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Alright so we finally did it, we caved and got a Patreon. I originally started this site as an experiment, having no idea whether it would succeed or be a total flop. Needless to say Thermidor's progress, thanks to the hard work and creativity of our scribblers, has wildly exceeded my expectations. We are now officially past the "proof of concept phase." Hence Patreon. None of us are doing this for the money, but it would be nice to not only have the funds to pay for hosting but also be able to throw some coins to our writers if and when we can.

To do this we are going to need your help. The truth is that Thermidor is a unique place and you simply won't find the kind of content we produce here anywhere else (including at our sister site Social Matter.)

In order to fight Liberalism's hegemonic control of discourse, we need genuinely alternative and independent institutions, not the bunch of cowardly beltway dweebs who currently infest the conservative movement. Will you help us build it?
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