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Cyanide and Myth-Making

The narrative is everything. The narrative is why a multi-racial jury in San Francisco decided to acquit illegal immigrant Jose Ines Garcia Zarate of the murder of the 31-year-old American woman Kate Steinle. 1 The narrative is why the American press is going gaga over Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Salman, a liberal reformer who has cozied up to Israel at the sake of perpetual war in the Middle East. 2 The narrative is why the Cathedral labels people who fret about “white genocide” as conspiracy theorists, while with the same breath cheering the decline of the worldwide white population.

An older, but not less pernicious narrative recently led one man to commit the ultimate sin—suicide. While receiving a twenty-year-sentence for war crimes, former Bosnian Croat general Slobodan Praljak cried “I am not a war criminal!” before appearing to coat his throat with poison.3 Toxicologists have suggested that Praljak swallowed cyanide. It ultimately does not matter what type of hemlock the old Croat choked on; what matters is that the international judiciary still finds the need to prop up the narrative that it first created back in the early 1990s.

That narrative is simple: the poor, little Bosnian Muslims became the new Jews of Europe between 1991 and 1995. Their Nazi persecutors were Croat and Serb nationalists, thousands of whom had been their neighbors just months before. This is why NATO and the U.S. bombed Serbia to smithereens during the Clinton years. This is also why thousands of Bosnian Muslims have relocated to the United States and Western Europe, where many of their sons and daughters have become rootless jihadis. 4

The truth about the Balkan wars of the 1990s have never been truly told by the Western media. Yes, there were war crimes, and yes Bosnian Muslims undeniably suffered in the war, but the media’s gushing over the suffering Bosniaks obscured the Islamist nature of the government in Sarajevo and the course of the war in the ethnically mixed mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Although he’s a full-on neocon loony who believes that Donald Trump is guilty of treason for colluding with Russia in order to win the 2016 election, author John Schindler’s book “Unholy Terror” is a well-researched and well-argued account of how the government of Alija Izetbegovic attempted to create a Sharia-compliant Bosnia by allying itself with the government of Iran and the jihadis of Al-Qaeda. Even prior to coming to power, Itzetbegovic was put on trial by Yugoslav authorities in 1983 after he and other members of the Young Muslims were indicted for trying to lead a religious insurgency against the communist authorities in Belgrade. 5

During the war, Itzetbegovic pursued a dual strategy of promoting Bosnian Muslim weakness to the West, while simultaneously supporting total war against Christian Slavs in Bosnia. To the latter end, the Sarajevo government created the 7th Muslim Brigade, a jihadist wing of the Bosnian Army that included not only local recruits, but also veterans from the recent wars in Afghanistan and Algeria. 6 The 7th Muslim Brigade and other Islamist militias conducted terror campaigns against Bosnian Serbs in the north and east. More importantly, these Muslim soldiers carried out a brutish war against the Croat Catholic minority of Herzeg-Bosnia.

Outside of the Adriatic Coast, most Croats in Bosnia lived in the country’s central mountains. This means that they were surrounded on all sides by Muslim forces. Slaughter became inevitable.

In April 1993, “Islamic humanitarian workers” kidnapped Bosnian Croat soldiers loyal to the Croatian Defense Council (HVO) militia. Three of the soldiers were killed. In other cases, local leaders of Itzetbegovic’s Party of Democratic Action (SDA), including Halid Genjac, singled out Bosnian Croat civilians for execution. 7

Western intelligence operatives certainly knew this. They knew that foreign fighters had set up Islamist villages in Bosnia where Bosnian Al-Mujahid soldiers decapitated Bosnian Croat and Bosnian Serb soldiers and civilians. Many of these executions were recorded. It was also an open secret that Saudi Arabia and Iran began funneling money, weapons, and men into Bosnia in 1992. By the late 1990s, the U.S. and European intelligence agencies also knew that Al-Qaeda training camps were up and running in Bosnia with the blessing of Sarajevo. 8

In hindsight, many North American and European “intellectuals” have concluded that Bosnia was the cradle where modern jihadism was born. 9 As of today, 226 Bosnian citizens have fled to Iraq and Syria in order to fight for ISIS. 10 There are whole villages, most notably Osve and Gornja Maoca, where the ISIS flag flies proudly and Salafism is the strictly enforced.

Despite the jihadi flavor of the Bosnian Muslim war effort, the West willfully blinded its eyes to the truth. For them, thousands of sob stories about human rights violations justified armed intervention. The apotheosis of the West’s pro-Bosnian Muslim feeling was the unearthing of the dead bodies in the Muslim village of Srebrenica. This mass killing carried out by Bosnian Serbs at the end of the war seemed like a cut-and-dry example of both European perfidy and Serb ruthlessness. However, in Schindler’s telling, Srebrenica was one of the base camps of the ABiH (the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina). Between 1992 and 1995, 3,000 Bosnian Serb civilians and soldiers had been killed by Muslim forces stationed at Srebrenica. 11 For the forces of Ratko Mladic, who was also convicted of war crimes this year 12, Srebrenica was not a defenseless village, but an armed camp where the division between soldier and civilian was blurry.

Praljak and Mladic are just the recent victims of the West doubling-down on its poor decisions in Bosnia and Kosovo. In the latter incident, the U.S. encouraged an Albanian terrorist organization with ties to Al-Qaeda 13 to attack Serbs in their own backyard. This led to the Kosovo War, which, for President Clinton, was a convenient way to distract Americans from his misdeeds with a certain intern. This why thousands of Christian Croats and Serbs died—for a lie perpetuated out of political necessity.

While no one should support suicide and eternal damnation, it still remains true that Praljak was only guilty of defending his people against an Islamic threat that now seeks to turn Europe into Eurabia.

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