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Debate Me, Dreher

It's the only gentlemanly thing to do, Rod. You've been ably fielding criticisms of the Benedict Option from your left for months, taking on all comers. Meanwhile your engagement with those to your right has been notably minimal, if not entirely non-existent. Indeed, from the policing of your comment section and blocking habits on Twitter, it seems you're inclined to flee the field entirely when faced with criticisms from your right.

To be fair, we are a small minority with not much clout in the current cultural climate, and I am but a peon representative thereof. But you've already made the arguments to and against liberals extensively while Reaction has been dismissed out of hand rather than engaged. You, being an upstanding aristocrat of the soul, must feel the burning desire to address this task left undone.

Further, as fellow Orthodox Christians we share fundamental metaphysical and religious commitments that make the grounds for fruitful debate all the more fertile. Let's do this!

I propose the topic of debate be on the relationship between Orthodoxy, Reaction, and Liberalism. Specifically, I will make the case liberalism is fundamentally incompatible with Orthodoxy and must not be compromised with at all, while you (presumably) make the reverse case against Reaction, given your tendency to spurn it at every opportunity. With time, date, location, and format to be determined upon acceptance of the challenge (I'm highly flexible in this regard.)

With bated breath,
Nathan Duffy

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