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For the Critics of Katie Hopkins, Ignorance Is Strength

Yesterday English newspaper columnist Katie Hopkins made the mistake of telling the truth, and what is worse, she did it on live television. For this unspeakable crime, Hopkins has been assailed from all corners with children’s book author and newfound geopolitical analyst, and amateur historian J.K. Rowling comparing her to a “Nazi Appeaser.” Hopkins’ crime was stating the obvious; namely that despite the trite happy talk coming out of Westminster about the U.K. being “uncowed” and “united” the truth is exactly the opposite.

The U.K. as Hopkins stated in her interview with Tucker Carlson, is in fact, both more afraid and more disunited than it has ever been in living memory. The fact that Londoners trudged studiously to their cubicles this morning instead of taking some sort of other, more “cowardly” action (like perhaps rallying for an end to Islamic Immigration) actually proves Hopkins’ point.

The citizens of the U.K. are scared, in fact, they are terrified. They are afraid of Islamist Terror, but what really seems to keep them up at night is the idea that someday, someone might call them a racist. This is their ultimate nightmare. It’s this nightmare that led them to elect Sadiq Khan, a Muslim politician who once regularly rubbed shoulders with fundamentalist Islamic clerics and famously stated that Islamic terror was just part and parcel of life in the big city. Which big cities he was talking about remains unclear, though it can perhaps be concluded he must have been referring to third world locales like Istanbul and Karachi since many successful first world cities like Tokyo and Singapore have no terror attacks at all. Yet it is this man which the supposedly “uncowed” Londoners chose to elect as their mayor.

The U.K. is not only afraid, it is as Hopkins pointed out incredibly disunited. In less than 100 years England has gone from being a world-spanning global empire to a rump state which is now in serious danger of losing the few meaningful possessions it has left. There is now more than an outside chance that both Scotland and Northern Ireland may choose to permanently leave the U.K. This newfound spirit of secession is not exactly the sentiment one would expect to arise in a polity as “united” as Hopkins’ critics claim it is. In fact, if present trends continue unabated, The Onion’s satirical headline “British Empire To Be Reduced To 8 Acres Outside Buckingham Palace By 2050” will prove to be far more prescient than the comedians who wrote it ever realized.

The truth, as they say, hurts. No one knows this better than the Globalist shills now showering people like Hopkins with bile. For them the truth is a monster which must be slain with the sword of ignorance. For in their Orwellian schema “ignorance is strength.” They demand that the people of London “go about their lives as normal” in much the same way that Former U.S. President George W. Bush told Americans after the attacks of September 11th to “go to the mall.” The implied subtext being: “act as if things are normal, even though you know they aren’t.”

Contrary to the pretensions of the Neoliberal propagandists this deluded posturing is not some kind of stoic resolve but, rather, a retreat into a fantasy space. In the same way that the Social Media postings immediately after the September 2016 bombing in Chelsea wherein the privileged SWPL’s of Manhattan bragged that they were “just chilling and getting gelato” were not courageous, but merely deluded.

As for the residents of Londonistan, a diverse and vibrant metropolis which is home to both global financial conglomerates and sharia law no-go zones, they will continue their “stoic” walks of courage towards their cubicles, yoga studios, and gelato cafes. Ignorance will be their strength as they pull the lever once again for Liberal, Pro-immigration candidates who will seek to import more Islamist parasites into their societies the name of “Diversity” and “Tolerance.” All of this will happen while the people of London cheer on from the social media bleachers. Intoxicated by the knowledge that, while their friends or family may one day find themselves being scrapped of the fender of a runaway semi-truck or blow apart during a rock concert, well, at least they weren’t racist.

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