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California Burns

The Golden State has long been synonymous with far-Left kookiness. In the 1960s, San Francisco attracted New Age gurus, hippies, yippies, and at least one serial killer who may or may not be a certain senator from Texas. A decade later, religious cults sprung up all across the state, while a certain politician in the Bay Area made it cool to be queer.

Harvey Milk eventually got gunned down by a man who cited “diminished capacity” and Twinkies as the reason why he pulled the trigger. The shooter, a Vietnam vet and former police officer named Dan White, got convicted of manslaughter rather than murder. Gays in San Francisco rioted, thus creating a West Coast version of Stonewall.

Although it is hard to believe now, but through all of this, California was still considered something of a Republican stronghold. Sure, Democrats like the everlasting fissure Jerry Brown and Diane Feinstein controlled the local scene, but California went to Richard Nixon, a native of Yorba Linda, in 1968 and 1972, while Ronald Regan, the former governor who famously gave a tongue-lashing to Berkeley professors for feeding into the madness of the student movement, won the state in 1980 and 1984. Even milquetoast George H.W. Bush won it in 1988. Tony Orange County in the 1980s conveyed images of wealthy Republicans playing tennis on sun-kissed courts in between checking their stock portfolios.

So, what happened?

Immigration happened. The immigrants came from Latin America and from the liberal arts enclaves of the East Coast.

The Hart-Celler Act of 1965 overturned the Immigration Act of 1924, and gave the official stamp of approval to the idea that America is somehow a “proposition nation” rather than a former English colony that speaks the English language, follows English common law, and, until recently, mostly followed Protestant religions like Scottish Presbyterianism, English Episcopalianism (otherwise known as Anglicanism), and British Methodism.

More importantly, by 1960, California was home to 4 million migrant workers from Mexico. This number would increase greatly through the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, as Mexican immigrants, both legal and illegal, were joined by Central American immigrants, including veterans from the battlefields of Nicaragua, Panama, Guatemala, and El Salvador. Los Angeles, which during the 1920s was billed as an “Anglo-Saxon” paradise for Midwestern Protestants, is now a majority Hispanic city.

Rather than becoming the “natural conservatives” that the GOP elites have promised for decades now, Hispanics have signed up for the Democratic Party’s promise of revenge against the white man, otherwise known as identity politics.

As bad as California has become, the past few weeks have seen the state go completely to the dogs. In each instance, the wounds have been self-inflicted.

In the capital city of Sacramento, Democratic lawmaker Scott Wiener of San Francisco sponsored a bill that would reduce the penalty for cases where someone who is HIV-positive knowingly infects someone with the virus. The bill passed.

As such, in California, if you kindly donate your contaminated semen or blood to a sexual partner’s rectum, mouth, or other orifice, then you will be convicted of a misdemeanor and would only face a maximum of six months in the slammer. Wiener, who is gay, said that the bill makes HIV a social health issue, not a criminal one.

Wiener told the press this his bill helped to rewrite a California criminal code that was based on fear from the 1980s, not science from today. “In the decades since, societal and medical understanding of HIV has greatly improved. Effective treatments dramatically lengthen and improve the quality of life for people living with HIV — treatments that also nearly eliminate the possibility of transmission.”

Other Democrats hailed the bill as a victory that decriminalized people with HIV. The problem, of course, is that having HIV was never crime, but until now, knowingly exposing someone to the disease was. Thanks to “progress,” debauched homosexuals like Scottish hairdresser Daryll Rowe can poke holes in their condoms or pass around dirty needles. When the proverbial feces hits the fan, they can sit back and cry that it is all just a health issue, really.

Not to be outdone, Wiener was also the key sponsor of a bill that passed in California that makes “misgendering” trans senior citizens a crime. This was never a serious issue, but today’s Democratic Party has made mountains out of molehills in order to rub the right’s nose in gay activism, disabled activism, and fierce peoples of color. Wiener has become a progressive icon based on nothing but two tyrannical bills. Even on Twitter, he gets the Left’s mojo running by threatening children with drag queen judges at a pumpkin contest.

Welcome to California, where all clown cars lead straight to 1315 10th Street.

As Wiener played his phallus-shaped fiddle, the rest of NorCal burned. Over 10,000 homes were lost and over forty people died. Until recently, the press played the story as a tragedy wrought by an aggrieved Mother Nature. Climate Change is a bigger issue than terrorism, after all, and if you do not believe that, then you should be sent to the rainbow-colored gulags sponsored by Google, Microsoft, and academia.

The narrative changed when Jesus Fabian Gonzalez entered the picture. Gonzalez is an illegal immigrant from Mexico who had previously been deported back to his native Oaxaca multiple times. The 29-year-old was arrested on suspicion of arson on October 16th. So far, the mainstream media have called all suspicions that Gonzalez started the fires himself as “far-right propaganda.” The right-wing blogosphere has returned fire by quoting ICE Director Tom Homan, who seems to believe that Gonzalez is the individual responsible for California’s recent blazes.

Throughout all of this, few people have actually asked the most pressing question of all: is California even worth saving? Clearly, the Golden State has a serious death wish. Should the rest of America assist the suicide or try to heal the republic built by John C. Fremont? Whatever the answer, California’s Kali Yuga should be a warning to us all.

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