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For George Washington, Against Shaun King

It was only a matter of time before the politics of resentment trained its sniveling eye on America’s aristocratic Presidents. Shaun King, the racially ambiguous New York Daily News writer, recently wrote an essay inelegantly titled, "No President Who Ever Owned Human Beings Should Be Honored." Thus taking a fringe position of the far left into the mainstream press. Ideologically disarmed, establishment conservatives will prove ill-equipped to the crucial task of defending America’s aristocratic heritage. The honor falls to the American far right.

King opens his essay with a Hitler anecdote. He concludes, unsurprisingly, “Hitler was a monster.” A Hitler hook usually provokes a yawn just as a Hitler comparison usually signals the end of an internet discussion. Why this peculiar gambit? King is preparing a moral equivalence between American slavery and the holocaust. “Just as this is true for Hitler,” writes King, “it is true for any American President who ever owned human beings and forced them into a life of slavery. The Holocaust and slavery are each an unjust disgrace.” The ideological work has already been done around “The Holocaust.” Hitler and the Holocaust are synonymous with unspeakable evil. Represent slavery in America as the moral equivalent of the Holocaust and voila... “George Washington is Hitler.”

Just as the historiography of the second World War and the ideology of the “Holocaust” contains the European right within the hegemony of the globalist order, so the “horrors” of slavery in America will make aristocratic politics morally unthinkable. Our greatest presidents and those who would honor them will be cast as moral pariahs. Once the father of our country has been debased the ideological work of the far left will be complete. Soon after the Constitution will be “updated” and the fully realized totalitarian egalitarian state will be upon us.

King doesn’t seriously describe slavery in America he just bemoans it -- short on details and long on platitudes. He exhorts the reader, “Don’t you think it is sick!” However, his sophomoric rhetoric is easily countered. Examples like George Washington’s slave Billy Lee put the lie to the liberal dogma. Lee was a trusted and esteemed slave. Washington’s constant companion, Lee was at Washington’s side on fox hunts, throughout the Revolutionary War, and during the Presidency. Washington also made arrangements for Billy Lee to marry the woman he loved. These simple facts, and there are plenty more for the intrepid researcher, do not fit the caricature thoughtlessly invoked by King.

Washington should be our line in the sand. He was a model of masculine virtue: brave, honorable, physically strong, a skilled horseman, and an unyielding Commander in Chief. A hero worth revering and a man whose honor is worth defending. Shaun King reveals a left that is now aiming at our foundations. A nation and a people cannot be physically defeated until they are spiritually and morally broken. If we allow the noble Washington to be debased, then we will be ideologically crippled. George Washington cannot fall.

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