upon terms, think again. What is “owed” is non-negotiable and remains a constantly moving target. “Some day” is always in the future. No one can say: “we are almost there”, or “half way there”, or even “anywhere near” to the payoff. Detroit burned in the summer of 1967; Ferguson and Baltimore burned in 2014 and 2015. The rationalizing and special pleading for collective criminal behavior remains consistent over the last fifty years, the only difference being the heightened aggression of the rationalizers and their overt hostility. Who owes who, and who owes what, are questions with no acceptable answers to anyone with a stake in the outcome which means that the outcome will surely favor those who are best at manipulation, fraud and coercion.

The light, then, begins to dawn: what the HLT want is not anything described by their demands typically couched in the language of fairness, justice or equality. There is no payoff that will satisfy the goal or approximate the reach of such high-minded abstractions. The quest of the HLT is for something gritty and concrete – power. To get it the charade of a moral debt with a collective, open-ended guilt-clause works only so long as the BPT continue to believe that they should operate in debtor status as assigned and defined by the HLT enforcers now firmly entrenched in in nearly all of our institutions and associations.

Unfortunately, the BPT have submitted to the lobotomy and the great power (now deemed “White Privilege”) that the BPT supposedly enjoy is a bad joke. Too many of them for too long have imbibed Karl’s Kool-Aid, initially an elixir of German provenance intended to stir to action the “oppressed workers of the world” who were going to “expropriate the expropriators” (the capitalists). It is now a much headier brew that fuels the entire enterprise of identity politics. Today’s identity politics is applied Marxism with many enhancements. Stripping away the au courant sexy lingo of post-modern grievance mongering, Marxist theorizing inevitably cuts to the chase and descends to the cynical rock bottom of all social reality – a struggle between two irreconcilable moral forces – oppressors and those they oppress. They come in many pairs. In American identity politics, this plays out mainly with the oppressor (white) and oppressed (black) races. And, the secret that any good Marxist will let you in on is that the oppressor (class/race) never really changes. As long as it has power it will dominate, exploit and oppress. The BPT are inherently selfish and corrupt and will never change: no matter what they say or do the outcome will always be what serves only their self-interest.

This means that the BPT are the enemy, and enemies and the finality of their destruction are what war is all about. Marxists view all social and political dynamics as warfare. Obama and Frau Clinton would refer to the Republicans as their “enemies”. You only negotiate with enemies as a matter of tactics. The grand strategy is conquest and destruction. Patience and deception are required. The man of “Hope and Change” who in 2004 said “There is not a Black America and a White America and Latino America and Asian America—there's the United States of America” (The Oprah-Obama), in 2015 tells us that racism is “still part of our DNA that's passed on" (The Al Sharpton-Obama).

For those still untutored in the deciphering of American racial hieroglyphics, this does not forecast racial harmony, healing, and reconciliation. The President’s expertise as a geneticist did not come out until there was no more reelection to worry about, no more potential white voters to snooker with his “we’re all in this together" shtick.

There is no payoff, only unconditional surrender. The community organizer President has turned out to be a slightly softer and slicker version of Robert Mugabe. Like Obama, earlier on, Mugabe was gushed and gooed over by guilty white elites in the west until his governing style – murder, extortion, looting -- became too conspicuous even for them to ignore. They retaliated by withdrawing his many honorary degrees. Rhodesia progressed into Zimbabwe, a bit like the “progress” of Detroit under Mayor Coleman Young from 1972 to 1992. Take some comfort: Detroit is still called Detroit even though it is now a third-world slum.

From the frying pan of Barack to the fire of Hillary -- averted for at least a time. Clinton called her enemies “deplorables”. They are white males, her very own Untermenschen, the dregs as the Democrats like to see them and, as she added, "irredeemable." Her election would have turned the Supreme Court into a Marxist mutual admiration society to rubber stamp her depredations. She would have flooded the states with millions more victims of “[t]he racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic [types] — you name it.” Yes, you name it. Why stop now? At some point there will be too few even to bother with.

To borrow a football metaphor: Trump is a third-string defense on its own two-yard line hoping to mount a goal line stand. The Democrats, first and goal, are lining up their three hundred pound fullback to blast into the end zone and end the game. The left is just getting started. Not much mental power is needed to imagine the fury that the Left would still like to unleash on these “irredeemables” that repudiated Hillary and her Saul Alinsky acolytes. The blackmail will continue. Still feeling guilty?

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