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Boots and Suits

In writing about the recent brouhaha over the anarchist-communist shutdown of a planned talk by alt light speechmaker Milo Yiannapoulos, Jim Goad summed up the Real Right’s challenge quite succinctly:

“Perhaps a major problem with the right these days is that there are too many suits and not enough boots.”

The late British reactionary Jonathan Bowden would have called for more “cultured thugs,” but the idea is the same—the right needs might. Instead of falling in amongst ourselves over what defines the alt-right or what is tactically the best option for this or that, the right should be mobilizing both its civic engagement wing (the suits) and its streetwise enforcers (the boots).

Now, this is no call for aggressive violence. Even though we now have President Donald Trump in DC, the pervasive culture of America is still unthinking and unblinking leftism. This means that any raised fist from the right is likely to be suppressed with the full backing of the media, the academy, and the pervasive government bureaucracy. We similarly cannot rely on the police to protect us in every instance. Despite what the left might tell you, behind every smiling police officer is not the cold brutality of Judge Dredd. Black Lives Matter and other activist groups have neutered several police departments, while others (like the University of California Police Department, for instance) have been rotting with managerialist leftism for years. Because of this, the best defense is ourselves.

Self-defense organizations designed to protect those wearing MAGA hats is a good start. More widespread combat skills, up to and including concealed carry licenses, would be even better. Although the right is correct in recognizing that our side has all the guns and most of the guts, let us not delude ourselves into thinking that black bloc anarchists are pushovers; according to the Oathkeepers, who claim to have infiltrated numerous left-wing groups, black bloc anarchists are highly organized, well-trained, and are led by many former military members. This is no easy foe.

However, this is a foe that must be fought. Labeling the black bloc anarchists as terrorists is a great idea. An even better one would be to emulate A. Mitchell Palmer, the Attorney General during the heady year of 1919 who led the iron-fisted charge against alien radicals. Terrorists should be treated like terrorists, and make no mistake; the black bloc anarchists are terrorists who will spill blood again.

Even more important than combating the left head-on is to take a page from the left’s playbook. We should not only carve out space for our culture in theirs (make reactionary films in Hollywood, write reactionary history books), but we should also make our own culture that is not beholden to the deeply corrupted capitalist order. Admittedly, this will not be easy. Fortunately, as the election of President Trump has shown, a broad swath of the American people are ready for right-leaning populism. While the left-wing media blamed them for years for being irrational “racists,” these Americans watched as their wages declined, their kids got hooked on SSRIs or opioids, and murder rates climbed in their cities. Even the Economist, which is the mouthpiece for the transatlantic bourgeoisie which sees the marketplace as the solution to all ills, had to admit that the murder rate in America is rising at the fastest pace in fifty years. Katie McHugh, writing in Breitbart, casually mentioned that the last time America saw such a surge in crime, vigilante classics like Dirty Harry (1971) and Death Wish (1974) played to huge houses all across America, even despite the fact that many movie reviewers labeled them as “fascist.” Sound familiar?

The main protagonists of these films (Inspector Harry Callahan in the former and Paul Kersey in the latter) are the personification of the boot-and-suit ideal. Both are middle-class radicals, if not right-wing anarchists. Although they work within the larger system of liberal democracy, both men, through vigilante justice, undermine some of the basic (and false) tenants of said liberal democracy. That should be the right at this moment—well-dressed, agreeable, but ready and willing to work against Weimerica at every turn. The left loves to chant that America’s streets belong to them. We should show them they’re wrong. We should also show them that their boardrooms, their cafes, their classrooms, and their book clubs belong to us too.

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