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Feminism's Destructive War on Society

She is a striking creature to witness: the independent, impulsive, cleavage bearing feminist who demands her rights while berating men. She is the woman of mercurial temperament, involved in both a love affair and a war of hatred. She may flaunt her physique tauntingly before men, but will strike them continually for treating her disrespectfully. If you’re in need of an image, the popular female solo artists of today obligingly subscribe to lipstick feminism. It’s routine for female pop singers to release a few feminist anthems devoted to the agenda: down with men while up rises the strong, self-sufficient woman. However, the feminist is her own worst enemy as well as her male target.

I will note, first wave feminism and some aspects of the second wave were advantageous. Women should be guaranteed rights such as equal pay and protection from sexual harassment. However, the wage gap has disappeared, fair rights are coded into law, and women have even surpassed men in college graduation rates. Today’s newest wave of feminism is completely off track with its obsession over woman’s perpetual "victimhood", intersectionality, and sexist speech, such as manterruptions. In many areas, women are far more privileged and protected than men, but men refuse to adopt the victimhood mentality and propagate statistics to their favor. Feminists should have laid down their pitchforks and ended their tirades long ago. Or better yet, redirect their energies to Islamic nations in need of women’s rights.

Woman’s Image Remade into the Bitch

Today, feminists at their foulest are the nasty unattractive women at protests screaming about the infringement of their rights while dressed in vulgar form (perhaps most memorably as a vagina). The joke is the word hysterical comes from the Greek word for uterus, hystera, for it was believed that the ‘disturbances of the uterus’ caused manic behavior. Many feminists’ actions support that definition.

The feminist culture has remade the female image by dispensing with the historical feminine virtues of courtesy, kindness, and modesty, replacing them with the masculine virtues of independence, strength, and power, plus a touch of vulgarity and lewdness to boot. For anything man can do, women can do and do it better. The whole feminist ideology reeks of their manipulation of women’s feelings and insecurities. They utilize emotionally manipulative music, snappy sounding slogans like “Nevertheless, she persisted", and popular attractive media personalities to advise women on their agenda. They’ve co-opted formerly derogatory female jargon by joyfully embracing the name ‘bitch’ for their seemingly kickass, tough exterior and create memes about their resting bitch face. Another formerly insulting term, 'slut' was translated into a complimentary term given to another girlfriend for their apparently femme fatale look and the studs they’ve caught. Most women I’ve known from the lower class to the white suburbs take part in this culture to varying degrees. Girls are immersed as teenagers and somewhat mature out of it in their 30s - if they desire to become mothers. Motherhood and crass feminism are incompatible.

Feminism’s Self-Adoration

Feminism may be attractive on a base, animalistic level in terms of free sex, but it’s additionally attractive on the emotional level where women are told they're secure by feeling: sexy, strongly independent in paving their own way, and free to speak whatever comes to their minds. All of those terms like empowerment, fearless, outspoken, and outperforming initially appear attractive by inflating women’s egos, but they devolve into pussy power, Hear me Roar, and vaginas. A screaming feminist is all too like a screaming toddler demanding what they want: respect. Yet security and respect elude her.

Feminist virtues are self-serving and their propaganda constantly calls for women to look out for themselves first, leaving husbands and children aside. They indulge in self-adoration being inundated with media therapy that provides an orgy of affirmation, incessantly reminding them ‘they’re enough’ while handing them a self-help book. Feminism promotes the culture of ‘body positivity’ to absurd degrees with figures like Lena Dunham continuously posting semi-nude photo shoots supposedly showing anyone can take pride in one’s figure. All the while women’s media continually publishes advice on men in an attempt to restore heterosexual relations.

We must remind ourselves, feminism was originally meant to repair women’s relationship with men and society. But statistics show, they're far more dysfunctional.

Historical Image of the Lady

What motivated women to throw off the image of the kind, gentle, modest female figure of last century? The very image Our Blessed Mother Mary still retains in the Church. For Catholics, Our Lady is most particularly regarded for her Fiat or ‘yes’ to God in the Annunciation when the Angel Gabriel informed her that God had chosen her to bear Christ Our Savior. Our Lady could’ve rejected God’s invitation, but instead she chose the route of obedience in saying, “Behold, the handmaid of the Lord. Be it done unto me according to your will.” Our Blessed Mother was a strong, confident woman who endured the shame of being pregnant out of wedlock and witnessed her Son’s horrific death on the cross. She was not a self-effacing meek woman, but one who actively chose to obey God at a great cost. It was through Our Lady’s submission that Satan was defeated. Christianity holds this obedience to authority in high regard, because it is only in obedience to God that goodness can exist.

God has ordained what is good and evil. His nature has accorded what is good, and what is evil is a perversion of it. Modern man’s disobedience to God is a tale as old as time. Just as Adam and Eve wished to choose a fruit from the forbidden tree in Eden, the tree of knowledge of good and evil, so does modern man wish to choose what is good and evil for himself. The secular liberal culture validates relativism, man’s desire to choose, and thus society rebels against God’s order. Feminists are simply an example of this rebellion against man, God, and society because they want to be free to choose, but are angry when their poor choices don't pan out.

Virtues of Feminism and Motherhood

When we view modern feminism through the Christian lens we see utter disregard for God’s will. The classic second wave feminist musicians Leslie Gore in ‘You Don’t Own Me’ and Helen Ruddy in ‘I am Woman’ sing this saying: “Don’t tell me what to do, what to say… I want to be myself, to be free… I’ll do whatever I please… I’m invincible.” Katy Perry, Beyonce, and now Taylor Swift are simply more lewd versions of their mentors. While the feminists view themselves as ‘throwing off the shackles’ of man’s repressive ways and ‘liberating’ themselves from a restrictive culture, they are additionally kicking God’s authority out of their lives. Thus, feminists embrace all the previously forbidden fruits of swearing, immodest attire, pre-marital sex, abortion, and bar hook-ups, as if a prostitute’s strip-tease to a stranger is empowering and liberating. Feminists since the 60’s have believed sex to be one of their inalienable rights, but only after contraception became available. This has always necessitated the availability of abortion because sex without consequences can only be guaranteed with abortion. Feminists want to choose from a laundry list of outright harmful and undignified behaviors, and somehow at the same time be free from personal guilt and societal judgment. However, these ‘freedoms’ hurt women and society, and women repudiate them when entering motherhood.

Former female virtues are now attacked. Refraining from pre-marital sex is considered unhealthy as it is the unnecessary repression of the female libido and disregards the ‘power’ of a woman’s sexual appeal. The virtues of courtesy in manners, tenderness, and especially meekness are considered the signs of submission and shackles that bound women to domestic affairs and a multitude of children. There is something most correct in this comparison. The feminist virtues of independence, fearlessness, and outspokenness are what an obstinate rebellious teenager strives vainly for. Yet, the mother displays the old virtues to her children and husband whom she sacrifices for daily. The Christian mother desires to have a nurturing, self-giving sacrificial spirit that does not only seek her good, but that of the family, the larger society, and God as well. Thus, Our Mother Mary is the example par excellence for sanctity in motherhood.

We should remember that the old masculine virtues of strength, courage, and leadership in Christianity were not self-serving, but always displayed in service of the other. The universally acknowledged heroic men were those who sacrificed themselves in the line of duty, whether at war or at home. When the feminist hijacks these virtues she warps them for her own self-seeking purpose. She wants to believe herself independent and alone most significant. Yet, the chasm she digs between herself and man only serves to make her adrift on a lonely island.

The Feminist’s Fury

While the feminist appears to be inviting a multitude of men into her warm embrace, she bitterly rues the fact that men don’t respect her. She may act like and be called a whore in jest, but is distraught when treated as one. Many feminists argue women should be free to dress however they choose, as at the SlutWalks, and that they should be guaranteed respect no matter how drunk or what time of night they’re walking the streets at. At least feminist Camille Paglia recognizes this as irrational. If women want to enjoy no strings attached sex and relationships, it comes at a cost: men feel less responsible towards women. Low expectations in behavior often equals low expectations for the relationship. Now we find women keeping a catalogue of the men who’ve ill-treated them or their acquaintances. The feminist merely channels this unresolved anger by grinding her axe methodically amongst her peers, letting her wrath wax to fullness, before hurling it upon man. Her weapon often rebounds, for when fury is exhaled it returns upon the giver giving rise to wellsprings of bitterness and resentment. Feminists often reek of offended distrust and injury. They nurse their wounds, drinking poison hoping it hurts the other.

Is women’s anger justified? Men are not blameless, but individual men have hurt individual women through coercion and manipulation such as in rape, physical and psychological abuse. Men have also emotionally damaged women through lying, cheating, abandoning, and refusing to commit in matrimony. However, women in turn have injured men by committing the same sins and others. At least one in five men commit adultery against their partners, but a similar statistic is reported of women. Truly, men hurt women in relationships, but with our newfound ‘freedom’ to dictate our own rules in relationships, they’re made increasingly dysfunctional.

Feminists do not channel their anger and fear of injury in a beneficial manner. While there’s now an abundance of revenge songs, extreme resentment or fear may result in women abandoning the family dream to immerse themselves in Nora Roberts’ novels and careers, which is a poor exchange for an affectionate family. A fewer number pursue homosexual relations. Many hold the revolving door open to transient partners in order to pass the time and avoid loneliness. A majority of women live the free sex lifestyle and wait in hope for the boyfriend who will commit, oftentimes until their 30s. As much as hardcore feminists would love it, most women cannot remain eternally offended at men.

Women have great strength, but don’t need anger to prove it. We don’t need to present a façade of having a kick-ass attitude like liberals or former conservative Tomi Lahren. While female and male relationships do falter, the Christian always advises forgiveness and healing as a way to recover from injury. Man is given free will to hurt women, but women in turn must forgive and move on for her own good. Women cannot control and manipulate men to prevent the pain men may inflict upon us. The wife celebrating her 60th diamond anniversary with her childhood sweetheart understands this very well. While feminists make women out to be victims or martyrs due to their difficulties and sacrifices, the fact is sacrifice done out of love sanctifies a person, ennobling them to become more like Christ. Feminists would eradicate sacrifice and hardship, but it’s naturally a part of life. We’re called to be Saints, not blissfully satiated goddesses.

Feminism’s Sexual Promiscuity

Society is obsessed with sex as shown by America’s top female comedians Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, and Whitney Cummings spending perhaps 90% of their stand-up commenting about sex in some form. Yet, feminism’s advocacy for sexual promiscuity invites chaos into society. Women are having an increasing number of sexual partners before marriage. This saddles them with baggage as the emotional, psychological, and physical intimacy in a modern relationship causes trauma to a person’s soul. There is no peace when deep connections are continually formed and cut, and people develop a damaged understanding of trust and commitment. We may lose the ability to have, or believe in, real intimacy in a spouse. Thus, though we wait longer to marry ‘Mr. Right’, divorce rates still hover around 50%. In fact, 70% of divorces are initiated by women, and 90% of those divorces are initiated by college educated women, feminism’s best adherents . Our love of pre-marital sex has also caused out-of-wedlock births to increase to 40%.

Honestly, women can protect themselves from much heartache by embracing chastity as it safeguarded us in the past from being used. It’s fascinating how frequently Scripture and early Church Fathers condemn fornication and adultery for sex affects every relationship and larger society. Men need to be held to high standards with expectations of virtuous behavior. If men can get women cheaply, they will treat them cheaply.

Reject Feminism

Women need to ‘challenge the narrative’ and abandon feminism . By laying down their arms, society will see a thaw in the relationships between men and women. While feminists scream women are strong, I’d return women are vulnerable and dependent. The feminist premise that women don’t need men is a great falsehood for the vast majority of women desire marriage, and thus their hope depends on decent, compatible men. The very perpetuation of society relies on women living with men in the context of the family unit. Feminists refuse to advocate motherhood as a main vocation, and if feminists have their way, their selfishness will destroy the social order (which it partly has already). I believe most single women cling to the hope that one day a man will respect them, treat them well, and marry them – which is all prince charming ever did. It’s still a dream many divorced, single, middle-aged women who survived the sexual revolution long for.

Rather than raising our fists to the patriarchy, to better serve women we should promote pro-family behavior. Women cannot entertain the fantasy they can ‘have it all in a man’. Man was never meant to satisfy a woman, but God. Women must guard their hearts and frankly, be better pickers. For too many, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Thus, women must look for qualities that exemplify a good husband, like good character inclined to self-control, fidelity, responsibility, and strength in leading. Basically, choose a man with saintly qualities to experience peace and resolution in a relationship. After a sufficient number of break-ups and resulting emotional trauma, even a sensible secular woman comes to this conclusion. Chastity is far easier than the emotional upheaval of multiple failed relationships. Women will elevate society when they hold higher standards for men.

Women in turn should hone the kinder virtues which never made them weak. It is more difficult to forgive in the face of injury, than to be resentful. True men are not awed or cowed by women screaming ‘Hear me roar’ while fitted with pussy hats and exposed cleavage. Men can recognize when a real woman acts with dignity and self-respect. The Blessed Virgin Mary is the most exalted Saint in the Church and Heaven for her obedience to the good - to God.

Men should finally rise to become leaders again of high quality. Work on attaining the masculine virtues, workout your bodies physically, your minds concerning the world, and souls in prayer. Men, hold high standards in your relationships and take a decisive lead with the goal of marriage in mind, or don’t date. If you want to restore the civil order, you must restore committed heterosexual relationships.

The right wing fascinates itself with solving the 1,000 piece enigmatic puzzle to re-civilize humanity. They perseverate on using the government as an easy tool to civilize the greatest number of people at once, since we cannot utilize the mass media that currently caters to the lowest denominator of crassness. As the Church takes a decades long recess from its role as Christianity’s guardian to staunchly proclaim virtuous sanctifying behavior, its influence has declined. We should strive for the government, media, and Church to realign with the truth, but we as individuals and our immediate circle should strive to adhere to it first. After all, Christ will judge us individually for our quality of character and capacity to love, not our culture's.

“In the twilight of life, God will not judge us on our earthly possessions and human successes, but on how well we have loved.” - St. John of the Cross

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