Storming the Rubicon

Say what you will about President Donald John Trump, but he will forever sit proudly in my personal shrine of American heroes because of one simple fact: he saved us from four years of Hillary Clinton.

This schadenfreude is not based on mere misogyny (although feminism is a sin against God and the 19th Amendment should go night-night), for Clinton should not be loathed simply because she is a harridan who drinks baby's blood every Walpurgisnacht. Rather, Clinton should be loathed because she is the embodiment of our modern world’s filthy elite. She the epitome of the corrupt middle-brow gynocracy that constantly sings itself to blissful sleep by cooing the words: “We’re a meritocracy. We're a meritocracy."

Before explaining myself, let me give you but a brief rundown of what we know is true about Mrs. Pantsu…er…Mrs. Hillary Clinton.

Following her loss during the 2016 campaign, Clinton’s advisers decided to accuse the Trump campaign of “colluding” with Russian intelligence agents and the envoys of President Vladimir Putin (the virtual “Great Satan” for America’s technocratic liberals). Two reporters who followed the Clinton campaign everywhere, Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, noticed that campaign manager John Podesta cooked up the Russian narrative virtually overnight, and soon enough every mainstream outlet in the United States and Europe was parroting the line 1.

By the way, several Clintonistas are still receiving hefty checks from the failed campaign 2.

This was the Clinton camp’s way of deflecting blame. After all, blaming the Russkies is easier than blaming your failings, namely your over-reliance on “big data” forecasting, your viscerally anti-white message, your lack of an economic message, your laziness in courting rural voters, and your overemphasis on the fact that Clinton (reportedly) has a vagina.

Well, now we know something special about Mr. Podesta and his family: they’re being investigated for their own devil’s bargain with Russian kleptocrats 3. To top it all off, Mrs. Clinton and co. knew all about Russian interference in American politics because they helped to facilitate it themselves.

Back in 2005, when Mr. Putin decided to corner the world’s uranium market, Kazakhstan’s autocratic president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, decided to invite “Slick Willy” Clinton to his fine country as a way to gain international credibility. Bill said yes and took a handsome paycheck. He also accepted millions in donations to the Clinton Foundation from a Canadian mining entrepreneur named Frank Giustra. Giustra could not care less about the Clinton Foundation’s commitment to combating climate change; he merely wanted an in with the former president in order to buy up Kazakhstan’s large uranium deposits.

The Canadian got his wish and used this uranium to buy into a multinational giant called Uranium One.

At the same time, Rosatom, a Russian company with deep connections to Putin, began using bribery, extortion, money laundering, and other illegal schemes in order to buy all Uranium One, which just so happened to own twenty-percent of America’s uranium supply. The Obama administration knew all of this because of an FBI investigation but decided to go ahead with the Russian takeover anyway 4.

Hillary Clinton, then the Secretary of State, cast the deciding vote as the chair of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States. Years later, Bill, Hillary, and the Democratic machine would try to cover up their noxious deal by hiring a slimy “opposition research” firm called Fusion GPS in order to accuse Donald Trump of pissing on Russian prostitutes 5.

As silly as the dossier is, bear in mind this: 1) the FBI’s investigation to Russian interference in the 2016 election is primarily based on this document, 2) Fusion GPS has ties to former mainstream journalists and at least one former member of Britain’s MI6, and 3) people have been subpoenaed by special prosecutor Robert Mueller, himself a former Bush crony who helped to lead us into Baghdad, based on this false information.

More importantly, as the great Rich Vos is want to say, here’s the thing: all of this information provides excellent insight into what America could have had if things had played out differently last November.

Clinton and her followers represent what Brazilian writer Costin Alamariu has dubbed the West’s “senile elite" 6. Clinton, who has gone from failure to failure in a series of white-collar, managerialist jobs, is the toothy face of the smart set—a cosmopolitan band of rogues who use shiny, happy rhetoric in order to mask their desperate will to power. Clinton is a narcissistic leech who has sought political and economic power her whole life. This is a woman who claims to be a practicing Christian, yet is married to a serial philanderer and employs champagne Satanists.

Clinton, to make matters even worse, is not all that unusual. She is just one neutrino in a growing ecosystem staffed by all the worst types our culture glorifies. Think rich kid Ivy League graduates, sportsball players, hedge fund managers, and bitter academics. These are the men, women, and, increasingly, trannies who are leading us all the way down to Cocytus. They’re linked arm and arm over shared goals like globalism, multiculturalism, and the possibility that the state can be used to strike back against their fathers.

This is our modern elite.

This is why drastic, even revolutionary measures may need to be taken. If we are serious about creating a healthier America, then we must have the courage to cross the Rubicon.

Admit it: the Constitution has preserved nothing, “separation of church and state” is Anglo laïcité, free-market worship causes hyper-individualism and atomization, and federalism is a fancy way of saying anarcho-tyranny.

In order for America to become truly great, authority needs to trump freedom, parasitical democracy and its liberal state (see: Leviathan) needs to be executed, a strong, populist executive should be created, and the family should once again take its rightful place as the organic center of our civilization.

As for our current elites, they need to be replaced and replaced quickly. After all, somebody like Hillary Clinton does not deserve to be in spitting distance of a red phone, a nuke button, or a microphone.