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Filth and the Final Judgment

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. I spent mine listening to speeches told by strangers in a certain megalopolis known for its gross progressivism. One aged man, who has lived in the city his whole life and who has worked in publishing on and off since the 1980s, talked about how the bourgeoisie continue to try and label all “anti-fascists” as communists. I chortled because of the gross consumerism of his home and children and the sharp contrast between his Marxist language and his decidedly non-proletarian lifestyle. His live-in girlfriend, who fights against “ageism,” could not stop herself from slamming Trump and the “racist” holiday that we were all celebrating.

This, my friends, is a prime example of why liberalism is a totalitarian ideology. The home, a sacred place, becomes just another soapbox. There is no rest outside of isolation.

I started this column off on a personal note for a reason—I want you to experience through me the self-obsession that characterizes the Boomer generation. Why is this necessary? Because one of the great heroes of the Boomer generation just shoved off his mortal coil.

Charles Manson is dead. May he rot in agony.

Manson, the man who orchestrated several savage murders, including the butchering of a pregnant woman 1, embodied the “free love” generation like none other. And, despite what Joe Mozingo of the Los Angeles Times believes, Manson was more than just a “tabloid mainstay, a scab mite itching our consciousness to the very end” 2.

Charles Milles Manson was born to a terrible mother in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio during the Great Depression. Five years after Charlie’s birth, his mother, an alcoholic, went behind bars after being convicted of armed robbery.

The genetic apple did not far from the tree at all, for, in 1948, a teenaged Manson robbed a grocery store. From this point until 1967, Manson was in and out of juvenile detention centers and jail thanks to convictions of grand theft auto, forgery, and violating the Mann Act 3. By all appearances, Manson was the most dangerous type of individual—a sociopathic criminal with an above-average IQ (109) 4. While not a genius, Manson did prove to be a good enough Svengali who knew a diseased soul when he saw one.

When Manson left the pen in 1967, he migrated to San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, which was ground zero of the Boomer revolution. Here, the privileged children of Middle America stole food for wildcat co-ops, fornicated in public parks, and pretended to be experiencing transcendental bliss all the while they were dying of drug overdoses on the dirty sidewalks 5. These kids thought that they could touch nirvana by diving deeply into their self-obsession. The hippies did revolutionize America’s culture for the worse, but they also unwittingly gave capitalism a welcomed shot in the arm by helping to dismantle the family and agitate for more worker drones feeding the Moloch of the consumer economy.

Manson, a Scientologist who taught himself how to play Beatles songs, became the new god for a small army of lost women and men. Susan Atkins, nicknamed “Sexy Sadie,” came from an alcoholic family in the tony town of San Gabriel, California. A middle-class girl who nevertheless experienced a turbulent home life, Atkins became a drifter and rapist of her own child thanks to the influence of Manson 6. Leslie van Houten, a middle-class daughter of church-going parents who started dropping acid at age fifteen, also joined Charlie’s love cult. Manson member Patricia Krenwinkel, another middle-class girl, found in Manson the answer to her life-long struggle with low self-esteem caused by a dermatological condition.

Under Manson’s satanic roof in San Francisco and at Spahn Ranch in the deserts of Los Angeles County, these women and others were fed a steady dose of narcotics, sex, and pop music. While under the influence, Manson’s “family” heard all about his plan to create a race war by killing white people and making it look like the work of black nationalists. After the war, Manson would repopulate the world with his own children. He was his own God, you see.

While many people may know these facts, few know that Manson’s crazy ideas were not entirely his own. Not only did Manson imbibe from the poisoned chalice of Scientology, the premiere religion of Hollywood’s smart set, but he was also influenced by the little-known Process Church of the Final Judgement. Started by former Scientologists Robert De Grimstone and Mary Anne, the Process Church believed in the Three Great Gods of the Universe—Jehovah, Lucifer, and Satan. Jehovah is the God of discipline and righteousness; Lucifer is the God of love and light; Satan is the God of darkness, magic, and transcendence. The Process Church believed in Aleister Crowley’s sex magick 7 and radical politics, with the latter being a point of advertisement:

“The Process has need of a strong dedicated Communist to take on all-comers in verbal free-for-all evenings with members of the public. We already have a Fascist, an Anarchist and representatives of various other extremist groups. But a real tough Communist with all the answers seems hard to come by” 8.

Much like the Process Church, Manson’s ideology embraced extremism for the pure sake of it. Ultimately, Manson and the Process both cared about creating a personal godhead wherein the individual is divine. This is the secret ingredient to the shit soufflé that has become contemporary Manson worship.

Manson, a self-centered psycho who legitimized his love for drugs, death, and pussy by espousing half-cocked occultism, is the photo negative of the entire Boomer generation. Boomers flocked to him because Manson fought the “System”—a hatable phantasmagoria that can be anything and everything. For non-murdering Boomers, the “System” became their families, white men, the Christian faith of America, and middle-class culture. The Boomer lust for escapism dragged an entire country down, and today’s left-wing politics in America can be seen as the run-off, the garbage leachate of the Boomer’s holy trinity of extreme individualism, therapeutic politics, and godless moralizing. It is not surprising that Clinton and co. got all hot and bothered for “Spirit Cooking,” a modern art version of sex magick 9.

Manson was merely the inevitable demon inside of the Boomer machine. The same beast that made him possible is the same beast that encourages sixty-something Bobos to testify about big, bad Trump during Thanksgiving.

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